Beauceville, Quebec, Canada

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bernard, Germaine Lea  4 Jul 1921Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I61138 Waterville 
2 Bernard, Irene  5 Feb 1916Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I51836 Waterville 
3 Bernard, Victoria  C 1881Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I34528 Waterville 
4 Boucher, Armoza  21 Jul 1900Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I28648 Waterville 
5 Doyon, Joseph 'Mendoza'  1897Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I56480 Waterville 
6 Doyon, Louis 'Lewey' Dyer or  13 Dec 1823Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I6395 Waterville 
7 Drouin, Elisa 'Alice'  26 Dec 1877Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I29558 Waterville 
8 Fecteau, Charles Borromee  15 Oct 1894Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I29014 Waterville 
9 Fecteau, Joseph Oram 'Hiram'  18 Jun 1895Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I51718 Waterville 
10 Fortin, Rose Anna  C 1898Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I40334 Waterville 
11 Gagne, Marianna  23 Dec 1888Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I40840 Waterville 
12 Gilbert, Athanase 'J. Sylvio'  4 Apr 1897Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I40333 Waterville 
13 Labbe, Antoine  22 Sep 1822Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I26810 Waterville 
14 Lachance, Henry J.  13 Mar 1908Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I50673 Waterville 
15 Lachance, Joseph 'Adelard J.'  19 Apr 1910Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I56705 Waterville 
16 Laliberte, Albertine  10 Mar 1894Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I45348 Waterville 
17 Landry, Delvina  18 May 1866Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I36177 Waterville 
18 Latulippe, John Baptiste  5 Feb 1811Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I34013 Waterville 
19 Latulippe, Louis  21 Jun 1850Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I34021 Waterville 
20 Latulippe, Marie Adelaide  28 Aug 1839Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I27002 Waterville 
21 Latulippe, Thomas Napoleon  22 Apr 1854Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I34015 Waterville 
22 Lessard, Henry Charles  10 Sep 1919Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I44751 Waterville 
23 Lessard, Thomas  1876Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I44752 Waterville 
24 Loubier, Gerard E.  13 Jan 1928Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I47451 Waterville 
25 Loubier, Margurite Simon  28 Feb 1919Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I47447 Waterville 
26 Maheu, Betty Ann  c 1923Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I25842 Waterville 
27 Maheu, Lucie  27 Dec 1857Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I46071 Waterville 
28 Maheu, Sophie  12 May 1820Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I3655 Waterville 
29 Marshall, Napoleon 'Paul' Mercier or  11 Mar 1842Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I26813 Waterville 
30 Marshall, Willard 'Patrick' Lucien Mercier or  6 Nov 1915Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I47323 Waterville 
31 Mathieu, Emilienne 'Millie'  3 Jun 1917Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I56902 Waterville 
32 Mathieu, Wilfred  7 Sep 1899Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I62920 Waterville 
33 Mercier, Adrienne Rosanne  29 Jun 1914Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I47320 Waterville 
34 Nadeau, Napoleon 'Tom'  C 1893Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I30559 Waterville 
35 Pare, Peter 'Pierre'  4 Mar 1820Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I30039 Waterville 
36 Poirier, Henry Joseph  27 Jul 1908Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I62731 Waterville 
37 Poulin, Alice 'Mary Alice'  20 Nov 1928Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I71157 Waterville 
38 Poulin, Aurore  C 1910Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I29538 Waterville 
39 Poulin, Bertrand J.  2 Sep 1922Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I38826 Waterville 
40 Poulin, Florida  21 Dec 1878Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I28010 Waterville 
41 Poulin, Joseph Philias  3 Jun 1882Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I62378 Waterville 
42 Poulin, Josephat  7 May 1887Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I48340 Waterville 
43 Poulin, Napoleon  2 Mar 1886Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I81340 Waterville 
44 Poulin, Regina Claire  2 Apr 1911Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I28073 Waterville 
45 Poulin, Rose Anna  5 Feb 1887Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I29428 Waterville 
46 Quirion, Gideon Ludger  11 Oct 1878Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I34525 Waterville 
47 Rancourt, Delphine 'Definey'  20-NOV-1807Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I3124 Waterville 
48 Rodrigue, Joseph Albert  11 Mar 1889Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I59730 Waterville 
49 Rodrigue, Mathilde 'Martine'  23 Dec 1824Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I34014 Waterville 
50 Simpson, Joseph D. Bureau or  30 May 1837Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I13008 Waterville 
51 Thibodeau, Lucie  2 Jun 1849Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I30747 Waterville 
52 Veilleux, Marie 'Anna'  3 Jan 1883Beauceville, Quebec, Canada I36479 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Veilleux / Lachance  13 Sep 1842Beauceville, Quebec, Canada F7063 Waterville 
2 Latulippe / Maheu  4 Oct 1842Beauceville, Quebec, Canada F1175 Waterville 
3 Gilbert / Fecteau  6 Oct 1874Beauceville, Quebec, Canada F31779 Waterville 
4 Fecteau / Poirier  2 Aug 1880Beauceville, Quebec, Canada F12409 Waterville 
5 Grenier / Fecteau  28 Aug 1882Beauceville, Quebec, Canada F11746 Waterville 

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