prob. Fairfield, ME

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Gagnon, Rosanna  c 1922prob. Fairfield, ME I39300 Waterville 
2 Strong, Joseph  1852prob. Fairfield, ME I14028 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 82 of 82

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  Aft 1880prob. Fairfield, ME I10975 Waterville 
2 Allen, William  1880prob. Fairfield, ME I3607 Waterville 
3 Baker, Frank Xavier  aff. 1920prob. Fairfield, ME I68936 Waterville 
4 Baker, Peter Belanger or  Aft 1930 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I63918 Waterville 
5 Begin, Eliza  Aft 1940prob. Fairfield, ME I44331 Waterville 
6 Blackwell, Russell  Aft 1880?prob. Fairfield, ME I6887 Waterville 
7 Blake, Joseph Charles  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I16785 Waterville 
8 Boulet, Rose de Lima 'Rosalie'  aft. 1900 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I27582 Waterville 
9 Boyle, Patrick  1875prob. Fairfield, ME I14871 Waterville 
10 Breton, Albert J. Butler or  Aft 1940prob. Fairfield, ME I26371 Waterville 
11 Chase, Orra A.  Dec 1862prob. Fairfield, ME I10684 Waterville 
12 Clement, Mary Clairmond or  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I41866 Waterville 
13 Clukey, George B. Cloutier or  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I26982 Waterville 
14 Corson, Martin  Aft 1880prob. Fairfield, ME I4594 Waterville 
15 Davis, William 'Frank W.'  1912prob. Fairfield, ME I16021 Waterville 
16 Dickinson, Herbert L.  1933prob. Fairfield, ME I16839 Waterville 
17 Dulac, George H.  aft. 1930 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I36318 Waterville 
18 Dulac, Henry 'Honore'  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I56073 Waterville 
19 Dulac, Prudent 'Peter'  aft. 1900 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I36316 Waterville 
20 Emery, Charles Henry  aft. 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I42660 Waterville 
21 Farran, Ethel A.  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I42661 Waterville 
22 Fredette, Adella 'Della'  aft. 1940 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I63919 Waterville 
23 Gallant, Sara 'Seraphin'  aft. 1920 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I38997 Waterville 
24 Goodwin, Allen Covell  NOV-1917prob. Fairfield, ME I3553 Waterville 
25 Gray, Mrs. Fanny  Aft 1860prob. Fairfield, ME I4279 Waterville 
26 Grivois, Thomas H.  bef. 1920prob. Fairfield, ME I56620 Waterville 
27 Gullifer, David  aft. 1860 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I6244 Waterville 
28 Hatch, Benjamin  Aft 1880prob. Fairfield, ME I235 Waterville 
29 Hatch, Benjamin F.  Aft 1864prob. Fairfield, ME I8089 Waterville 
30 Hebert, Raymond  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I40046 Waterville 
31 Holmes, Harold  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I53800 Waterville 
32 Horn, Lovina H.  Aft 1870prob. Fairfield, ME I16022 Waterville 
33 Hubbard, Mary F.  16 Aug 1865prob. Fairfield, ME I5045 Waterville 
34 Jacobs, Alger  bef. 1860prob. Fairfield, ME I6448 Waterville 
35 Latulippe, Melvina  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I40229 Waterville 
36 Lawrence, Ebenezer Franklin 'Frank'  Aft 1870prob. Fairfield, ME I8880 Waterville 
37 Lawrence, Gertrude G.  aft. 1930 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I70256 Waterville 
38 Lawrence, Hiram M.  aft. 1930 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I75406 Waterville 
39 Learned, Orrin Albert  8 Apr 1954prob. Fairfield, ME I54501 Waterville 
40 Lewis, Louisa  Aft 1880 pos. 17 Aug 1918prob. Fairfield, ME I10827 Waterville 
41 Lewis, Ransom B.  1883prob. Fairfield, ME I1630 Waterville 
42 Magoon, Mary Annie  Bef 1881?prob. Fairfield, ME I5800 Waterville 
43 Mayo, Asa  18-MAR-1873prob. Fairfield, ME I5722 Waterville 
44 Mayo, Phebe H.  Aft 1870prob. Fairfield, ME I12512 Waterville 
45 Mercier, Mary F.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I58960 Waterville 
46 Micue, Obilene 'Belina'  Aft 1940prob. Fairfield, ME I26374 Waterville 
47 Moore, Caroline  aft. 1870 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I9939 Waterville 
48 Newhall, Mary Louise  15 Aug 1951prob. Fairfield, ME I54504 Waterville 
49 Nichols, Charles  aft. 1920 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I17041 Waterville 
50 Nye, Sarah Helen  c 1890prob. Fairfield, ME I73442 Waterville 
51 Orcutt, Vernon Wesley  aft. 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I51391 Waterville 
52 Otis, Clarinda 'Clara'  aft. 1920 census prob. 1928prob. Fairfield, ME I12090 Waterville 
53 Parker, Clara 'Cora' A.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I76884 Waterville 
54 Pellerin, Ferdinand 'Fred'  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I32007 Waterville 
55 Perkins, David  7 Jan 1876prob. Fairfield, ME I11060 Waterville 
56 Peters, David  22 Jan 2009prob. Fairfield, ME I38147 Waterville 
57 Pooler, Hazel A.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I25577 Waterville 
58 Pooler, Sophie  aft. 1880prob. Fairfield, ME I29126 Waterville 
59 Poulin, Apolline  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I34936 Waterville 
60 Pusser, Ann  aft. 1870 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I66693 Waterville 
61 Rancourt, Elmire 'Almira'  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I26983 Waterville 
62 Rancourt, William  aft. 1920prob. Fairfield, ME I59628 Waterville 
63 Ricker, Lydia  16-SEP-1861prob. Fairfield, ME I2179 Waterville 
64 Rodrigue, Clara 'Adelaide'  Aft 1900prob. Fairfield, ME I28497 Waterville 
65 Rogers, Joseph  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I40228 Waterville 
66 Rowe, Alfred Edward  1959prob. Fairfield, ME I62107 Waterville 
67 Roy, David  Aft 1930 bef. 1939prob. Fairfield, ME I56970 Waterville 
68 Sandy, George W.  aft. 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I53276 Waterville 
69 Sawyer, Nina Ellis  aft. 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I5930 Waterville 
70 Shepherd, Sarah E.  Aft 1860prob. Fairfield, ME I10935 Waterville 
71 Simpson, Ruth F.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I77185 Waterville 
72 Sirois, Henry  Aft 1930prob. Fairfield, ME I34937 Waterville 
73 Soule, George A.  Aft 1880prob. Fairfield, ME I12818 Waterville 
74 Spaulding, Sylvester Gardner  aft. 1860 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I78489 Waterville 
75 Stuart, Lula Annie  aft. 1930 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I21219 Waterville 
76 Sturtevant, Leland P.  15 Apr 1942prob. Fairfield, ME I21241 Waterville 
77 Thayer, Bathsheba Hussey  Aft 1880prob. Fairfield, ME I2317 Waterville 
78 Thibodeau, Charlie 'Carl' A.  aft. 1930 censusprob. Fairfield, ME I60424 Waterville 
79 Tozier, Warren Lander  Aft 1920prob. Fairfield, ME I9848 Waterville 
80 Trafton, Edna Rosemond  aft. 1940prob. Fairfield, ME I51390 Waterville 
81 Valliere, Lucy 'Lucia' M.  1944prob. Fairfield, ME I20470 Waterville 
82 Willey, Aurinda  18 Mar 1902prob. Fairfield, ME I12201 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Brown / Rollins  C 1836prob. Fairfield, ME F1085 Waterville 
2 Downer / Nye  C 1845prob. Fairfield, ME F5690 Waterville 

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