Sandwich, MA

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Benson, Charles A.  5-DEC-1822Sandwich, MA I9237 Waterville 
2 Benson, David H.  11-AUG-1816Sandwich, MA I9236 Waterville 
3 Benson, Henry F.  6-JUN-1825Sandwich, MA I9238 Waterville 
4 Benson, Hiram A.  9-OCT-1828Sandwich, MA I9239 Waterville 
5 Benson, Seth S.  8-MAY-1812Sandwich, MA I9234 Waterville 
6 Benson, William S.  4-MAY-1814Sandwich, MA I9235 Waterville 
7 Bisbee, Benjamin  18-AUG-1757Sandwich, MA I3704 Waterville 
8 Blackwell, Alvin  7-NOV-1769Sandwich, MA I3480 Waterville 
9 Blackwell, Alvin  3-JAN-1794Sandwich, MA I3481 Waterville 
10 Blackwell, Cynthia  27-JAN-1775Sandwich, MA I5051 Waterville 
11 Blackwell, Hepsebath 'Hepsibah'  30-MAY-1772Sandwich, MA I3479 Waterville 
12 Blackwell, Mordecai  24-SEP-1767Sandwich, MA I827 Waterville 
13 Blackwell, Russell  25-NOV-1777Sandwich, MA I142 Waterville 
14 Blackwell, Sarah  19-JAN-1782Sandwich, MA I1570 Waterville 
15 Blackwell, Temperance  26-AUG-1796Sandwich, MA I829 Waterville 
16 Blackwell, Thomas  Aug 1780Sandwich, MA I4858 Waterville 
17 Burgess, Asa  23-JUL-1777Sandwich, MA I6280 Waterville 
18 Burgess, Sarah 'Sally'  25-JAN-1770Sandwich, MA I828 Waterville 
19 Burgess, Temperance  1784Sandwich, MA I4859 Waterville 
20 Burgess, Thomas  2-AUG-1773Sandwich, MA I9193 Waterville 
21 Covell, Deborah Swift  1-OCT-1832Sandwich, MA I9160 Waterville 
22 Delano, Ruammi 'Amy'  20-SEP-1773Sandwich, MA I6298 Waterville 
23 Dillingham, Benjamin  Sandwich, MA I8472 Waterville 
24 Ellis, Charles Henry  9-APR-1806Sandwich, MA I1097 Waterville 
25 Ellis, Cynthia Swift  11-NOV-1800Sandwich, MA I9015 Waterville 
26 Ellis, George  23-JUN-1767Sandwich, MA I7812 Waterville 
27 Ellis, Hiram  17-JAN-1808Sandwich, MA I9150 Waterville 
28 Ellis, Lucy  28-APR-1802Sandwich, MA I9016 Waterville 
29 Ellis, Micah  30-MAR-1755Sandwich, MA I9516 Waterville 
30 Ellis, Micah Blackwell  5-OCT-1796Sandwich, MA I9013 Waterville 
31 Ellis, Russell B.  12-FEB-1794Sandwich, MA I9014 Waterville 
32 Ellis, Sarah Nye 'Salley'  17 Aug 1787Sandwich, MA I5205 Waterville 
33 Ellis, Thomas  6-APR-1804Sandwich, MA I9 Waterville 
34 Ellis, William  22-DEC-1771Sandwich, MA I5050 Waterville 
35 Ellis, William  24-SEP-1798Sandwich, MA I32 Waterville 
36 Faunce, Asa  11-SEP-1776Sandwich, MA I1324 Waterville 
37 Freeman, Ebenezer 'Eben'  26 Aug 1788Sandwich, MA I11748 Waterville 
38 Freeman, Nathaniel  2-MAR-1766Sandwich, MA I9240 Waterville 
39 Gibbs, Chloe  15-MAR-1778Sandwich, MA I8470 Waterville 
40 Gibbs, Dennis  3-MAY-1790Sandwich, MA I9158 Waterville 
41 Gibbs, Elizabeth 'Betsey'  18-MAY-1788Sandwich, MA I884 Waterville 
42 Gibbs, Mary  3-MAR-1785Sandwich, MA I5326 Waterville 
43 Gibbs, Nathan  29-OCT-1776Sandwich, MA I4876 Waterville 
44 Gibbs, Reuben  1753Sandwich, MA I4540 Waterville 
45 Gibbs, Reuben  2-MAR-1783Sandwich, MA I4883 Waterville 
46 Hastings, Helen or Ellen Maria  1826Sandwich, MA I1265 Waterville 
47 Hitchings, Edson Sherman  29 Dec 1908Sandwich, MA I77472 Waterville 
48 Keith, Hiram T.  25-OCT-1836Sandwich, MA I9151 Waterville 
49 Melcher, Fanny B.  3-FEB-1853Sandwich, MA I8942 Waterville 
50 Melcher, Rebecca H.  3-DEC-1850Sandwich, MA I8941 Waterville 
51 Morse, Samuel  15-SEP-1798Sandwich, MA I2415 Waterville 
52 Norris, Carrie M.  1857Sandwich, MA I15986 Waterville 
53 Nye, Hannah  11-MAY-1786Sandwich, MA I1348 Waterville 
54 Percival, William  28-MAY-1781Sandwich, MA I2420 Waterville 
55 Quimby, Catherine Piper  3 Sep 1844Sandwich, MA I20905 Waterville 
56 Shepherd, Asa  7-JUN-1784Sandwich, MA I9192 Waterville 
57 Shepherd, Richard  13-JUN-1781Sandwich, MA I452 Waterville 
58 Swift, Elizabeth  17-FEB-1796Sandwich, MA I9191 Waterville 
59 Swift, Caroline  7-JUL-1795Sandwich, MA I9076 Waterville 
60 Swift, Clark  18-MAR-1802Sandwich, MA I9154 Waterville 
61 Swift, Elizabeth  17-FEB-1796Sandwich, MA I769 Waterville 
62 Swift, Thomas C.  23-FEB-1825Sandwich, MA I9241 Waterville 
63 Thurston, Malvina 'Vina' Sarah  12-OCT-1842Sandwich, MA I2012 Waterville 
64 Tobey, Abigail  20 Oct 1769Sandwich, MA I9312 Waterville 
65 Tobey, Lydia  16-JUN-1748Sandwich, MA I3478 Waterville 
66 Tobey, Samuel  1740Sandwich, MA I5363 Waterville 
67 Tupper, Hannah  1767Sandwich, MA I3794 Waterville 
68 Tupper, Peleg  1-APR-1731Sandwich, MA I2697 Waterville 
69 Williams, Martha 'Patty'  24 Nov 1789Sandwich, MA I6183 Waterville 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Benson, Charles A.  6-JAN-1835Sandwich, MA I9237 Waterville 
2 Benson, David  13-MAY-1864Sandwich, MA I4532 Waterville 
3 Benson, David H.  10-OCT-1852Sandwich, MA I9236 Waterville 
4 Blackwell, Alvin  24-FEB-1774Sandwich, MA I3480 Waterville 
5 Blackwell, Cynthia  1851Sandwich, MA I5051 Waterville 
6 Blackwell, Micah  30-SEP-1781Sandwich, MA I3477 Waterville 
7 Colton, Tryphosa  11-JUL-1796Sandwich, MA I8868 Waterville 
8 Ellis, Caroline 'Carrie' S.  21-AUG-1878Sandwich, MA I775 Waterville 
9 Ellis, Cynthia Swift  21-AUG-1837Sandwich, MA I9015 Waterville 
10 Ellis, Hiram  12-MAR-1834Sandwich, MA I9150 Waterville 
11 Ellis, Lucy  3-OCT-1862Sandwich, MA I9016 Waterville 
12 Freeman, Phebe  6-AUG-1839Sandwich, MA I9157 Waterville 
13 Freeman, Tryphosa Colton  24-FEB-1799Sandwich, MA I9198 Waterville 
14 Gibbs, Caroline 'Carrie' Isobel  30-MAR-1862Sandwich, MA I9496 Waterville 
15 Hinckley, Edmund  21-AUG-1837Sandwich, MA I9190 Waterville 
16 Hinckley, Enoch  13-MAR-1881Sandwich, MA I9380 Waterville 
17 Hitchings, Frank Edson  10 Nov 1918Sandwich, MA I12006 Waterville 
18 Melcher, Fanny B.  25-JUL-1854Sandwich, MA I8942 Waterville 
19 Melcher, Rebecca H.  28-AUG-1852Sandwich, MA I8941 Waterville 
20 Spring, Sarah Sevy  4-MAR-1875Sandwich, MA I7128 Waterville 
21 Swift, Elizabeth  3-MAR-1875Sandwich, MA I9191 Waterville 
22 Swift, Clark  6-MAR-1821Sandwich, MA I9156 Waterville 
23 Swift, Clark  30-JUL-1852Sandwich, MA I9154 Waterville 
24 Swift, Thomas C.  8-APR-1883Sandwich, MA I9241 Waterville 
25 Tobey, Lydia  30-JAN-1830Sandwich, MA I3478 Waterville 
26 Tupper, Desire  18-SEP-1801Sandwich, MA I6833 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Tupper, Betsey  Sandwich, MA I4118 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Gibbs / Thatcher  10-JAN-1763Sandwich, MA F822 Waterville 
2 Tupper / Fish  24-JAN-1765Sandwich, MA F829 Waterville 
3 Burgess / Fuller  3-DEC-1767Sandwich, MA F1072 Waterville 
4 Nye / Crocker  28-OCT-1773Sandwich, MA F1909 Waterville 
5 Gibbs / Blackwell  C 1778Sandwich, MA F1739 Waterville 
6 Swift / Freeman  16-AUG-1789Sandwich, MA F3785 Waterville 
7 Blackwell / Burgess  INT. 3-SEP-1791Sandwich, MA F124 Waterville 
8 Ellis / Nye  INT.26-AUG-1791Sandwich, MA F3106 Waterville 
9 Ellis / Blackwell  28-FEB-1793Sandwich, MA F1766 Waterville 
10 Swift / Blackwell  14-MAY-1793Sandwich, MA F1767 Waterville 
11 Gibbs / Burgess  15-MAR-1795Sandwich, MA F641 Waterville 
12 Ellis / Williams  15-MAR-1801Sandwich, MA F3107 Waterville 
13 Gibbs / Bates  12-OCT-1802Sandwich, MA F1715 Waterville 
14 Heywood / Blackwell  13-OCT-1803Sandwich, MA F425 Waterville 
15 Blackwell / Nye  16-SEP-1806Sandwich, MA F334 Waterville 
16 Benson / Swift  INT.22-JUN-1811Sandwich, MA F3822 Waterville 
17 Ellis / Swift  1-JUN-1815Sandwich, MA F3733 Waterville 
18 Ellis / Swift  4-NOV-1817Sandwich, MA F3784 Waterville 
19 Hinckley / Ellis  27-AUG-1817Sandwich, MA F3799 Waterville 
20 Swift / Crowell  23-OCT-1817Sandwich, MA F3824 Waterville 
21 Ellis / Swift  25-SEP-1825Sandwich, MA F3800 Waterville 
22 Swift / Spring  6-JAN-1828Sandwich, MA F3782 Waterville 
23 Ellis / Burgess  6-JUN-1833Sandwich, MA F3939 Waterville 
24 Ellis / Covell  6-MAR-1851Sandwich, MA F3786 Waterville 
25 Swift / Ellis  14-MAR-1853Sandwich, MA F3823 Waterville 
26 Ellis / Gibbs  INT.14-NOV-1861Sandwich, MA F3941 Waterville 
27 Keith / Ellis  19-JAN-1863Sandwich, MA F3780 Waterville 
28 Rogers / Ellis  5-FEB-1866Sandwich, MA F3111 Waterville 
29 Keith / Crowell  5 Jun 1883Sandwich, MA F7100 Waterville 

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