West Waterville, ME

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Benson, Herbert Alonzo  14-AUG-1843West Waterville, ME I1976 Waterville 
2 Benson, Leon Curtis  11 Apr 1881West Waterville, ME I23071 Waterville 
3 Bickford, Orrin  5 Jan 1853West Waterville, ME I77641 Waterville 
4 Cornforth, Linton Casimir  26-APR-1829West Waterville, ME I1961 Waterville 
5 Corson, Betsey  23-OCT-1819West Waterville, ME I4587 Waterville 
6 Crowell, Charles Melvin  26-JUN-1849West Waterville, ME I2273 Waterville 
7 Crowell, Martha Maria  30-MAR-1837West Waterville, ME I558 Waterville 
8 Crowell, Rodney  1807West Waterville, ME I234 Waterville 
9 Emerson, Asa Tozer Tupper  13-MAY-1812West Waterville, ME I2689 Waterville 
10 Emerson, Joseph Tupper  10-DEC-1822West Waterville, ME I2695 Waterville 
11 Fairbrother, Mercy Clarinda  25-JUN-1831West Waterville, ME I5413 Waterville 
12 Gage, Aseneth H.  C 1831West Waterville, ME I3135 Waterville 
13 Garland, Mary Agnes  5 Mar 1874West Waterville, ME I65240 Waterville 
14 Gleason, Arthur Augustus  1 Mar 1874West Waterville, ME I12352 Waterville 
15 Gleason, Mary J.  1841West Waterville, ME I3143 Waterville 
16 Hallett, Caroline C.  1816West Waterville, ME I1859 Waterville 
17 Hallett, Jonathan  C 1802West Waterville, ME I231 Waterville 
18 Hersom, Asa  17-MAR-1807West Waterville, ME I5826 Waterville 
19 Hersom, Mary  C 1817West Waterville, ME I6546 Waterville 
20 Hersom, Rosilla F.  4-MAR-1835West Waterville, ME I7572 Waterville 
21 Higgins, Sylvester  8-MAY-1835West Waterville, ME I2864 Waterville 
22 Holmes, Amos Emery  c 1863West Waterville, ME I34729 Waterville 
23 Hussey, James C.  C 1840West Waterville, ME I2265 Waterville 
24 Hussey, Sally  C 1810West Waterville, ME I1118 Waterville 
25 Knox, Steven L.  c 1867West Waterville, ME I79204 Waterville 
26 Knox, Sylvester  c 1844West Waterville, ME I71346 Waterville 
27 Libby, Andrew Douglas  15 Aug 1860West Waterville, ME I12440 Waterville 
28 Libby, Morrison  5 Jul 1859West Waterville, ME I12441 Waterville 
29 Louis C. Wilson, Wilson Tupper AKA  10-DEC-1822West Waterville, ME I2694 Waterville 
30 Merrifield, Alonzo F.  30-AUG-1836West Waterville, ME I3184 Waterville 
31 Messer, Mary 'Charlotte'  20-APR-1836West Waterville, ME I3168 Waterville 
32 Peavey, Archie R.  5 Sep 1859West Waterville, ME I10661 Waterville 
33 Peavey, Everett Wesley  2 Oct 1866West Waterville, ME I17668 Waterville 
34 Peavey, Martha Ellen  16 Jul 1843West Waterville, ME I10655 Waterville 
35 Peavey, Mary  20 Nov 1864West Waterville, ME I17666 Waterville 
36 Penney, Clara M.  Jun 1881West Waterville, ME I22583 Waterville 
37 Penney, Clarence Morrill  C 1872West Waterville, ME I22577 Waterville 
38 Penney, Edith M.  6 May 1880West Waterville, ME I22582 Waterville 
39 Penney, Edna L.  May 1879West Waterville, ME I22581 Waterville 
40 Penney, Esther R.  15 Mar 1873West Waterville, ME I22578 Waterville 
41 Penney, Lester B.  16 Jun 1875West Waterville, ME I22579 Waterville 
42 Penney, Lulu R. or G.  16 Aug 1877West Waterville, ME I22580 Waterville 
43 Penney, William Everett  16 May 1869West Waterville, ME I22576 Waterville 
44 Pullen, Eliza Abbie  1875West Waterville, ME I10664 Waterville 
45 Ricker, Samuel  C 1835West Waterville, ME I7926 Waterville 
46 Ricker, Sarah Joy  28-JUN-1794West Waterville, ME I2278 Waterville 
47 Shorey, George Eldon  10 Dec 1857West Waterville, ME I11709 Waterville 
48 Stevens, Susan Lewis  29-JUL-1846West Waterville, ME I4196 Waterville 
49 Sturtevant, Charles Bray  12-AUG-1842West Waterville, ME I2854 Waterville 
50 Sturtevant, Ellen Louisa  8-JUL-1840West Waterville, ME I2853 Waterville 
51 Sturtevant, Francis Marion  28-MAR-1836West Waterville, ME I2852 Waterville 
52 Thayer, Henry P.  C 1855West Waterville, ME I14891 Waterville 
53 Towle, Ethel B.  5 Nov 1884West Waterville, ME I20797 Waterville 
54 Tupper, Sophia  13-JUL-1819West Waterville, ME I2692 Waterville 
55 Watson, Adeline Melinda  21-SEP-1851West Waterville, ME I5561 Waterville 
56 Watson, Eliza Jane  15-OCT-1840West Waterville, ME I10424 Waterville 
57 Wheeler, Asenath Amanda  1-JAN-1844West Waterville, ME I2855 Waterville 
58 Wilson, Alwilda N.  21-AUG-1851West Waterville, ME I5181 Waterville 
59 Wyman, Walter Scott  6 May 1874West Waterville, ME I52515 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Susan P.  20-MAY-1845West Waterville, ME I1038 Waterville 
2 Dinsmore, Philena  13-FEB-1846West Waterville, ME I6667 Waterville 
3 Foss, Lucy  24-APR-1864West Waterville, ME I1101 Waterville 
4 Gleason, Elijah Jr.  1852West Waterville, ME I227 Waterville 
5 Hallett, Elisha  2-OCT-1847West Waterville, ME I1116 Waterville 
6 Holman, Sarah Trask  8-MAY-1847West Waterville, ME I3566 Waterville 
7 Holmes, Ebenezer  6-OCT-1842West Waterville, ME I243 Waterville 
8 Huston, David  15-JUL-1850West Waterville, ME I294 Waterville 
9 James, John  6-FEB-1844West Waterville, ME I1005 Waterville 
10 Peavey, Mary  20 Dec 1864West Waterville, ME I17666 Waterville 
11 Penney, Lester B.  2 Oct 1877West Waterville, ME I22579 Waterville 
12 Pullen, Mordica B.  25-AUG-1828West Waterville, ME I1473 Waterville 
13 Randall, Mary Ann Benard  28-FEB-1881West Waterville, ME I2366 Waterville 
14 Watson, David  APR-1874West Waterville, ME I455 Waterville 
15 Watson, Eliza Jane  15-MAR-1841West Waterville, ME I10424 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Sawtelle / Benson  3-JUN-1873West Waterville, ME F585 Waterville 
2 Crowell / Linscott  INT.24-AUG-1874West Waterville, ME F686 Waterville 
3 Burgess / Kelley  INT.12-MAR-1877West Waterville, ME F652 Waterville 
4 Shorey? / Avery  INT.14-JAN-1880West Waterville, ME F4486 Waterville 
5 Cottle / Brooks  24 Jun 1880West Waterville, ME F5864 Waterville 
6 Adams / Messer  12 Jun 1882West Waterville, ME F2243 Waterville 
7 Farnham / Downs  12 Dec 1882West Waterville, ME F7905 Waterville 
8 Small / Gleason  18 Nov 1883West Waterville, ME F5415 Waterville 
9 Cottle / Robinson  20 Jun 1894West Waterville, ME F5865 Waterville 

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