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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Eaton, Hannah  30-JUL-1776prob. Boston, MA I559 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hazel  Aft 1930prob. Boston, MA I64961 Waterville 
2 Avery, Betsey Maria  Aft 1920prob. Boston, MA I6383 Waterville 
3 Banton, Harriet M.  Aft 1920prob. Boston, MA I15216 Waterville 
4 Barney, Joseph Edward  26 Jul 1948prob. Boston, MA I16779 Waterville 
5 Bellows, Annie Beland or  aft. 1940 censusprob. Boston, MA I74518 Waterville 
6 Bolkcom, Albert T.  Bef 1860prob. Boston, MA I3698 Waterville 
7 Bradley, Daniel John  aft. 1910 prob. 1919prob. Boston, MA I63068 Waterville 
8 Brown, Harry Thomas  aft. 1930prob. Boston, MA I73455 Waterville 
9 Bushey, Edith  aft. 1920 censusprob. Boston, MA I78232 Waterville 
10 Butler, Christine May  aft. 1920 censusprob. Boston, MA I56006 Waterville 
11 Clark, Linwood B.  PROB. AFT. 1930prob. Boston, MA I24475 Waterville 
12 Cook, Sylvester Joseph  1960prob. Boston, MA I57208 Waterville 
13 Crozier, Eleanor  2 Dec 1973prob. Boston, MA I16795 Waterville 
14 Davidson, Cyrus  aft. 1860 censusprob. Boston, MA I6588 Waterville 
15 Delemour, Millie A.  Aft 1870prob. Boston, MA I11097 Waterville 
16 DeWolfe, Ella M.  Aft 1920prob. Boston, MA I16037 Waterville 
17 Draper, Adelaid Hannah  Aft 1880prob. Boston, MA I5439 Waterville 
18 Draper, Endora Mead  Aft 1920prob. Boston, MA I5441 Waterville 
19 Duguay, Onesime  aft. 1940 censusprob. Boston, MA I27304 Waterville 
20 Dyer, Julia Maria  aft. 1930 censusprob. Boston, MA I54620 Waterville 
21 Farr, Walter Bates  aft. 1930 censusprob. Boston, MA I35967 Waterville 
22 Ferrin, Clarissa A.  Aft 1870prob. Boston, MA I5444 Waterville 
23 Gagne, Alexina  aft. 1930 censusprob. Boston, MA I35497 Waterville 
24 Gilblair, Henry John  aft. 1920prob. Boston, MA I44597 Waterville 
25 Gilman, Abigail Pierce or  aft. 1870 census prob. 1896prob. Boston, MA I8249 Waterville 
26 Gilman, Sumner A.  Aft 1880prob. Boston, MA I6850 Waterville 
27 Gullifer, Georgianna 'Georgie'  aft. 1920prob. Boston, MA I74534 Waterville 
28 Haynes, Albert  aft. 1910 censusprob. Boston, MA I6144 Waterville 
29 Haynes, Frank Homer  1924prob. Boston, MA I6143 Waterville 
30 Hiscock, Bertha  Aft 1945prob. Boston, MA I41430 Waterville 
31 Howard, Kate Dinsmore  Aft 1930prob. Boston, MA I11377 Waterville 
32 Jamme, Louis  aft. 1930prob. Boston, MA I36796 Waterville 
33 Kelley, Augustus Hill  aft. 1930 censusprob. Boston, MA I54619 Waterville 
34 King, Charles  Aft 1910prob. Boston, MA I19193 Waterville 
35 Leary, Archibald 'Archie' Barnette  Aft 1945prob. Boston, MA I41426 Waterville 
36 Lebrasseur, M. Jeanne  aft. 1940 censusprob. Boston, MA I27305 Waterville 
37 Lebrasseur, Marguerite 'Maggie'  Aft 1930prob. Boston, MA I33281 Waterville 
38 Lessard, Melina M.  aft. 1960prob. Boston, MA I58833 Waterville 
39 Lewis, William D.  Aft 1880prob. Boston, MA I5691 Waterville 
40 Masson, Susan M.  prob. Boston, MA I4111 Waterville 
41 Merrill, William E.  aft. 1942prob. Boston, MA I70689 Waterville 
42 Miller, Jacob 'Jack'  aft. 1930 censusprob. Boston, MA I22900 Waterville 
43 Morrill, William Fred  aft. 1920 censusprob. Boston, MA I15072 Waterville 
44 Nason, Eliza M.  Aft 1870prob. Boston, MA I2502 Waterville 
45 Nassif, Abraham G.  Aft 1930 bef. 1940prob. Boston, MA I23351 Waterville 
46 Nimon, Rosa 'Rose' A.  aft. 1940 censusprob. Boston, MA I23348 Waterville 
47 O'Connor, Joseph James  aft. 1942prob. Boston, MA I47541 Waterville 
48 Peabody, Irving A. H.  Aft 1920prob. Boston, MA I16033 Waterville 
49 Peavey, Silas  10 Dec 1939prob. Boston, MA I76052 Waterville 
50 Perkins, Frances Adeline 'Addie F.'  1919prob. Boston, MA I3200 Waterville 
51 Savage, Hannah 'Helen'  8-MAR-1920prob. Boston, MA I3762 Waterville 
52 Savoy, Alexander  aft. 1940 censusprob. Boston, MA I77912 Waterville 
53 Scammon, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' S.  Aft 1880prob. Boston, MA I10434 Waterville 
54 Siddall, Alice Maud  aft. 1940prob. Boston, MA I61534 Waterville 
55 Siddall, Frederick Stewart  Aft 1930prob. Boston, MA I61533 Waterville 
56 Smart, Mary Ellen  5 Jan 1919prob. Boston, MA I10804 Waterville 
57 Soule, Albert Nye  aft. 1920prob. Boston, MA I6175 Waterville 
58 Spencer, Lafayette  Aft 1880prob. Boston, MA I8913 Waterville 
59 Stacy, Alice Hannah  aft. 1910prob. Boston, MA I7969 Waterville 
60 Stacy, Samuel  Aft 1870prob. Boston, MA I5704 Waterville 
61 Starkey, Howard Everett  aft. 1940 censusprob. Boston, MA I74525 Waterville 
62 Thorpe, Mary  aft. 1910prob. Boston, MA I77637 Waterville 
63 Tierney, Daniel David  aft. 1940 censusprob. Boston, MA I70280 Waterville 
64 Torres, Gregory  Sept 1966prob. Boston, MA I74352 Waterville 
65 True, Josiah  aft. 1900 censusprob. Boston, MA I54490 Waterville 
66 Veilleux, Caroline 'Carrie'  Aft 1940prob. Boston, MA I60167 Waterville 
67 Wilkins, Ida Agnes  aft. 1900 censusprob. Boston, MA I75071 Waterville 
68 Wintle, Alice  aft. 1930 censusprob. Boston, MA I40754 Waterville 
69 Wintle, Florence Helen  aft. 1940 censusprob. Boston, MA I40753 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Stanley / Simpson  NOV-1825prob. Boston, MA F3254 Waterville 
2 Cody / Normand  18 Sep 1923prob. Boston, MA F27984 Waterville 

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