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Winslow Maine Crosby Diary


January Through March 1900

Transcribed from the original handwritten diary of Elizabeth B. Hinds Crosby by her Great Grandson Clyde Spaulding

Jan 1900 

1st Cloudy cold morn, began to snow little before noon, snows hard this eve & wind blows.  E in woods  Ned got horses shod.  L helped K wash.  school did not keep, so Mary & Ruth helped about work.  N has'nt been up.  I have mended little , but find it dont amount to much.  O how I miss H my best Earthly friend  Good night 

2nd Pleasant morn, clouded up towards night, in eve snowed little.  E said a foot fell last night in woods, but wind blew & it drifted.  I found it quite cold while hanging out clothes  Dr in, N little better.  E & L in woods.  Ned went to Mills & got saw mended & filed.  I washed dishes & mended 

3rd Clear bright day but quite cold.  Eddie in woods.  L had head ache.  Ned churned, then hauled some water, & then got up little wood.  K done work & see to N & Baby.  N got up about 3, sit up till after tea  hope she wont get cold.  I have done little as usual - dont feel very spunky  will go to bed 

4th Very cold morn, 19 below Zero, some cloudy, little sunshine  Men in woods.  N got up after children went to school  sit up rest of day,  Dr in about noon.  K cooked as usual.  I mended little. dont feel very spunky 

5th Cloudy most all day. Men in woods.Ned & L got up wood  N has been up all day.  Mary at home  K washed little & cooked & to night she & Ned gone to Grange  Miss Atwood called  Mary Rufus & Stevie gone to C E meeting.  Fannie Hunt called I was glad to see her or any one 

Jan" 6 Sunshine & clouds.  Men in woods.  Ned & L got up some wood.  K has cooked & washed floors think she is tired  N has taken care of Baby & sewed.  I mended & patched mittens 

7th First Sabbath in the year.  How many that were living a year ago have passed over the river, while our family remains unbroken.  but we know not of the morrow.  May I be ready should I be called.  Mr Wms & wife called on their way home.  K & some of children went.  Eddie has quite a cold, been hoarse, is some better.  F came up  went back to night 

8th Quite a cold day.  Men in woods.  K & L washed  N took care of Baby & mended, so did I  Rufus staid at home has some cold.  while building fire in my room how much I thought of H who is at Rest.  May I live "Nearer my God to thee" 

9th Nice day for men in woods,  some of the children have colds.  Rethel did'nt go to school, little croupy last night.  I dressed Butter & ironed little K cooked.  I have thought of Sue good deal to day, should like to see her 

10th Sun shone little then cloudy, spit snow, but this eve stars shine.  Men in woods.  L had head ache   K done work & she & her mother finished ironing.  I mended Stevies    Mary & teacher gone to Reading Club.  I have a cold must go to bed

                    Letter from G Hunt 11th Jan" 1900 

          Moccasins ---------- 13

      Letter from Sue 13th  + Butter & letter to G Hunt 16 

11th Bright, quite cold.  Eddie went to the mill with first Pulp  Mr Wood killed a Beef creature & a Pig  Pd him 1.50  K done work  N mended.  I did also, E's Pants & socks.  The Ladies cleaned the Church  K did'nt go as Mrs Wms    told her she would go for her.  children have colds 

12th Cloudy with little sun, snowed last night little  Eddie in forenoon, cut up 3/4 of his Beef  cuts the other this eve.  cut up Pig last eve.  Ned went with 2 loads Pulp in forenoon  E 1, afternoon 3 loads apiece  K & N done work while I mended & swept my room.  Ralph not well did'nt go to school  saw in Paper that Dr Field of Bangor was dead 

13th Nice warm day.  E & N went with Pulp in forenoon then Ned & L hauled 5 hogsheads water & put in Cistern  E went with 3 loads      Ruth 9 yrs old to day in afternoon.  K has cooked most all day & washed floors.  M helped.  N mended & took care of Baby  I dressed Butter & put up some for Old T & mended 

14th Another warm day, water dropped from eaves.  7 children went to Church.  Frank came up about 1 PM, had tooth ache stopped to Dentist.  had his teeth filled. must will go to bed as I coughed so much last night, did'nt sleep well  how I miss H when I am not well.  all alone 

15th Nice day to wash.  L helped K & Mary staid at home.  I did'nt want to help as I have a bad cold .  coughed good deal last night, did'nt sleep well, got up at 1/2 past 4.  I coughed so hard, made my head ache.  I have mended some  E hauled logs.  N yarded Pulp.  It's very lonely alone  will go to bed 

16th Snowed all the forenoon, then cleared off. girls cooked  I mended Ned & K carried Butter to Depot & to night Ned, K, Mary & Stevie gone down to Mr Wms silver wedding.  Jo Reed & G Eames went with hayrack on sled with 4 horses  will go to bed write more next time 

17th Fair but little cooler,  21 went on sled last night  about 250 there.  had supper in Chapel. Kate, Mabel H, Jo Reed & Bert & Frank were waiters from Benton.  Mr Jones & wife from Norridgewock were there,  they were at the wedding 25 yrs ago.  Mr French over.  K said they left $150 in Cash knives & forks & spoons, Silver Soup Ladle & a nice couch  I am glad.  E & Ned been six trips apiece with Pulp, think they all want to go to bed Nellies neck is quite stiff  K went to Watt" to see Dr & get some medicine this afternoon Eddie  Rufus & Ruth went out last eve to Mr Bellows got some apples 

18th Snowed little  E & N went 6 trips apiece.  girls cooked & are fixing Mince Meat.  I ironed in forenoon then washed dress & apron & stockings.  Hattie Hodges coming down stairs fell 2 or 3 steps & hurt her hip few days ago. Children said to day she could'nt get out of her chair alone

                     Letter from Rufus 23rd

Jan 1900 

19th Nice warm day. girls cooked, put up mince meat & little of everything.  I have eater 3 meals, made socks for E & mended hose. have not felt like doing much.  did'nt sleep well last night  coughed very hard, was very lonely; No H to get any thing for me O how I miss him when I'm not well & all alone,  when I dont sleep  K went down to see Hattie, she is very lame, thinks she took little cold 

20th Cloudy all day, rained after dinner so men did'nt work in woods L cleaned Hen house  Ned got his horses shod - dressed Butter & mended  K & Mary cooked & done work.  N took care of Baby & mended.  Rufus went in Cars to K Mills.  took dinner at Mr Blakneys,  went to get shoes mended  lonesome day to me 

21st Snowed early in morn but cleared off, wind blew  Eddie & 6 children went to church not many out as traveling is bad.  Hattie H had Dr to cay, he says she hurt the Sciatic Nerve.  she has taken her bed  E was down to night.  Mr Wms & wife took tea with us.  he told me that Mr & Mrs Dinsmore had silver wedding 13th, S S Class & they left 50 dollars 

22nd Nice day. & K & L had a large wash; N done work.  I have mended & patched mittens most all day & see to Baby.  Eddie hauled logs & N yarded Pulp & wood.  good night 

23rd Another nice day.  Men in woods.  girls cooked & made a kettle of mince meat.  I have mended & thought of loved ones on the other shore, who are waiting to welcome me 

24th Nice day but cooler  Eddie & Ned got their Ice from pond in Benton  Ellis cut it , they got 50 cakes gave $1.00  girls done work & ironed.  this eve K & Stevie gone to reading Club.  I have mended & patched stockings & mittens 

25th Cloudy, snowed some & after dinner began to rain  K done work.  Nell had headache, so did L in forenoon  I have mended.  A  house burned yesterday up on the great river road, and an old man was in it by the name of 

26th Rained this morn, then snowed, wind blew hard. does this eve  L churned .  I dressed butter & mended.  E says it snows hard & wind blows hard & I must go to bed  K cut her a print wrapper 

27th  Cold morn, little warmer in afternoon  E hauled logs Ned yarded.  N & Mary done work.  K sewed on her wrapper  I have mended. Brother Asher came this afternoon  I have'nt seen him in 20 yrs.  he has changed, as well as myself.  Nett is at Watt.  Ned & K gone up to Mr Eastmans to a party Sat" night, my prayer is "Nearer my God to thee" 

                  Letter from Amanda 29th

                    "     "   Joan L 30th Jan 1900

          Sent letters to Sue & Joan 1st

                  got letter from Asenath  1st 

28th Nice day, not quite as cold.  6 children went to Church. A Mr Hood came with Mr Wms .  he spoke on Church building in west.  F came up, gone back to night  last week he got something in his eye.  it was quite bad so he did'nt work 1/2 day K heard that Roscoe Heywoods wife was sick in bed, that Mrs Fuller (her mother) has had a shock, & they had'nt told Mrs H  I am quite tired will go to bed 

29th Rained hard most all day, colder to night, wind blows  girls washed white clothes & stockings.  I mended & talked with Asher.  he was going to Watt, but it was so stormy did'nt  Ned got colt shod in forenoon, then E got Perhaps shod as it is very icy.  hope no one will fall 

30th Nice day.  clothes dry & most of them in.  N went to Watt this morn.  E hauled logs.  Ned yarded & went with 2 loads I made little sacque for Baby & wrote to Sue or partly will go to bed 

31st It has rained little & this eve snows hard Men in woods.          Alfen Simpson buried to day mJennings, agent for Fertilizer dined here.  I have been writing to Sue & Joan L am tired must go to bed 

Feb 1900

1st Bright quite cold, some windy. E &  Ned went 4 trips to Paper Mill.  girls cooked & finished Ironing.  I have mended hose & mittens & seen to milk & hens  good night 

2nd Candalmas day.  Clear, bright cold day stars shine this eve & cold several degrees below Zero. K Mary & Stevie gone to C E meeting.  E & N 4 trips.  farther to haul.  girls cooked & washed floors  I swept my room & mended, but feel tired 

3rd Cold morn  11 below Zero.  Kate went to Watt got N & Nett  I have'nt seen her for 27 yrs she has changed.  I sewed on Sack for Baby.  girls done work.  E hauled logs.  my eyes ache must go to bed.  heard they did'nt think James Roundy would live 

4th Stormy, snowed & this eve almost rains.  K, Stevie & Mary went to church,  Amos Hinds in this eve.  Eddie & N called up to J Roundys.  how much I have thought H to day.  43 yrs ago to day Asher & Nett were married in Bangor by Dr Field who died a few weeks ago. what changes!  will go to bed 

5th Rained when we got up, about 10 am began to snow & has snowed & blowed hard all day. K & L washed white clothes & socks. I mended. It has been a lonely day to me have thought how Hanes would enjoy N's visit if living.  Moon shines bright this eve but wind blows. Good night 

Feb 1900 

6th Sunshine & stormy.  girls finished washing. I hung out clothes, washed some dishes & mended.  E & N yarded Pulp & wood  old Perhaps stepped on his ankle & cut it, so E did'nt work him 

7th Nice bright day & a beautiful eve.  Eddie & Ned went with Pulp. girls done work & sewed. I mended Asher seems to enjoy his visit, but is not very well to day.  8th Nice day but little cloudy to night.  E hauled pulp in forenoon then carried Asher & wife to Watt, then went 1 load Mr Brann called, so did Fannie Hunt.  Nell called down to Hattie Hodges to night she is round the house some 

9th Stormy, first rain, then snow, but E & Ned been 4 trips to the mill.  think they will be wet.  Stevie helped about the churning.  I mended.  Nell & Mary done work.  K sewed on girls aprons.  G Hodges cut boys hair 

10th Beautiful day, cleared off last night.  E & Ned been 4 loads apiece.  C T came to day, he has been getting up wood.  girls done work.  I mended Ned's coat, one that was Hanes & how often  I thought of him:  after dinner K went to K Mills 

11th Snowed little in forenoon.  E, Nell & 6 children went to church  it has been a long day to me  K, M, Stevie & Rufus gone this eve.  I often think how many times H & I have gone 

12th Cloudy morn, quite warm.  girls washed & I hung out clothes & mended mittens & leggings.  K sewed on her under waists E & Ned yarded Pulp, went to mill twice: O for more grac

13th a very very rainy day.  E & L cleaned out hen house.  N ironed some & cooked  K sewed on her waists & I mended as usual It is very icy.  Frank is 24 yrs old to day.  It seems like a dream;  what changes  It has been a lonely day 

14th Clear windy uncomfortable day. so men say.  very icy  Eddie says heavy freshet. water very high, Could'nt saw down in Lancasters mill.  water over Intervale.  K sewed I mended. N & Mary done work & this eve, which is a beautiful one.(as Katie used to say, too pretty to stay in the house)  Eddie  wife, Ruth, Rufus, Stevie & Libbens have gone to the hall to sociable 

15th Nice day.  E & N yarded wood.  water very high, all over the Intervale.  Ice gone from here.  I mended mended hose & mittens.  K sewed, so did N what time they got.  heard that James Roundy was dead must go to bed 

16th Another beautiful day.  it snowed just a little last night.  Men worked on their bridge to clear Ice away  girls done work & sewed.  I mended. Ned & K gone to Grange 

17th Nice bright day.  Men in woods.  Stevie & his mother went out to Mrs Sears this morn, got home before dark.  I dressed Butter & mended.  girls done work & took care of Baby, he was very good.  I must go to bed. I feel tired

                 Letter from Sue 19th  also Calender from Linton

                                       sent Letter to Rufus 19

                  Letter from Joan 24

Feb 1900

18th It has snowed & clouded all day, the most severe storm this winter. No meeting.  I have read & written to Rufus & Hinds.  It has been a long day to me.  most 8 will go to bed 

19th  Nice day to dry clothed, all in.  girls & L washed; I hung them out then mended pants for twins.  Men been at work on ice at bridge  In afternoon Ned went with team on snow plow.  Mr Roundy buried to day not yesterday as it stormed so hard;  glad to hear from Sue wish I could see her 

20th Beautiful day.  E & Ned went with Pulp, but E went over to K Mills in afternoon,  Mr Wms called K sewed on a dress for Ruth  N & Mary done work & ironed some  I mended Eddies Pants & Overalls  Just at night who should come in but Asher.  I was glad to see him.  It is late must go to bed  I thought how much Hanes would enjoy A's visit 

21st Sunshine & clouds.  Eddie & Ned went 3 trips to mill then repaired their Sleds.  I finished Ruth's dress skirt then mended.  Wm Garland called.  Teacher was in.  K called to Hattie's & Albert's then finished Ruth's dress.  N & Mary done work.  It is quite warm to night 

22nd Cloudy morn spit snow at times in forenoon.  E & Ned went with wood & Pulp to the mill.  after dinner E went to Watt got Nett.  before they got home it snowed very hard.  I mended.  K got Mary's waist done.  N & Mary done work or part of it.  I washed dinner dishes & M mended pants.  heard Mr Fish was sick.  will go to bed 

23rd Sunshine & clouds  Men in woods,  girls done work & sewed.  K, Mary & Rufus gone to C E meeting.  I mended  It looks like rain, quite warm 

24th Beautiful day. Men in woods.  K cooked. N &M helped  I mended, knit & washed some dishes.  after dinner K started for Shawmut, to Mr Richmond's.  I feel tired  will go to bed 

25th Rained hard when I got up& did till most noon then it      F came up before noon - went back to night snowed.  None went to Church, saw Mr Wms go by  It has been a long day to me 

26th Windy cold day. Ned hauled 4 loads wood to the mill.  Eddie carried Nett up to Mrs Pipers then in woods.  one of his horses lame - Nell & L washed.  I hung them out  K got home about 4 PM I have done little of everything.  wind blows hard this eve, sounds lonesome, will go to bed 

27th Beautiful forenoon, then clouded up.  E hauled logs.  Ned          been cold morn 12 below Zero wood to the mill K finished N's waist.  N & M done work& N ironed some. I mended & took care of Butter . Asher seems to enjoy himself

Feb 1900

28th Nice forenoon. Asher & K went to Watt in Cars.  A came back to night.  K stopped.  N & M done work & N washed some colored clothes.  E hauled logs, Ned wood. - I have mended, also took care of milk & hens, but I feel tired did'nt sleep very well last night 


1st It has snowed & blowed all day.  this eve it comes against the window like sleet, wind blows very hard.  E hauled logs in forenoon & Ned went 2 loads to mill.  E has quite a cold.  N & M done work.  I mended mittens & socks.  how lonely it sounds  will go to bed if not to sleep good night 

2nd Stormy day, rained then snowed. Men worked on road some & broke their own road.  N & M cooked. I mended hose &&& 

3rd Nice bright day:  we have peculiar weather. Men in woods.  K got home about noon. Nell & M done work  I churned & mended.  think all are tired, at least I am 

4th Another nice day, although we had a little snow squall in afternoon  Eddie  & 4 children went to Church.  C Piper brought        Martha Lunt 76 yrs old to day Nett down this eve.  Stevie has a bad cold.  F came up  E & N carried him up & called to Annies 

5th Nice day to wash.  girls washed.  after dinner K & Mabel Hodges went round little to see what they could get towards carpet for church   6th Snowy day.  E & N got 2 loads at the door  Ned went to K Mills.  K sewed on her waist -  Nett sewed -Nell & M done work & ironed.  I mended