prob. Waterville, ME

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Beaulieu, Victoria Ora  19 Feb 1928prob. Waterville, ME I48688 Waterville 
2 Blackwell, Alvin  c 1847prob. Waterville, ME I74187 Waterville 
3 Blackwell, George Alvin  1817prob. Waterville, ME I6888 Waterville 
4 Blackwell, William N.  1821prob. Waterville, ME I6890 Waterville 
5 Bolduc, Dwain Morris  30 Jul 1942prob. Waterville, ME I63614 Waterville 
6 Chase, George Randolph  14 Aug 1824prob. Waterville, ME I1393 Waterville 
7 Cook, Clara Ann Neil  23-AUG-1813prob. Waterville, ME I487 Waterville 
8 Corson, Moses Stacy  18-NOV-1829prob. Waterville, ME I1998 Waterville 
9 Cotta, Colby C.  10 Nov 1942prob. Waterville, ME I80132 Waterville 
10 Cousineau, Jules Joseph Rancourt  13 Oct 1923prob. Waterville, ME I38217 Waterville 
11 Crosby, Andrew Hilton  11-APR-1827prob. Waterville, ME I549 Waterville 
12 Crosby, Caroline Arye  Mar 1845prob. Waterville, ME I3950 Waterville 
13 Crosby, Charles Henry  7-JUN-1830prob. Waterville, ME I550 Waterville 
14 Crosby, Miranda  7-JUN-1841prob. Waterville, ME I6787 Waterville 
15 Gleason, Alanson  3-JUN-1816prob. Waterville, ME I10458 Waterville 
16 Ham, William H.  C 1846prob. Waterville, ME I14901 Waterville 
17 Haviland, Charles T.  C 1850prob. Waterville, ME I521 Waterville 
18 Hitchings, Joseph  19-DEC-1818prob. Waterville, ME I3155 Waterville 
19 Hussey, Clara A.  NOV-1852prob. Waterville, ME I3205 Waterville 
20 Lehaye, Edward J.  5 Apr 1903prob. Waterville, ME I73972 Waterville 
21 Littlefield, Loantha Banks  21-SEP-1834prob. Waterville, ME I9680 Waterville 
22 Littlefield, Mortin B.  30-NOV-1841prob. Waterville, ME I9682 Waterville 
23 Littlefield, Reuel K.  13-JUN-1839prob. Waterville, ME I9681 Waterville 
24 Littlefield, Sophia Ann  22-APR-1833prob. Waterville, ME I9679 Waterville 
25 Lizzotte, Marc A.  3 May 1963prob. Waterville, ME I54720 Waterville 
26 Mayo, Horace  12-SEP-1839prob. Waterville, ME I4976 Waterville 
27 Morrill, Elizabeth ' Lizzie' S.  C 1835prob. Waterville, ME I5553 Waterville 
28 Paine, Charles H.  C 1831prob. Waterville, ME I3032 Waterville 
29 Pearson, Douglas  C 1850prob. Waterville, ME I1940 Waterville 
30 Pearson, Dwight D.  29-JUL-1838prob. Waterville, ME I1645 Waterville 
31 Percival, Ellen M.  9 Sep 1841prob. Waterville, ME I4842 Waterville 
32 Phillips, William M.  C 1820prob. Waterville, ME I5973 Waterville 
33 Picher, Marie A.  22 Aug 1888prob. Waterville, ME I51093 Waterville 
34 Reynolds, Gladys B.  14 Oct 1888prob. Waterville, ME I20452 Waterville 
35 Sawlivich, Emily Meljuk or  c 1915prob. Waterville, ME I66214 Waterville 
36 Sherwin, Sophia  c 1791prob. Waterville, ME I9428 Waterville 
37 Stackpole, Mary North  13-MAR-1802prob. Waterville, ME I2202 Waterville 
38 Stafford, John A.  12-DEC-1839prob. Waterville, ME I6971 Waterville 
39 Stilson, Francis Wheeler  21 Apr 1858prob. Waterville, ME I73465 Waterville 
40 Toulouse, Malvina  c 1860prob. Waterville, ME I32863 Waterville 
41 Wheeler, Adelia 'Delia'  15-NOV-1836prob. Waterville, ME I948 Waterville 
42 Wheeler, Algenon Sydney  1-APR-1827prob. Waterville, ME I944 Waterville 
43 Wheeler, Esther Emery  25-NOV-1824prob. Waterville, ME I943 Waterville 
44 Wheeler, John Emery  10-JUL-1829prob. Waterville, ME I945 Waterville 
45 Wheeler, Mary Elizabeth  15-MAR-1832prob. Waterville, ME I946 Waterville 
46 Wheeler, Thankfull Lardesa  18-JUN-1817prob. Waterville, ME I10050 Waterville 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Agnes M.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I20974 Waterville 
2 Anathalie 'Tallie' 'Nathalie'  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I60917 Waterville 
3 Bridget  aft, 1870prob. Waterville, ME I67909 Waterville 
4 Elizabeth  Aft 1880prob. Waterville, ME I13786 Waterville 
5 Gladys  aft. 1940 census prob. 23 Aug 1967prob. Waterville, ME I73195 Waterville 
6 Mary  Aft 1850prob. Waterville, ME I6933 Waterville 
7 Mary F.  1940prob. Waterville, ME I22925 Waterville 
8 Nancy  Aft 1880prob. Waterville, ME I15313 Waterville 
9 Olivia  aft. 1910prob. Waterville, ME I50941 Waterville 
10 Sophronia  24-MAY-1881prob. Waterville, ME I916 Waterville 
11 Abbott, Stephen I.  1904prob. Waterville, ME I13816 Waterville 
12 Adams, Silas A.  12 Mar 1926prob. Waterville, ME I14730 Waterville 
13 Albert, Felix  13 Jan 1949prob. Waterville, ME I35600 Waterville 
14 Albertson, Mary  Aft 1910 censusprob. Waterville, ME I24229 Waterville 
15 Allen, Harriet  Aft 1860prob. Waterville, ME I725 Waterville 
16 Allen, Reuben  Aft 1860prob. Waterville, ME I13833 Waterville 
17 Allen, Susanna  Aft 1850prob. Waterville, ME I952 Waterville 
18 Anderson, Jessie Morrill or  31 Mar 2010prob. Waterville, ME I23958 Waterville 
19 Angle, Fanny P.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I15488 Waterville 
20 Atwood, Lillian J.  aft. 1920 censusprob. Waterville, ME I69864 Waterville 
21 Aube, Martha Mae Oby or  3 Aug 1963prob. Waterville, ME I19997 Waterville 
22 Auclair, Veronique 'Jennie'  Aft 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I6374 Waterville 
23 Audet, Napoleon  Aft 1920prob. Waterville, ME I26541 Waterville 
24 Auger, William C.  1923prob. Waterville, ME I70515 Waterville 
25 Avery, Samuel N.  aft. 1870 censusprob. Waterville, ME I1157 Waterville 
26 Ayer, Charles F.  1927prob. Waterville, ME I12261 Waterville 
27 Baker, Olive  aft. 1860 censusprob. Waterville, ME I4980 Waterville 
28 Bangs, Maria  Aft 1880prob. Waterville, ME I14539 Waterville 
29 Bariault, Marguerite  Aft 1870prob. Waterville, ME I3227 Waterville 
30 Bates, Lucy  Aft 1860prob. Waterville, ME I858 Waterville 
31 Bean, Lucy  Aft 1850prob. Waterville, ME I13188 Waterville 
32 Beauchesne, Charles  aft. 1920prob. Waterville, ME I35650 Waterville 
33 Beaulieu, Julie  Aft 1930 censusprob. Waterville, ME I24774 Waterville 
34 Benson, Elias Tubbs  aft. 1860 censusprob. Waterville, ME I196 Waterville 
35 Bernard, Alexander  Aft 1930 prob. 1938prob. Waterville, ME I41542 Waterville 
36 Berry, Solomon  Aft 1850prob. Waterville, ME I9649 Waterville 
37 Berube, Jeanne 'Jennie'  Aft 1920prob. Waterville, ME I60366 Waterville 
38 Berube, Victor  Aft 1930prob. Waterville, ME I31385 Waterville 
39 Bessey, Earle Emerson  16 Feb 1931prob. Waterville, ME I13883 Waterville 
40 Bisbee, Cyprian  Aft 1860prob. Waterville, ME I3433 Waterville 
41 Blackwell, William N.  1823prob. Waterville, ME I6890 Waterville 
42 Bolduc, George  Aft 1920 censusprob. Waterville, ME I28689 Waterville 
43 Bolduc, Joseph  Aft 1870prob. Waterville, ME I15847 Waterville 
44 Bolduc, Lucie E. 'Lucy'  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I44414 Waterville 
45 Bolduc, Marie 'Naphlette'  aft. 1870 censusprob. Waterville, ME I26815 Waterville 
46 Bolduc, Vital  aft. 1920 censusprob. Waterville, ME I77754 Waterville 
47 Booker, Edward E.  Aft 1930prob. Waterville, ME I22364 Waterville 
48 Boothby, Harriet 'Hattie' May  9 Apr 1891prob. Waterville, ME I13916 Waterville 
49 Boucher, Devine  Aft 1910prob. Waterville, ME I28579 Waterville 
50 Boucher, Joseph (Busha\Bushey)  Aft 1860 censusprob. Waterville, ME I17 Waterville 
51 Boulette, Louis A.  aft. 1930 censusprob. Waterville, ME I57462 Waterville 
52 Bourque, Elie Joseph  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I35858 Waterville 
53 Bourque, Henry J.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I28477 Waterville 
54 Boutelle, Jane Gray  Aft 1850prob. Waterville, ME I5451 Waterville 
55 Boutin, Anna 'Emma'  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I29893 Waterville 
56 Bowman, Margaret  aft. 1850 censusprob. Waterville, ME I7565 Waterville 
57 Boynton, Sarah J. Coombs  aft. 1920 censusprob. Waterville, ME I77485 Waterville 
58 Brackett, George Willard  Aft 1900prob. Waterville, ME I13309 Waterville 
59 Brann, Dorothy 'Dora' M.  aft. 1910 censusprob. Waterville, ME I53727 Waterville 
60 Breton, Charles  aft. 1900 censusprob. Waterville, ME I26858 Waterville 
61 Breton, Peter 'Pierre'  aft. 1910prob. Waterville, ME I32317 Waterville 
62 Buck, Grace  1956prob. Waterville, ME I51306 Waterville 
63 Burgess, Rebecca  Aft 1870prob. Waterville, ME I4241 Waterville 
64 Burgess, Sarah 'Sally'  Bef 1850prob. Waterville, ME I5208 Waterville 
65 Butler, John 'Jean Baptiste' Breton or  aft. 1880 censusprob. Waterville, ME I34773 Waterville 
66 Butler, Melinda E. Breton or  aft. 1920 censusprob. Waterville, ME I57555 Waterville 
67 Butler, Moise 'Moses' Breton or  1928prob. Waterville, ME I22099 Waterville 
68 Butler, Moses  Aft 1930prob. Waterville, ME I22943 Waterville 
69 Butler, Sarah  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I22103 Waterville 
70 Butterfield, Josiah  Aft 1850prob. Waterville, ME I327 Waterville 
71 Butts, Abigail 'Abbie' S.  17-MAY-1854prob. Waterville, ME I3875 Waterville 
72 Calden, Etta Eliza  Aft 1920prob. Waterville, ME I13920 Waterville 
73 Carey, Edward  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I39691 Waterville 
74 Carpenter, Josephine  Bef 1900prob. Waterville, ME I3552 Waterville 
75 Carr, Gorham C.  Aft 1920prob. Waterville, ME I15811 Waterville 
76 Cayouette, Mary A.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I45564 Waterville 
77 Charles, Animee or Tamena 'Amy' 'Annie'  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I23869 Waterville 
78 Charlie, Sadie  aft. 1940 censusprob. Waterville, ME I23556 Waterville 
79 Chase, Charles  Aft 1860prob. Waterville, ME I7422 Waterville 
80 Chase, Charles Ware  13 May 1954prob. Waterville, ME I22333 Waterville 
81 Chase, Ellen M.  Aft 1860prob. Waterville, ME I7423 Waterville 
82 Clair, Lina Leclerc or  Aft 1940prob. Waterville, ME I61212 Waterville 
83 Clair, Marie  aft. 1920prob. Waterville, ME I36146 Waterville 
84 Clark, Agnes M.  1934prob. Waterville, ME I22226 Waterville 
85 Clement, Annie M.  aft. 1930 censusprob. Waterville, ME I17552 Waterville 
86 Clifford, Albert Robinson  Aft 1930prob. Waterville, ME I13379 Waterville 
87 Clough, Louisa J.  25 Sep 1915prob. Waterville, ME I1367 Waterville 
88 Cloutier, Charles J.  aft. 1910prob. Waterville, ME I63976 Waterville 
89 Cloutier, Elise 'Alice'  aft. 1930prob. Waterville, ME I35458 Waterville 
90 Cloutier, Vital  aft. 1880 censusprob. Waterville, ME I34628 Waterville 
91 Coffin, Elbridge G.  Aft 1880prob. Waterville, ME I1557 Waterville 
92 Combs, Alfred  Aft 1850prob. Waterville, ME I6263 Waterville 
93 Combs, Sarah W.  Aft 1850prob. Waterville, ME I6723 Waterville 
94 Cook, Mary V.  1893prob. Waterville, ME I8916 Waterville 
95 Cookson, Hattie E.  Aft 1930prob. Waterville, ME I42180 Waterville 
96 Copp, Ellen D,  Aft 1870prob. Waterville, ME I16012 Waterville 
97 Copp, Mary  Aft 1870prob. Waterville, ME I16015 Waterville 
98 Corey, John  1936prob. Waterville, ME I23430 Waterville 
99 Corson, Hannah H.  12-DEC-1858prob. Waterville, ME I1996 Waterville 
100 Cote, Andrew  aft. 1930 censusprob. Waterville, ME I60949 Waterville 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Omena E.  prob. Waterville, ME I14945 Waterville 
2 Dearborn, Mary 'Polly'  prob. Waterville, ME I4907 Waterville 
3 Eddington, Margaret L.  prob. Waterville, ME I18017 Waterville 
4 Kidder, Jeremiah 'Jerry' Albin  prob. Waterville, ME I14940 Waterville 
5 Low, Amos  prob. Waterville, ME I58 Waterville 
6 Mercier, Marie  prob. Waterville, ME I25346 Waterville 
7 Starkey, Amasa V.  prob. Waterville, ME I343 Waterville 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Low / Getchell  C 1811prob. Waterville, ME F2447 Waterville 
2 Smith / Marston  C 1813prob. Waterville, ME F1693 Waterville 
3 Chase / Spring  25-FEB-1819prob. Waterville, ME F356 Waterville 
4 Pullen / Blackwell  C 1825prob. Waterville, ME F386 Waterville 
5 Wheeler / Tozier  25-DEC-1826prob. Waterville, ME F528 Waterville 
6 Thayer / Carlton  10-FEB-1832prob. Waterville, ME F127 Waterville 
7 Elden / Stark  1864prob. Waterville, ME F563 Waterville 
8 Allen / Eaton  3-DEC-1873prob. Waterville, ME F2922 Waterville 
9 Soule / Frost  13 Feb 1895prob. Waterville, ME F3133 Waterville 
10 Creswell / McEwen  9 Oct 1923prob. Waterville, ME F33445 Waterville 

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