Old Town, ME

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Matches 1 to 95 of 95

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Frank Xavier  29 Apr 1888Old Town, ME I68936 Waterville 
2 Bartlett, Dorothy E.  26 Jul 1922Old Town, ME I64271 Waterville 
3 Belanger, Elvina M. Baker or  10 Dec 1890Old Town, ME I42422 Waterville 
4 Bertrand, Josephine May  c 1886Old Town, ME I73527 Waterville 
5 Bishop, Joseph Alfred Thomas  1865Old Town, ME I37103 Waterville 
6 Blake, Frank 'Francois' Xavier  24 Apr 1881Old Town, ME I35767 Waterville 
7 Blanchard, Frank  1861Old Town, ME I44964 Waterville 
8 Boivin, William G.  29 Aug 1859Old Town, ME I28179 Waterville 
9 Boudreau, Henry Peter  18 Oct 1890Old Town, ME I42109 Waterville 
10 Bourgoin, Pearl K.  23 Jul 1916Old Town, ME I26114 Waterville 
11 Breton, Emma Butler or  C 1856Old Town, ME I31439 Waterville 
12 Brooks, Alfred Thomas 'Fred'  8 Mar 1871Old Town, ME I76623 Waterville 
13 Brooks, Edward  21 Sep 1890Old Town, ME I17306 Waterville 
14 Brooks, Lena Rousseau or  30 Nov 1887Old Town, ME I29634 Waterville 
15 Brooks, Viola Ruth  18 Jul 1903Old Town, ME I21960 Waterville 
16 Burnham, Mary Etta  1879Old Town, ME I20745 Waterville 
17 Butler, John Theodore  1866Old Town, ME I22107 Waterville 
18 Carey, Sherman F.  29 Aug 1918Old Town, ME I44058 Waterville 
19 Carr, Lawrence E.  17 Feb 1898Old Town, ME I49966 Waterville 
20 Clair, Frederick 'Fred' W.  C 1867Old Town, ME I24903 Waterville 
21 Clair, Israel B.  Nov 1871Old Town, ME I16851 Waterville 
22 Clair, John B.  Nov 1875Old Town, ME I24897 Waterville 
23 Colburn, Norma Alice  3 Apr 1916Old Town, ME I76752 Waterville 
24 Cormier, Ella R.  16 Apr 1893Old Town, ME I24739 Waterville 
25 Cormier, Ethel  C 1902Old Town, ME I40049 Waterville 
26 Cormier, Irene G.  1898Old Town, ME I20932 Waterville 
27 Cote, Andrew  C 1865Old Town, ME I64939 Waterville 
28 Cote, Daniel Lambert  30 Dec 1920Old Town, ME I65267 Waterville 
29 Cote, Edward F.  1866Old Town, ME I52204 Waterville 
30 Cote, Florent 'Clarence'  19 Aug 1868Old Town, ME I32707 Waterville 
31 Cote, Henry E.  Aug 1872Old Town, ME I25186 Waterville 
32 Couturier, Emma Blanche  23 Mar 1879Old Town, ME I34187 Waterville 
33 Couturier, Malvina 'Lina'  C 1877Old Town, ME I43158 Waterville 
34 Cyr, Celine  C 1875Old Town, ME I35188 Waterville 
35 Cyr, Claudia  c 1876Old Town, ME I32096 Waterville 
36 Cyr, Guy Wilfred  9 Mar 1913Old Town, ME I39588 Waterville 
37 Cyr, Lillian Emma  24 Apr 1909Old Town, ME I50503 Waterville 
38 Desjardins, Marie  C 1866Old Town, ME I32371 Waterville 
39 Desjardins, Walter L.  24 May 1910Old Town, ME I80834 Waterville 
40 Dinsmore, Frederick S. Densmore or  c 1882Old Town, ME I76643 Waterville 
41 Duplessie, Louise  16 Nov 1908Old Town, ME I75238 Waterville 
42 Fortin, Marie  9 Sep 1851Old Town, ME I28093 Waterville 
43 Fortin, Thomas 'Damase'  7 Aug 1856Old Town, ME I36176 Waterville 
44 Gagne, Susan  C 1833Old Town, ME I8209 Waterville 
45 Giroux, Alexander James  17 Apr 1909Old Town, ME I81595 Waterville 
46 Giroux, Alexandra  22 Feb 1908Old Town, ME I77916 Waterville 
47 Hunt, Annie Lavinia  29 Mar 1836Old Town, ME I10454 Waterville 
48 Hunt, Martha 'Mattie' J.  1842Old Town, ME I15679 Waterville 
49 James, Annie Jamm or  C 1900Old Town, ME I36378 Waterville 
50 Lachance, Constance 'Connie' A.  29 Jan 1900Old Town, ME I43459 Waterville 
51 Lachance, Regina Mary  21 Mar 1897Old Town, ME I43428 Waterville 
52 Landry, Eva  c 1900Old Town, ME I70228 Waterville 
53 Langlais, George  18 Jul 1892Old Town, ME I27771 Waterville 
54 Lebelle, Flora  27 Oct 1913Old Town, ME I58370 Waterville 
55 Maroon, Elias  6 Sep 1917Old Town, ME I22886 Waterville 
56 Maroon, Thomas J.  22 Nov 1914Old Town, ME I23464 Waterville 
57 Moreau, Adelle  C 1875Old Town, ME I32118 Waterville 
58 Moreau, Delia 'Adelie'  Oct 1876Old Town, ME I37615 Waterville 
59 Moreau, Emma Mary  17 Sep 1897Old Town, ME I27178 Waterville 
60 Moreau, Marie  Sep 1872Old Town, ME I31232 Waterville 
61 Morgan, Anna  c 1875Old Town, ME I37159 Waterville 
62 Morgan, Elizabeth P.  C 1901Old Town, ME I49674 Waterville 
63 Morgan, Volnum 'Volney'  20 Sep 1868Old Town, ME I37164 Waterville 
64 Morneault, Joseph Andre 'Andrew' Morneau or  2 May 1906Old Town, ME I80831 Waterville 
65 Nadeau, Adeline  1870Old Town, ME I27594 Waterville 
66 Nadeau, Azilda 'Zelda'  C 1878Old Town, ME I24772 Waterville 
67 Nadeau, Edward  29 Jun 1888Old Town, ME I44439 Waterville 
68 Nadeau, Georgiana  Mar 1883Old Town, ME I36033 Waterville 
69 Nadeau, Henry  C 1872Old Town, ME I35187 Waterville 
70 Nadeau, Josephine  C 1866Old Town, ME I25130 Waterville 
71 Nadeau, Julia 'Julie'  C 1873Old Town, ME I34829 Waterville 
72 Nadeau, Odile  Jan 1887Old Town, ME I31480 Waterville 
73 Parent, Julie  c 1873Old Town, ME I39251 Waterville 
74 Pelletier, Clara 'Clarice'  Aug 1881Old Town, ME I33121 Waterville 
75 Pelletier, Josephine  Nov 1883Old Town, ME I37041 Waterville 
76 Rand, Harry C.  6 Sep 1873Old Town, ME I15669 Waterville 
77 Rogers, Wilson Arthur  5 Jul 1918Old Town, ME I50144 Waterville 
78 Shirley, Cleveland Timothy  16 Feb 1919Old Town, ME I62875 Waterville 
79 Shirley, George Edward  23 Apr 1922Old Town, ME I47318 Waterville 
80 Shirley, Helen Ann  7 Nov 1920Old Town, ME I62876 Waterville 
81 Shirley, Walter Melvin 'M. Walter'  4 Apr 1917Old Town, ME I40582 Waterville 
82 Shirley, Willard James  30 May 1915Old Town, ME I62873 Waterville 
83 Sirois, Henry  24 Aug 1883Old Town, ME I34928 Waterville 
84 Sirois, Leonilde Marie  12 Jul 1896Old Town, ME I47441 Waterville 
85 Sirois, Marie Louise  1 May 1898Old Town, ME I34938 Waterville 
86 Soucy, Marie  10-SEP-1853Old Town, ME I6337 Waterville 
87 Soucy, Marie  10-SEP-1863Old Town, ME I8518 Waterville 
88 Spiller, Harry Sanford  19 Mar 1889Old Town, ME I19443 Waterville 
89 Strout, Claude 'Claudie' Y.  17 Sep 1894Old Town, ME I21205 Waterville 
90 Sutton, Frances  14 Mar 1859Old Town, ME I14520 Waterville 
91 Taylor, Priscilla  29 Sep 1926Old Town, ME I73426 Waterville 
92 Thibodeau, Anna  1 May 1900Old Town, ME I65265 Waterville 
93 Willette, Clara A.  C 1895Old Town, ME I40581 Waterville 
94 Young, George Dionne or  1864Old Town, ME I26794 Waterville 
95 Young, Rose  c 1883Old Town, ME I68683 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Philomene  9 Jul 1912Old Town, ME I79213 Waterville 
2 Bouchard, Viola Madeline  19 Mar 2004Old Town, ME I65266 Waterville 
3 Boulet, Helene 'Ellen' A.  8 Dec 1902Old Town, ME I28589 Waterville 
4 Brooks, Thomas 'Damase' Rousseau or  26 Dec 1912Old Town, ME I8515 Waterville 
5 Burgess, Walter  12 Mar 1961Old Town, ME I81392 Waterville 
6 Cote, Daniel Lambert  29 Aug 2009Old Town, ME I65267 Waterville 
7 Gagne, Susan  4-AUG-1904Old Town, ME I8209 Waterville 
8 Giroux, Alexandra  22 May 1920Old Town, ME I77916 Waterville 
9 Giroux, Fortunat 'James'  11 Aug 1927Old Town, ME I33566 Waterville 
10 Gullifer, Thomas  30 Jun 1851Old Town, ME I6242 Waterville 
11 Lavallee, Francois Xavier  1949Old Town, ME I48726 Waterville 
12 Leblanc, Obeline  c 1942Old Town, ME I35861 Waterville 
13 LeBlanc, Sarah  30 Sep 1900Old Town, ME I68167 Waterville 
14 Maheu, Eugene  12 Jul 1921Old Town, ME I32965 Waterville 
15 Perry, Ellen  13 Jul 1906Old Town, ME I13305 Waterville 
16 Poulin, Lucie  11 Feb 1903Old Town, ME I37000 Waterville 
17 Pratt, Jotham Sewell  29-SEP-1855Old Town, ME I5697 Waterville 
18 Roy, Marshall 'Marcellin'  17 Aug 1947Old Town, ME I31275 Waterville 
19 Sirois, Theophile  27 Jan 1899Old Town, ME I34921 Waterville 
20 Spear, Thomas  26-MAY-1900Old Town, ME I7415 Waterville 
21 Thompson, Minerva  5 May 1907Old Town, ME I8803 Waterville 


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Weed / Murphy  9 May 1847Old Town, ME F5974 Waterville 
2 Moor / Hunt  14-JUL-1854Old Town, ME F4424 Waterville 
3 Brooks / Perry  25 Sep 1864Old Town, ME F3425 Waterville 
4 Durocher / Lessard  13-JUN-1866Old Town, ME F3275 Waterville 
5 Rousseau / Beaudoin  14 Aug 1866Old Town, ME F11848 Waterville 
6 Ferland / Poulin  21 Aug 1866Old Town, ME F25103 Waterville 
7 Sirois / Gagnon  2 Aug 1868Old Town, ME F15476 Waterville 
8 Nadeau / Beaulieu  8 Jan 1872Old Town, ME F10771 Waterville 
9 Cyr / Letourneau  5 Apr 1874Old Town, ME F13400 Waterville 
10 Pelletier / Cote  3 Jul 1877Old Town, ME F12990 Waterville 
11 Emery? / Polk?  12-MAR-1883Old Town, ME F3573 Waterville 
12 Roy / Larrivee  19 Aug 1890Old Town, ME F25323 Waterville 
13 Belanger / Rousseau  24 Jul 1893Old Town, ME F23276 Waterville 
14 Landry / LeBlanc  5 Feb 1894Old Town, ME F29963 Waterville 
15 Lachance / Steele  17 Nov 1894Old Town, ME F27450 Waterville 
16 Brooks / Libby  28 Jul 1903Old Town, ME F34570 Waterville 
17 Cyr / Cyr  28 Nov 1906Old Town, ME F13155 Waterville 
18 Wort / Spaulding  27 Sep 1911Old Town, ME F9550 Waterville 
19 Maroon / Razoyk  24 Feb 1914Old Town, ME F9991 Waterville 
20 McAlary / Hilchey  15 Apr 1914Old Town, ME F28025 Waterville 
21 West / Ferguson  20 Jul 1914Old Town, ME F34190 Waterville 
22 Shirley / Willette  18 Aug 1914Old Town, ME F18115 Waterville 
23 Smith / Richardson  18 May 1915Old Town, ME F10716 Waterville 
24 Breau / Holmes  16 Jul 1915Old Town, ME F36371 Waterville 
25 Rancourt / Moreau  28 Mar 1921Old Town, ME F11798 Waterville 
26 Violette / Briliant  11 Jul 1921Old Town, ME F12318 Waterville 
27 Jones / Brown  30 Jul 1921Old Town, ME F27995 Waterville 
28 Bouchard / Thibodeau  29 May 1922Old Town, ME F28175 Waterville 
29 Gero / Pooler  26 Dec 1922Old Town, ME F35231 Waterville 

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