prob. Winslow, ME

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Gullifer, Joseph  4 Sep 1787prob. Winslow, ME I6509 Waterville 
2 McFarland, Samuel  C 1756prob. Winslow, ME I2481 Waterville 
3 Parker, David  1792prob. Winslow, ME I24 Waterville 
4 Quirion, Raymond  aft. 1930prob. Winslow, ME I43052 Waterville 
5 Roy, Marie Josephine  1906prob. Winslow, ME I31048 Waterville 
6 Shorey, Reuben  c 1805prob. Winslow, ME I76969 Waterville 
7 Simpson, Daniel Shattuck  C 1861prob. Winslow, ME I13006 Waterville 
8 Simpson, Olive Elkins 'Winnie'  23 Dec 1882prob. Winslow, ME I15224 Waterville 
9 Tozier, Mary Belinda  c 1800prob. Winslow, ME I76971 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Audet, Catherine  aft. 1930prob. Winslow, ME I54853 Waterville 
2 Beland, Sarah D.  aft. 1930 censusprob. Winslow, ME I57330 Waterville 
3 Belanger, Napoleon  aft. 1940 censusprob. Winslow, ME I35678 Waterville 
4 Bremner, Charles Edwin  1930prob. Winslow, ME I13691 Waterville 
5 Brown, Marshall  Aft 1930prob. Winslow, ME I15863 Waterville 
6 Chenevert, Yvonne Bertha  aft. 1940 censusprob. Winslow, ME I73093 Waterville 
7 Daraskiev, Josephine  1952prob. Winslow, ME I70551 Waterville 
8 Davis, Myra  1932prob. Winslow, ME I13672 Waterville 
9 Donahue, John  aft. 1920 censusprob. Winslow, ME I77380 Waterville 
10 Ferris, Boulous of Bolus  Aft 1920prob. Winslow, ME I23473 Waterville 
11 Fortin, Celanire 'Celenese'  aft. 1920 censusprob. Winslow, ME I27233 Waterville 
12 Fuller, Sidney Keith  24 Jul 1913prob. Winslow, ME I14823 Waterville 
13 Gauthier, James 'Jacques'  aft. 1930prob. Winslow, ME I54852 Waterville 
14 Getchell, Asa  aft. 1880 prob. 17 Aug 1889prob. Winslow, ME I9467 Waterville 
15 Getchell, Daniel Webster  Aft 1930prob. Winslow, ME I14990 Waterville 
16 Huard, Elizabeth  Aft 1920prob. Winslow, ME I45126 Waterville 
17 Huard, Frank 'Francois' Xavier  aft. 1920 prob. 17 Oct 1942prob. Winslow, ME I31933 Waterville 
18 Hume, Agnes 'Nancy'  1809prob. Winslow, ME  I77501 Waterville 
19 Jackson, Fred J.  Aft 1917prob. Winslow, ME I9807 Waterville 
20 Joseph, Amelia 'Emelie'  aft. 1930 censusprob. Winslow, ME I31879 Waterville 
21 Labbe, Jules Philias 'Wellman'  aft. 1940 censusprob. Winslow, ME I56031 Waterville 
22 Lavoie, Louis  bef. 1921prob. Winslow, ME I27963 Waterville 
23 Libby, George Henry Labbe or  aft. 1940 censusprob. Winslow, ME I58591 Waterville 
24 Manzo, Joseph  aft. 1940 censusprob. Winslow, ME I46245 Waterville 
25 Marcoux, Emma Anna  1964prob. Winslow, ME I28360 Waterville 
26 Martin, George  aft. 1930 censusprob. Winslow, ME I29362 Waterville 
27 Mercier, David  Aft 1930prob. Winslow, ME I33179 Waterville 
28 Moody, Mary Jane  aft. 1860 censusprob. Winslow, ME I78022 Waterville 
29 Morissette, Rose 'Delima'  Aft 1940prob. Winslow, ME I29768 Waterville 
30 Morneau, Philip  aft. 1940 censusprob. Winslow, ME I77166 Waterville 
31 Moses, Bennette  aft. 1920prob. Winslow, ME I23474 Waterville 
32 Nadeau, William J.  Aft 1940 census prob. 1962prob. Winslow, ME I32395 Waterville 
33 Palmer, Orrin  aft. 1930 censusprob. Winslow, ME I57331 Waterville 
34 Pellerin, Eugenie  26 Feb 1894prob. Winslow, ME I30044 Waterville 
35 Perkins, Lilla D.  aft. 1900 censusprob. Winslow, ME I18342 Waterville 
36 Rancourt, Domitille 'Abbie' H.  aft. 1920 censusprob. Winslow, ME I59641 Waterville 
37 Reny, Annie E.  18 Jul 1929prob. Winslow, ME I31897 Waterville 
38 Reynolds, Rossie M.  14 May 1949prob. Winslow, ME I74832 Waterville 
39 Roux, Clarisse 'Carrie'  aft. 1930 censusprob. Winslow, ME I29361 Waterville 
40 Seiveka, Elizabeth  aft. 1940 censisprob. Winslow, ME I75486 Waterville 
41 Shurtleff, Warren Ames  aft. 1920 censusprob. Winslow, ME I59642 Waterville 
42 Simpson, Aldis A.  aft. 1920 censusprob. Winslow, ME I20829 Waterville 
43 Simpson, Foster G.  aft. 1930 censusprob. Winslow, ME I20828 Waterville 
44 Simpson, Laforest  aft. 1860 censusprob. Winslow, ME I78021 Waterville 
45 Simpson, Raymond Edgar  aft. 1930 censusprob. Winslow, ME I78399 Waterville 
46 Siviski, Micholas 'Michael'  bef. 1930 censusprob. Winslow, ME I32992 Waterville 
47 Smiley, Frank Adelbert  1943prob. Winslow, ME I23248 Waterville 
48 Taylor, Hazel  aft. 1940 censusprob. Winslow, ME I48531 Waterville 
49 Taylor, Rebecca L.  aft. 1920 censusprob. Winslow, ME I16336 Waterville 
50 Thayer, Tabitha  bet. 1830 and 1840prob. Winslow, ME I10588 Waterville 
51 Veilleux, Adolphe  1932prob. Winslow, ME I32019 Waterville 
52 Wasiuk, Joseph  bef. 1920prob. Winslow, ME I74013 Waterville 
53 Watson, William Henry Meserve or  Aft 1880prob. Winslow, ME I9938 Waterville 
54 Willette, Vital Ouellette  aft. 1910 censusprob. Winslow, ME I26172 Waterville 
55 Zelenkewich, Dominique 'Dom'  aft. 1930prob. Winslow, ME I70550 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Bellows / Jacques  c 1882prob. Winslow, ME F24965 Waterville 
2 Reynolds / Johnson  10 Jan 1896prob. Winslow, ME F32451 Waterville 

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