Pittsfield, ME

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Arsenault, Charlotte Marie  c 1893Pittsfield, ME I66246 Waterville 
2 Barton, Charles Henry  29 Feb 1860Pittsfield, ME I13178 Waterville 
3 Bennett, Louisa H.  C 1820Pittsfield, ME I10130 Waterville 
4 Bessey, John Alden  14 Jun 1902Pittsfield, ME I17163 Waterville 
5 Bickford, Orrison E.  6 Nov 1861Pittsfield, ME I70329 Waterville 
6 Blake, Robert John  6 Jan 1926Pittsfield, ME I55341 Waterville 
7 Brawn, Constance Eleanor  24 Jun 1932Pittsfield, ME I65673 Waterville 
8 Burton, Stephen H.  1845Pittsfield, ME I15248 Waterville 
9 Campbell, Lillian  c 1885Pittsfield, ME I74041 Waterville 
10 Coffin, Verna Carolyn  28 Sep 1899Pittsfield, ME I18189 Waterville 
11 Cole, Henry  12 Sept 1878Pittsfield, ME I80754 Waterville 
12 Cornforth, Mildred Bernice  28 Nov 1900Pittsfield, ME I17575 Waterville 
13 Downs, Mary J.  Pittsfield, ME I18178 Waterville 
14 Duguay, Arsene J.  3 Nov 1920Pittsfield, ME I52503 Waterville 
15 Durgin, Irene V.  c 1889Pittsfield, ME I62595 Waterville 
16 Elias, George P.  16 Mar 1912Pittsfield, ME I23790 Waterville 
17 Fairbrother, Charlotte J.  C 1837Pittsfield, ME I6057 Waterville 
18 Fairbrother, Henry Ralph  Pittsfield, ME I5414 Waterville 
19 Farnham, Arthur  C 1870Pittsfield, ME I15731 Waterville 
20 Farnham, Vance Harold  15 Apr 1889Pittsfield, ME I53616 Waterville 
21 Foley, Franklin M.  10 Dec 1902Pittsfield, ME I73221 Waterville 
22 Fowler, Lydia  31 May 1825Pittsfield, ME I25712 Waterville 
23 Frost, Clarence Russell  21 Aug 1913Pittsfield, ME I45729 Waterville 
24 Gero, Charles Edward Giroux or  1 Dec 1903Pittsfield, ME I52339 Waterville 
25 Gerow, Francis William  22 Aug 1932Pittsfield, ME I79037 Waterville 
26 Gerow, Kathleen 'Kay' Giroux or  13 Apr 1926Pittsfield, ME I75686 Waterville 
27 Gifford, Vera M.  29 May 1907Pittsfield, ME I80819 Waterville 
28 Hackett, Rhonello C.  3 Dec 1892Pittsfield, ME I18634 Waterville 
29 Hall, Everett P.  29 Nov 1960Pittsfield, ME I73030 Waterville 
30 Karam, Edward Louis  11 Jun 1908Pittsfield, ME I64907 Waterville 
31 Killam, Pearl Hazel  17 Mar 1944Pittsfield, ME I66029 Waterville 
32 Lewis, Charlotte S.  1-MAY-1829Pittsfield, ME I6995 Waterville 
33 Marcia, William J. Mercier or  11 Oct 1863Pittsfield, ME I19540 Waterville 
34 Mayo, William H.  1 Jul 1830Pittsfield, ME I12508 Waterville 
35 McCausland, Dorcas  28-APR-1826Pittsfield, ME I9686 Waterville 
36 McCausland, Eliza J.  23 Oct 1828Pittsfield, ME I13175 Waterville 
37 McCausland, Martha A.  15 Mar 1822Pittsfield, ME I12901 Waterville 
38 McCausland, Mary  15 Mar 1822Pittsfield, ME I12651 Waterville 
39 McCausland, Simon Peter  5 Jul 1831Pittsfield, ME I77594 Waterville 
40 Millett, Alonzo Dixon  28-JUL-1840Pittsfield, ME I6812 Waterville 
41 Osborne, Orrin Wesley  c 1829Pittsfield, ME I77540 Waterville 
42 Palmer, Maynard Henry  25 May 1895Pittsfield, ME I67716 Waterville 
43 Reid, Dean A.  17 Oct 1919Pittsfield, ME I42618 Waterville 
44 Reid, John Alfred  25 May 1921Pittsfield, ME I78723 Waterville 
45 Robb, Eva N.  17 Mar 1904Pittsfield, ME I43643 Waterville 
46 Rollins, Freeman  31-AUG-1794Pittsfield, ME I5033 Waterville 
47 Seekins, Lois Miriam  16 Sep 1920Pittsfield, ME I41960 Waterville 
48 Simmons, Sarah  C 1800Pittsfield, ME I1626 Waterville 
49 Small, Harold Clifford  31 May 1902Pittsfield, ME I20878 Waterville 
50 Smith, Harold Nelson  5 Jan 1882Pittsfield, ME I20890 Waterville 
51 Spaulding, Earl Hackett  1 Jul 1895Pittsfield, ME I19587 Waterville 
52 Wall, Fae Griffin  Dec 1889Pittsfield, ME I16754 Waterville 
53 Welch, Edward M.  18 Jan 1942Pittsfield, ME I73443 Waterville 
54 Wiley, Frederick Frank  12 Jun 1875Pittsfield, ME I21754 Waterville 
55 Wilson, Alton Erold  18 May 1898Pittsfield, ME I53405 Waterville 
56 Wyman, Elaine J.  15 Dec 1930Pittsfield, ME I25264 Waterville 
57 Wyman, Mary Ann Salley  JUN-1828Pittsfield, ME I10560 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bickford, Julie Ann  1 May 1906Pittsfield, ME I12114 Waterville 
2 Bickford, Lydia C.  1 Oct 1992Pittsfield, ME I30630 Waterville 
3 Booth, Phyllis A.  2 Aug 1986Pittsfield, ME I43464 Waterville 
4 Boulette, Mildred Marie  18 May 2006Pittsfield, ME I38013 Waterville 
5 Carey, Laurette 'Loretta' Marie  21 Mar 1983Pittsfield, ME I61122 Waterville 
6 Cianchette, Ralph A.  30 Dec 1972Pittsfield, ME I40216 Waterville 
7 Colford, Rita M.  13 Jul 2013Pittsfield, ME I75953 Waterville 
8 Coro, Lucille  5 Mar 2015Pittsfield, ME I79277 Waterville 
9 Davis, Maureen  2/29/1994Pittsfield, ME I52665 Waterville 
10 Dean, Earl Stanley  22 Feb 2010Pittsfield, ME I63889 Waterville 
11 Eldridge, Calvin P.  27 Nov 1897Pittsfield, ME I10963 Waterville 
12 Elkins, Freeman Hayes  7 Dec 2011Pittsfield, ME I50166 Waterville 
13 Foster, Helen Greeley  7 Dec 1922Pittsfield, ME I60282 Waterville 
14 Frost, Rexford H.  16 Mar 1964Pittsfield, ME I18307 Waterville 
15 Gagnon, Orela  27 Sep 1974Pittsfield, ME I73133 Waterville 
16 Gervais, Rita A.  5 Aug 2013Pittsfield, ME I76160 Waterville 
17 Getchell, John J.  18 Aug 1897Pittsfield, ME I12115 Waterville 
18 Getchell, Seth  20-JUL-1844Pittsfield, ME I2527 Waterville 
19 Grenier, Maurice J.  30 Mar 2008Pittsfield, ME I64306 Waterville 
20 Haines, Asa  28 Dec 1914Pittsfield, ME I10783 Waterville 
21 Heald, Daphne Hester  7 Apr 1973Pittsfield, ME I23262 Waterville 
22 Hikel, Gabriel James  6 Aug 2011Pittsfield, ME I24046 Waterville 
23 Jacques, Catherine Sarah  5 Oct 1962Pittsfield, ME I65250 Waterville 
24 Labbe, Leo Joseph  24 Feb 1993Pittsfield, ME I39447 Waterville 
25 Labreck, Calvin J.  24 Oct 2009Pittsfield, ME I72003 Waterville 
26 Leclair, Patricia Eldora  23 Jan 2011Pittsfield, ME I40964 Waterville 
27 Lessor, Paul E.  16 Aug 1984Pittsfield, ME I52841 Waterville 
28 Libby, John Y.  8-JUN-1881Pittsfield, ME I4135 Waterville 
29 Mathieu, Maude Almosa  30 Jan 1945Pittsfield, ME I33594 Waterville 
30 Merrifield, Eliza  12 Jul 1903Pittsfield, ME I7276 Waterville 
31 Merrow, Orrin Theodore  12-JUL-1922Pittsfield, ME I8260 Waterville 
32 Merrow, Sarah 'Sally'  6-OCT-1872Pittsfield, ME I5135 Waterville 
33 Mitchell, Alba B.  22 Jun 1991Pittsfield, ME I52943 Waterville 
34 Monk, Charles F.  1933Pittsfield, ME I46523 Waterville 
35 Moores, Minnie L.  7 Nov 1987Pittsfield, ME I68087 Waterville 
36 Murray, Willis M.  6 Jul 1973Pittsfield, ME I19883 Waterville 
37 Nawfel, Zanie 'Katherine'  27 Aug 2016Pittsfield, ME I67349 Waterville 
38 O'Reilly, Julia  22 Apr 1908Pittsfield, ME I74395 Waterville 
39 Paradis, Marie Zenaide  13 Jan 2009Pittsfield, ME I40298 Waterville 
40 Pouliot, Theresa  23 Apr 2010Pittsfield, ME I72002 Waterville 
41 Reynolds, Nancy  17 Sep 1904Pittsfield, ME I16270 Waterville 
42 Rhoades, Clarissa E. 'Clara'  21 Oct 1907Pittsfield, ME I46522 Waterville 
43 Rodrigue, Leo J.  23 Jul 2011Pittsfield, ME I69777 Waterville 
44 Roy, Frank 'Francis' A.  2 May 1988Pittsfield, ME I41955 Waterville 
45 Salley, Richard Manoah  4 Dec 2002Pittsfield, ME I65958 Waterville 
46 Seekins, Theodore Barton  25 Jan 1907Pittsfield, ME I20754 Waterville 
47 Skillings, Ethel Louise  2 Jul 1981Pittsfield, ME I20324 Waterville 
48 Steen, Edna M.  10 Sep 1991Pittsfield, ME I40217 Waterville 
49 Susi, Dominick M.  23 Sep 1981Pittsfield, ME I30629 Waterville 
50 Taylor, Cecile A.  6 Nov 2013Pittsfield, ME I66466 Waterville 
51 Turbyne, Katherine M.  29 Dec 1996Pittsfield, ME I60855 Waterville 
52 Vigue, Ernest Earl  25 Jun 1967Pittsfield, ME I65251 Waterville 
53 Weed, Mary 'Mildred' Alma  8 Feb 2014Pittsfield, ME I48526 Waterville 
54 Welch, Richard Sylvester  28 Oct 1991Pittsfield, ME I75597 Waterville 
55 Whitman, Cecil H.  6 Nov 1962Pittsfield, ME I60675 Waterville 
56 Wilson, Alton Erold  9 Nov 1965Pittsfield, ME I53405 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Osborne / Chamberlain  3 Mar 1821Pittsfield, ME F5532 Waterville 
2 Merrick / Ward  16 Mar 1869Pittsfield, ME F5898 Waterville 
3 Farnham / Welch  8 Sep 1888Pittsfield, ME F6813 Waterville 
4 Guptill / Hallowell  18 Jul 1898Pittsfield, ME F23471 Waterville 
5 Fitzgerald / White  31 Dec 1903Pittsfield, ME F10859 Waterville 
6 Dearborn / Campbell  25 Jan 1908Pittsfield, ME F33104 Waterville 
7 Sullivan / Hunt  6 Jan 1912Pittsfield, ME F11450 Waterville 
8 Wilson / Merrill  15 Jun 1918Pittsfield, ME F23010 Waterville 
9 Edgerly / Hustus  7 Jul 1918Pittsfield, ME F32879 Waterville 
10 Dutil / Morgan  6 Oct 1921Pittsfield, ME F21620 Waterville 
11 Luce / Overlock  29 Oct 1921Pittsfield, ME F22770 Waterville 

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