Fort Fairfield, ME

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ayoob, Annie M.  15 Aug 1906Fort Fairfield, ME I23397 Waterville 
2 Ayoob, Joseph John  3 Oct 1898Fort Fairfield, ME I23350 Waterville 
3 Ayoob, Richard J.  14 May 1930Fort Fairfield, ME I79843 Waterville 
4 Bernard, Anita Juliette  1 Nov 1918Fort Fairfield, ME I46646 Waterville 
5 Bernard, Avis Adelaide  23 Feb 1921Fort Fairfield, ME I52937 Waterville 
6 Bernard, Dorothy M.  13 Apr 1905Fort Fairfield, ME I72344 Waterville 
7 Bernard, Guy Eugene  22 Feb 1923Fort Fairfield, ME I72343 Waterville 
8 Bernard, Henrietta Olivia  1 Aug 1914Fort Fairfield, ME I72341 Waterville 
9 Bernard, Mildred Hope  4 Feb 1912Fort Fairfield, ME I60962 Waterville 
10 Bernard, Romeo Leo  22 Dec 1915Fort Fairfield, ME I81278 Waterville 
11 Burns, Caleb Edgar S.  18 Sep 1884Fort Fairfield, ME I42063 Waterville 
12 Buxton, Almon Waite  9 Jul 1912Fort Fairfield, ME I35905 Waterville 
13 Cloney, Mary Elizabeth  16-NOV-1864Fort Fairfield, ME I7151 Waterville 
14 Dubay, Gilbert Charles  19 Feb 1917Fort Fairfield, ME I33685 Waterville 
15 Dubay, Harold Patrick  17 Mar 1921Fort Fairfield, ME I49722 Waterville 
16 Dunbar, Mildred A.  C 1874Fort Fairfield, ME I22343 Waterville 
17 Elliott, Doris Pearl  11 Jun 1898Fort Fairfield, ME I22039 Waterville 
18 Elliott, Helen Gertrude  18 Oct 1908Fort Fairfield, ME I18057 Waterville 
19 Elliott, Mildred  1 Oct 1901Fort Fairfield, ME I53249 Waterville 
20 Gaunce, Annie I.  17 May 1899Fort Fairfield, ME I41198 Waterville 
21 Gaunce, Charles  21 Jul 1897Fort Fairfield, ME I75200 Waterville 
22 Gaunce, Frederick J.  7 May 1904Fort Fairfield, ME I75201 Waterville 
23 Gerow, Beatrice L. Giroux or  5 Aug 1922Fort Fairfield, ME I55233 Waterville 
24 Greene, Harriet  9 Mar 1897Fort Fairfield, ME I18570 Waterville 
25 Kelley, Ellen Mae  19 Sep 1902Fort Fairfield, ME I70440 Waterville 
26 Lavway, Walter Lavoie or  11 Jul 1889Fort Fairfield, ME I40092 Waterville 
27 Levesque, Gilbert G.  14 Aug 1926Fort Fairfield, ME I40629 Waterville 
28 MacDougal, Aubra S.  26 Aug 1888Fort Fairfield, ME I19502 Waterville 
29 McKenney, Alice B.  30 May 1870 (1871)Fort Fairfield, ME I17290 Waterville 
30 McKenney, Delbert  9 Sep 1887Fort Fairfield, ME I61077 Waterville 
31 McKenney, Lillian 'Lillie' M.  1880Fort Fairfield, ME I19216 Waterville 
32 McKenny, Inez N.  1873Fort Fairfield, ME I17796 Waterville 
33 McKinney, Vina  1889Fort Fairfield, ME I42149 Waterville 
34 Michaud, Albert Henry  c 1888Fort Fairfield, ME I44841 Waterville 
35 Pillsbury, Clayton Lewis  10 Feb 1891Fort Fairfield, ME I20230 Waterville 
36 Pillsbury, Ralph Byron  31 Aug 1887Fort Fairfield, ME I20233 Waterville 
37 Plummer, Olive I.  22 Jun 1882Fort Fairfield, ME I19562 Waterville 
38 Russell, Martha E.  Sep 1876Fort Fairfield, ME I20481 Waterville 
39 Russell, Meda  1872Fort Fairfield, ME I19416 Waterville 
40 Russell, Rose  1884Fort Fairfield, ME I18741 Waterville 
41 Sawtelle, Earl Pressey  10 Mar 1891Fort Fairfield, ME I20702 Waterville 
42 Sirois, Severin F. 'Silver'  c 1879Fort Fairfield, ME I57063 Waterville 
43 Tardiff, Evangeline M,  2 May 1922Fort Fairfield, ME I67965 Waterville 
44 Tobin, Doris Marion  30 May 1909Fort Fairfield, ME I22803 Waterville 
45 Tobin, Gladys Pauline  1 Nov 1915Fort Fairfield, ME I43845 Waterville 
46 Tobin, Helen B.  8 Jul 1911Fort Fairfield, ME I77140 Waterville 
47 Tobin, Phyllis Katherine  20 Sep 1912Fort Fairfield, ME I43572 Waterville 
48 Witham, Edward Payson  10 Jan 1884Fort Fairfield, ME I13661 Waterville 
49 Witham, Henry Reuben  22 Jan 1879Fort Fairfield, ME I13658 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ayoob, Adele K.  2 Oct 1983Fort Fairfield, ME I23548 Waterville 
2 Ayoob, George L.  13 May 1971Fort Fairfield, ME I23551 Waterville 
3 Ayoob, George L.  13 May 1971Fort Fairfield, ME I23554 Waterville 
4 Farris, Saida 'Sadie'  8 Oct 1965Fort Fairfield, ME I23553 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Bacon / Grass  21-NOV-1872Fort Fairfield, ME F2808 Waterville 
2 Witham / Perry  11 Jan 1878Fort Fairfield, ME F5978 Waterville 
3 Bacon / Cloney  16 Jun 1886Fort Fairfield, ME F5044 Waterville 
4 Bernard / Fields  18 Jun 1904Fort Fairfield, ME F9670 Waterville 
5 Tobin / Scott  10 Mar 1906Fort Fairfield, ME F9330 Waterville 

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