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Winslow Maine Crosby Diary


July Through December 1899

Transcribed from the original handwritten diary of Elizabeth B. Hinds Crosby by her Great Grandson Clyde Spaulding

July 1st Bright nice day, but quite cool to night I helped in morn as M picked straw" 20 qts. got home before noon I mended all the rest of the time. N has cooked & washed floors, think she must be tired.  Eddie & L put machine together 

2nd Very warm day.  I went to Church, also Eddie, M, & Ruth. Stevie went down to Annies.  she was at Church with Ned.  Mr Wms stops this eve.  No one knows how much I miss H while in church 

3rd Very warm day. M picked 25 qts & Ruth 7  L helped about the washing.  I did Some & washed dishes & mended L & E's pants

                 sent letter to Amanda July 6th           

                 sent paper to Sue 4th

                  sent letter to Asenath 10th

                  also one to Fannie Burnham


4th Very warm.  Churned, then Eddie took K, M, Ruth Rufus & twins went out to the Pond.  the Sab" school had a picnic  they invited the school on the other side, so they went in a hayrack and Bert Reed went with a H rack carried some from this side, & some went with their teams.  others went out in Boats, & on wheels. quite a gathering  Mr Wms  & wife were there, but about 3 or 4 had a heavy shower with heavy thunder.  when they got home about 5 they were a wet lot of folks.  Lib went to the Mills so did F & Ned in morn then went to the pond on their wheels.  I am tired will go to bed 

5th Very warm.  I dressed Butter, washed dishes.  Mary picked 23 boxes.  E put rake together & sold it to Sam" Piper.  L & Nell washed the clothes the children wore to the Pond for they were wet & muddy.  I sewed on nightdress, so did N & we finished them 

6th Cloudy morn, but cleared up about noon.  so Eddie took his team thought he would begin to mow Mr Lunts grass but when he got to the upper barn it began to rain so he put machine in Barn & came home, had quite a shower & it rains little to night.  Abbie died    yrs ago to night; a dream 

7th Cloudy morn & it rained little.  E went to Depot got 4 rakes    Stevie gone to C E meeting N has ironed & cooked.  I have mended hose. 

8th Clouds & little sun.  C Thomas came up he helped fix floor in upper Barn went home at noon  afternoon rained quite hard E went to Depot E churned I washed dishes then made a nightdress for twins  N has cooked  I have thought of H good deal 

9th Sunshine & Clouds.  Eddie & 6 children went to Church Mr Wms exchanged.  E thought the man was from Vass"  F came up this morn, he is not very well, slight diarhea  Ned came up & to night made some Ice Cream for tea.  It has been a long lonesome day to me Stevie gone up to night 

10th Nice hay day, Eddie has mowed most all day in Lunt field, C Thomas helped.  they raked & put up 150 tumbles & E said there were as many more to put up.  in forenoon Lib helped about washing & Stevie had head ache but after dinner raked.  F been abed most all day, got up ate little supper, felt better so about six started for Watt going on Cars hope he will get better.  Mary picked 11 Boxes for Mr R then she picked 8 qts & had 4 of them finished  I suppose 

11th Nice hay day.  they have mowed & raked & got in 4 large          C F was here loads into the Lunt Barn the first they've got in N washed Prints & sent supper up to them,  Stevie Churned, I dressed Butter then made the last nightdress for twins,  Mary & Ruth picked some Peas to night  clothes all dry & in.  My head aches must go to bed

                      Letter from Sue 17th

                    Letter from Amanda 19th

                 Box Butter to Oldtown the 19th

July 1899 

12th Sunshine & clouds. N has cooked & ironed some Mary Ruth & Rufus went over in pasture got 10 lbs Rasberries, they are nice I mended hose  It has been a lonely day to me, thinking how anxious H if living would be about haying.  Eddie mowed so did C then got in 5 loads & Bert Reed got in 2 for them 

13th Nice day, although had a shower last night & heavy thunder.  N cooked & finished ironing  sent supper up  I mended hose & red tablecloth.  M & Rufus got few rasb" & blueberries.  Eddie finished mowing Mr Lunts field & got in 2 loads  most 8 when they got home all tired C F here. 

14th  good hay day till about 3 or 1/2 past. a shower stopped them but they got in all of the Lunt hay had 18 loads  C F here went & they mowed in upper field.  E says 4 or 5 loads home before tea  N cooked & sewed I have sewed & mended, but feel tired was up 1/2 past 4  F came up last night, went back this morn on wheel said he felt better.  hope he will prosper & be a good boy 

15th Nice hay day.  they mowed & got in 5 loads the first in upper Barn. N has cooked & Churned  I took care of Butter & sewed & mended & my head aches to night  K came up on Cars & Wm Coleman brought her down  F came on wheel 

16th Cloudy most all day.  Eddie & 4 children went to Church good number out. Mr Wms & family start for Owls Head tomorrow if nothing happens, all but Maggie, she is at Mr Sampson's taking care of children.  Ned been up  they made some Ice Cream it was good  F goes back to night  how much I have thought of friends "Not lost but gone before" 

17th Cloudy forenoon, but nice after dinner  C F came up at noon  Eddie went to Watt" in morn with wool sold it to Emery had 276 lbs at 20 cts  Ned, Flo & Etta came along wanted K to go rasberring she went got   lbs  Mary & Rufus went with Mrs Coleman 

18th Quite a little shower last eve but a nice hay day  Nell finished washing K cut & began a wrapper for her Mother  L Churned.  I mended & sewed. Mary & Rufus got 10 lbs Ras" in forenoon down in pasture.  Eddie & C F mowed in forenoon then E took Tedder & they got it all in 5 loads  C F gone home to get his hay, then will help E again  It was 9 oclock when I strained milk 

19th good hay day.  E mowed; S raked scatterings they got in 1 load  K & Rufus went to Watt" on Cars.  R got piece of herdsgrass in his throat.  Dr Knox took it out.  In afternoon Kate, Nell & Pearl carried Box Butter to Depot, called down to Joan's.  Mary, Ruth & Rufus picked 10 1/2 lbs Ras"  I have sewed & mended some & put up Butter  am tired It seemed this afternoon almost as though Hanes was here with me

                     Letter from Rufus 22

                   Sent letter to Rufus 24th July 1899          

                    also one to Amanda 

20th Nice hay day E mowed, got in 5 large loads, Stevie loads & twins rode horse to unload. Rufus & L raked.  N & girls done work.  I have mended hose, taken care of milk & hens 

21st Showers with heavy thunder most all day, although sun shone few minutes just before noon.  N & girls done work I have dressed Butter & mended an old dress  & & 

22nd Not a very good hay day E mowed little & hauled 1 load down home. Lightning struck Roscoe Heywoods Barn & killed a horse last night.  good deal of rain fell Cistern full. girls cooked & washed floors,  I sewed on fancy work & made me an apron.  get tired every day - at times feel that my work is most done 

23rd Not much of a hay day,  No meeting to day but have one this eve Stevie & K gone up. Wm Coleman & family down this afternoon.  Children all at home had only 19 to tea, boys made Ice Cream.  F gone down to Watt" also Ned gone down to Charles.  my head aches must go to bed.  kate & Annie gone down to the Cemetery 

24th Nice hay day.  E mowed got in 4 loads N & K washed I hung out clothes & washed 2 dresses for myself & mended E's frock  M & Ruth got few plums  K & Pearl got few string beans down to A Hodges 

25th E mowed got in 3 loads, then had little shower.  Bert Reed helped him.  Stevie not very well  in afternoon Mary & K Hodges went got few Berries.  Kate & Ruth went to Watt" got home just as the shower struck.  I dressed Butter, washed some dishes & ironed little  did not sleep very well last night 

26th Rainy till most 3 PM. No hay day.  Mr Brann here to dinner  after dinner Eddie & Stevie went to the Mills Pd Dr Webber 20 dollars;  Albion Richardson, wife & daughter called to the door he said he wanted just to ride down here.  said Hanes was the best man that ever lived, or one of the best.  Mr R is most 78 yrs old. Lib says D O Smiley is 79 to day 

27th  good hay day although about 4 it thundered, sprinkled little but they got in 4 loads 1 of them down home.  finished mowing over brook  Bert R helped.  all done work & sewed.  I began an apron for Ruth  Kate got her wrapper done 

28th Beautiful hay day and Eddie has improved it mowed Intervale & north of the Barn & got in 4 loads & 2 over the brook & 1 from Intervale:  Bert here.  girls done work  Churned & finished Ruths apron.  Mary & twins got 4 qts berries 

29 Another good hay Bert with team & colt & C Thomas helped with his horse & Eddie mowed in ten acre field while the rest got in 4 loads  after dinner Stevie raked & they got in 7 loads, none out good days work, guess all are tired.  Mrs Geo" Reed, Joan L & Lizzie Smiley called this afternoon was glad to see them

                  Box of Butter to Oldtown 4th

                  Letter from Amanda Dated Aug 4th  with check     July 1898   or $21.60 

30th Nice day little cooler, had a little shower early morn & heavy thunder.  little cloudy to night.  I have been talking with Susan on paper.  E & Nell took a ride out to Albion.  F came up, so did Ned.  should like to stop at a prayer meeting such as we used to have 60 yrs ago, when many voices were heard, that are silent now  in Earth but I trust are singing praises to God in Heaven to night 

31st Nice day, Bright cool.  girls washed clothes dry & in been quite windy, some cloudy.  I mended put in a back to a vest for Ned;  Eddie & Charles mowed & got in 6 loads, 2 out 

Aug 1st Very warm day. Churned & mended Rufus pants.  N ironed some,  E & C mowed little orchard then got in 6 loads.  K began some nightdresses for Mary.  Mrs A Hodges called this eve 

2nd Another nice day.  they mowed by hand on intervale & little orchard got in 2 loads  C was here.  I have mended hose.  girls done work   It has been a long day to me all alone 

3rd Sunshine & some cloudy. Eddie C & L mowed on Lunt Meadow & put up 100 tumbles, it is stout.  girls done work.  I have mended.  felt lonely, no one to talk with till Eddie comes in then it seems like home.  must go to bed my head aches 

4th Nice day.  Eddie & C L finished mowing on meadow got in 4 loads  Charles been here 13 days he is done;  they have little more to get in.  Kate & Rufus carried Box of Butter to the Depot & went to the Mills.  I have mended &&& 

5th Cloudy in early morn then broke away.  Eddie opened hay, got in 1 large load, the last from the meadow.  guess all are glad.  Mr Brann dined with us.  Eddie went with him to James Runnels after a mowing machine;  all been busy 

6th  This has been a long bright day.  Ned, Kate & Mary went up to the Good Will Home (or rather the Pines) to a meeting that they call the Assembly.  this is the last day, been in session over a week.  Frank & Stephen went up on their wheels.  Ruth went with Mr & Mrs A Hodges;  John Crosby' wife Loren"s wife & Annie called to day:  F said Mrs Heywood went to get up out of her chair & fell  hurt her badly they think she had a shock  Poor Woman.  it was myself should long for the time to go if it was God's will Eddie went with Corn this morn first

                                        the 7th 

7th Beautiful day.  girls washed wind blew so their clothes are all dry & in.  I mended Coat for Stevie.  E picked Corn then he & L pulled weeds in Corn & Beets & a sad accident at Bar Harbor.  20 or more drowned, plank broke while going aboard  a steamer,  Sunday Excursion: I must go to bed

                      Letter from Sue 12th

Aug 1899 

8th Another nice day but quite cool.  Kate & Etta Warren went to Oak Grove to a Grange meeting, got home about 5  2 girls from Watt" on their wheels called to see K  wanted a glass of milk;  K met them.  Eddie picked Corn then he & boys mowed Barley  Churned then mended socks & finished stockings for Pearl  N ironed some & mended.  Heard there had been a frost & killed everything up in Aroostick, but dont know  one thing I know it is cold here to night 

9th Nice day. E picked Corn then got in 1 loads Barley after dinner.  K went to the Mills.  I went up called at Sue Crosbys, between 3 & 4 went into Martha Lunts & stopped to tea & till Rufus came after Mail  got home tired & my head aches  K gone to reading Club 

10th Cloudy cold morn.  Ruth went over with her father with Corn then they got in load Barley & it rained little & he went out to Mr Jenkins;  L cleaned out Hen house   I have mended.  A man left a Sewing Machine wanted K to try it  N has mended & helped round  heard that Mrs Heywood died to day 

11th Cold day for August.  Eddie did'nt go with Corn but picked some for tomorrow. Eddie & I went to the funeral of Mrs H  Mr Wms attended, quite a number there E went as one of the bearers; she was buried at the Fort.  Mr Elliott took tea with us, Principal of the business College at Watt.  must go to bed 

12th Cool & windy, sun shone part of the day.  E churned then went out to Woods.  after dinner opened Barley got in 2 loads the last, had 4 loads F came home This afternoon.  also Ned as he did'nt work.  Eddie sold a 3 yr old Heifer to Mr Jackins for 20 dollars;  E did'nt fancy her  I have taken care of Butter, put up some in Box K cooked N has mended & helped round 

13th Warm bright day. K, F. Nary & Ruth went to Church  F, K, & Stevie gone this eve.  Ned helped Charles H get in some grain.  S Hodges called was here to tea,  they made some Ice Cream.  how much I have thought of absent friends 

14th Beautiful day. Eddie picked Corn;  then mowed Oats Frank & Stevie Hodges went to the Pond but did'nt get any fish.  sun shone bright & wind blew hard.  girls & L washed. I mended some & knit.  Rufus & twins got in soft wood 

15th Another nice day.  E picked 525 Ears Corn. S churned then helped him after dinner  they got in   loads Oats.  girls done work & ironed some I took care of Butter & began to bind a quilt 

16th Another nice day, very warm.  Eddie & S picked Corn in forenoon, then unloaded grain & got in 3 loads  K & her mother began some waists for the twins.  I mended hose & sewed little on Quilt.  while all alone in my room I lived in the past, 50 yrs ago or more.  May I be ready when my Master calls & meet all my dear friends to part no more

                 sent Box Butter to Oldtown 22 Aug 1899 

17th Very warm, towards night looked like a shower.  E went with Corn, then picked.  unloaded grain then got in 1 load, the last.  had    loads then mowed Oats back of Barn for fodder, then he & K went to Watt", I finished binding quilt.  E heard that Selden Reynolds house & stable was burned Yes" morn about 6, think it took from the Cars 

18th Very warm middle of day, but cool at night.  Rufus Kate & Mary gone down to the Grange.  It is Childrens night ,  Rufus speaks a piece.  E got in Oats for fodder then put hayrack in upper Barn.  cleaned out shed got in some wood.  girls done work & sewed I bound a quilt  an agent from Chicago called to see K 

19th Very warm & sultry, looks as though there was a fire some where,  E went with Corn then he & boys been getting in wood  L Churned  I took care of Butter then bound a quilt for Ruth  K cooked.  she said Rufus done well in speaking last night  Frank came home to night 

20th Warm day but little cooler to night.  6 children went to Church.  Mr Wms does'nt stop.  on their way home Mrs W ran in for a few minutes.  2 loads of French stopped up on the hill  they had their sacks to put Corn in.  E went up & stopped them.  Eddie & Mary have gone out to Oakland to carry F"s valise.  they got home before nine  Eddie is 49 yrs old to day 

21st Nice day to wash.  I mended Rufus pants & knit & sewed.  E & boys finished getting in the hard wood a good lot of it.  Charles & James Warren & their wives started for Owls Head about 8 Saturday night thought it would be cooler, but it was a very warm night.  It is very dry we need rain but suppose  as E once said to me "God knows best" very true 

22nd Cloudy all day, rained very little.  S Churned then helped his father pick Corn.  L got in soft wood.  after dinner they cleaned out the Cistern.  then Eddie carried Butter to Depot L went got few Blackberries  K went with her father to call on Belle Davis.  N ironed colored clothes.  K made Blouse for Rufus & N worked Button holes & I done little & knit 

23rd Cloudy & cooler.  E went with Corn then he & boys thinned out Turnips.  after dinner E went down to Vass" to help set up a machine.  boys worked on Turnips.  I went down to Hatties little while this afternoon did not go down to the cemetary as I was tired & grass wet.  Mr H said they would harness & carry me down I said No.  E would anytime but I thought i should like to walk 

24th Cloudy lonesome day.  Eddie been gone all day down to Vass" to help put machine together S & L finished turnips then split some wood, got it in L went got few Blackberries  girls done work & sewed.  I mended hose & knit  "O for a closer walk with God"

          Sent Letter to Sue 28th  (school began the 28                    Letter from Asenath 28  (kept by  Miss Atwood

          The Drummonds had a Reunion in Town house

          in Hall the 2nd of Sept" Aug 1899                                              

25th Nice day. E put up his Mowing Machine & Rake & chored  in afternoon he & L went to the Mills.  got L vest & shoes. girls done work.  I ironed some & knit  will go to bed 

26th Another nice day.  E churned then cut Bushes  on little Intervale & to night over to Wesley Browns, he heard that Walter Bryant was dead.  K cooked  all busy  I mended pants for L & knit some & thought of friends  

27th Beautiful day but quite cool.  Frank, Ned, G Hodges & E also Scott Wood started for Lakeside Camp Meeting this morm.  Kate, S, Mary & Ruth went to Church  K & S gone this eve.  Eddie & L gone down to milk Cows for Ned as he has'nt got back 

28th Nice day to wash.  I washed some dishes, knit & began a quilt for Pearl.  girls washed & cooked.  Eddie went into the woods got a stick to make tongue for Cart,  Mr Palmer makes it  after dinner he & L pulled Beans.  Stevie, Rufus, twins, Mary & Ruth went to school 

29th Another nice day.  Picnic in H Garlands grove, 7 children went from here in afternoon.  N ironed colored clothes & brought rest in.  I have sewed little on quilt & put up 2 strings apples & washed dishes.  Eddie & L pulled & stacked Beans  School did'nt keep.  It is quite cool this eve  must go to bed 

30th Very foggy morn, about 10 sun shone out, has all day.  Eddie & L & boys to night, finished pulling Beans & got them all stacked but 1.  had 25 stacks.  good job done  N ironed some white clothes.  K cooked & sewed, & she sprained her ankle jumping over the fence but has gone to Reading Club with miss Atwood & Stevie they rode.  F went on wheel, he went to Oakland after dinner with team got his clothes.  I mended hose, L's Coat & shirt 

31st foggy morn, but been a very warm day.  I called to see Dora Hunt, she has been very unwell.  she says she is better but she looks sick.  I sewed little on quilt & knit  finished Pearls workings & took one up for twins.  K finished Rufus night shirts.  F started for Vienna this morn on his wheel & L started for Lakeside Camp meeting.  Eddie went out to Jenkins with a Mr Hawes to see about a machine.  must go to bed 

Sept 1st Cloudy, long lonely day.  E churned then picked some       Sue's birth day 71 yrs old Peas, they were good, chored & worked on Strawberries  girls cooked & sewed  I put up 2 strings Apples & knit 

2nd Cloudy all day rained little last night.  Lib went to Etna got home last night.  he & Stevie dug few Potatoes in forenoon & E went to the Fort after dinner  they got up sheep & took off the lambs.  K cooked & washed floors.  Mary & I washed dishes then I sewed little on quilt & knit but feel tired will go to bed

                   Sent letter to Amanda 4th

Sept 1899 

3rd Cloudy all day; about 5 PM had quite a shower with heavy thunder & lightning.  5 children went to Church, none this eve, as they are having meetings over the river.  Frank got home to night.  Ned & Eddie Hodges went to Lakeside with team they got home about 1/2 past 6 said it did'nt rain much where they were.  I have written to Oldtown & been reading in the life of Moody 

4th Nice cool day to wash, wind blew, clothes all dry & in.  girls & F washed.  I sewed on quilt & knit.  School did'nt keep it being Labor Day.  Eddie, L & S been digging potatoes they only dug 15 Bush, did'nt turn out very well.  I cleaned milk room or partly Mary helped me; set milk upstairs I have thought often of friends who have passed over the river 

5th Another cool day.  finished milk room & washed the Blind  made 4 squares for quilt & knit.  Mrs Wms called, also Alice Blakney & Aunt.  Eddie carried F to Watt" this morn then went to the Fort:  dug few Potatoes.  After dinner picked Corn for C Warren.  N ironed some,  K cooked as usual 

6th  Windy cold day.  Eddie went to Vass" with Brann & Gould to set up Corn Harvester.  E wore great Coat.  girls put up few Crab apples & pickled some.  I mended hose then went out picked up quite a lot of apples the wind had blown off  It has been a very long day to me how I miss H more & more  Home is changed 

7th Nice bright day, think not quite as cold, but chilly this eve.  E & L cut corn fodder in forenoon.  E went out to Woods, afternoon went to jenkins to get a man to cut his Corn;  F came up to night.  I peeled & put up 8 strings apples & picked up pail full  girls done work. K is making Pearl some dresses out of boys cloaks  It is cold must go to bed 

8th Another nice day, warmer but quite cool this eve  E & L dug Potatoes in afternoon 11 1/2 bush". After tea E went up got Mrs Seavey, then went to Watt" before he returned another boy was added to his family  I dressed Butter, put up 2 strings apples & knit  it is almost 11 will go to bed if not to sleep 

9th Nice day.  Eddie went to Albion got Mrs Baker got back about 11 then carried Mrs S home.  In afternoon Mrs B & K done some washing.  N very comfortable 

10th Sabbath day, & before I got dishes washed in morn who should come in but Joan L  I was glad to see her for I can have some one to talk with  about 11 Albert Hodges drove to the door with Anson Crosby & wife: they did'nt come in, were going over to his Sisters Mrs Plummer  I was glad to see them, it carried me back to days long ago when he worked for H  O the changes since then  I must not dwell on it as my head aches must go to bed  F gone to Watt to night  Rufus K & P carried Joan home after dinner

            Letter from Amanda 12 with check 14.40

Sept 1899 

11th Nice cool day to wash.  I helped K little so did Lib clothes dry & in as it looks like rain: hope it will E worked on his Corn as he has to cut it by hand.  the wind blew it round so he cant cut with Machine.  dark to night 

12th Dark gloomy day.  Eddie went over in morn got his twine for corn, then he & L worked on it.  K cooked & ironed white clothes.  washed dishes & knit little  been a long day 

13th Nice day & E has improved it.  had   Millers to cut Corn & G Hodges helped in afternoon  think all are tired.  K cooked.  I washed dishes & mended hose & knit  N is getting along nicely.  Stevie gone to Reading Club 

14th Another nice day.  dressed Butter, knit & mended & washed dishes K as usual cooked.  Eddie was summoned to a Hodges trial, he went as far as Watt" & Mattocks had settled it.  got home before noon & he & Lib dug Potatoes this afternoon 

15th Nice day quite cool.  they dug 20 bush Potatoes  Stevie went to C E meeting said there were 20 out Mr & Mrs Wms were up  Churned , washed dishes & mended 

16th Nice day but had a frost last night.  first we have had here, but in other places have had frost.  K cooked. I took care of Milk & Butter, swept my room & knit & mended.  E & K went to Watt & K Mills.  E Pd Dr Webber up  It has been a long day to me   Twins 6 yrs old to day

17th Beautiful day & eve.  F & K gone to prayer meeting.  Mr Wms & wife called.  Annie came down this afternoon.  I have been quite busy seeing to hens & milk & washing dishes.  my head aches will go to bed  Thought I should go down to H's grave where his body lies but time passed rapidly.  does,nt seem like Sunday 

18th Very warm day. K & L washed.  I hung out white clothes, sun very hot  Alice & Mabel Blakney called at the door, did'nt get out.  M says she is gaining every day, but A looked sick, but said she was better  E went down to Charles Drummond's in morn  after dinner went over to Mr Cain's & the Mills 

19th Another warm day.  they dug     of Potatoes then Eddie

                                                    finished digging Potatoes to day  had 90 Bush in all picked up & fixed corn house.  I have helped K  N was dressed & sit up part of the day.  a sociable at the Hall this eve.  K, Stevie & Rufus & L gone up 

20th Misty morn, began to rain about 9 & has rained little all day.  Eddie & L threshed Beans & E burned out a pork Bl and salted his pork over.  Mrs Baker colered a dress for K black, also 2 prs socks for Pearl got good color.  I dressed Butter , ironed little, pressed cloth for L's shirts & mended some hose  I have got a very lame back.  Hattie Hodges called  she is 55 yrs old & said Mr H is 59 this month  10 yrs older than Eddie   how much I have thought of absent friends

                   sent letter to Asenath 25 

Sept 1899 

21st Rained last eve, cleared off in night, bright forenoon  after dinner it looked like a shower, began to rain about 3 & does this eve  E & L finished threshing Beans  had Mrs B fixing sacque for Mary.  K cooked & ironed prints  I have mended hose, washed dishes & knit 

22nd Cleared off Moon shone bright before 10 last night.  Nice day till about 4 Pm it began to rain  E says cistern full  E went to the Mills & chored.  I helped K about work.  Mrs B been mending Coats .  It is cooler must go to bed Good Night 

23rd Cleared off, moon shone bright last night, cooler to night.  Mrs Libby (Mrs B's sister) came about 10, her husband went to Watt, came after her little after 3.  Eddie, L & Stevie picked rocks.  K cooked & after dinner went to Watt  I helped & mended & knit 

24th Last night coldest this fall.  this morn ground white with frost, some said it spit snow.  had snow up to Aroostook  Eddie carried Mrs B home she was here 14 1/2 days N Pd her 14 dollars.  Stevie gone up to meeting  Mrs A Hodges & teacher called.  I wrote to Wm's wife 

25th Cloudy morn but been a good day to wash.  sun shone till most night, wind has blown, clothes dry & B's brought them in.  I have been busy all day.  am very tired  L helped K wash.  Eddie plowed & just at night got in Corn.  It is very dark this eve & sprinkles 

26th Dark, rained little in afternoon, so E came up from plowing in pasture but went back.  Lib husked 15 Bush corn, Ned came home last night, has a lame wrist.  Dr told him it was the nerve, & he must rest it & not work  I ironed & helped.  It has been a long day 

27th Beautiful day. Nellie moved down stairs.  E & L hauled dressing put round little apple trees.  K cooked, Ned churned  I dressed Butter, washed dishes, & knit.  Ned, K & Teacher gone to reading club 

28th Nice day. Eddie got ready for Threshers.  after dinner he went down to C Thomas to help him as Lib said he was sick, but he came down said he felt better so went down; in morn E picked what few apples there was in garden.  I mended hose, put up Butter & K cooked.  after dinner she worked on her skirt  N takes care of Baby & has mended some.  must go to bed 

29th Threshers came this morn before we got up from the table. Ed" Bellows & a Webber:  Eddie hired Jackins, Warren Fuller & Mr McCaslin helped so to keep straw all in the Barn.  had 83 1/2 Bush" Barley

                       It spit snow to day while I was hanging

                           out clothes  Oct 2nd  Sept 1899                 

                           Letter from Sue 3rd

                           sent letter to Sue 5th  

30th Cloudy morn rained little last night.  Threshers got done about 9 & went down to C Warrens.  Lib went helped C.  Eddie & S cleared up Barn then E plowed & F & Rufus set up Corn husks  just at night E hauled up some Corn & in eve they husked out 6 Baskets  K cooked & cleaned front chamber,  Mrs Merry & daughter called.  I sewed L s shirt.  N took care of Baby & helped Mary some

Oct 1st Clear bright day but all say it was the coldest day we have had this fall.  wind blew hard  Eddie went to Watt to get something for N in forenoon, went to Church in afternoon, also K, M, S Rufus & Ruth.  Mr Wms  & wife called.  good number out K, S & Rufus gone this eve.  Sam Jackins was married last eve by Mr Wms at his fathers.  How different this eve from 27 yrs ago when we stood by Mother's dying bed.  Hanes Burnham & wife & Asa have crossed over the river since & I still remain, may it be for some wise purpose 

2nd Sunshine, clouds, & wind.  Ned helped K about washing  I hung   Lib helped C Warren out the clothes& washed dishes, knit little  N took care of Baby & helped.  Eddie plowed in ten acre field & at night got in some Corn.  It is quite cold to night 

3rd Nice day.  Eddie plowed.  K & N ironed.  I took care Butter & sewed.  Mrs Mary Abbott called was glad to see her 

4th Another good day.  Eddie went out to Jenkins & got in Corn.  Nell had head ache in forenoon K cooked swept & sewed.  I finished one of L s Shirts.  Mr Brann came just at night & stopped all night.  E settled with him  K & Ned Gone down to Warren Fullers.  Stevie & Mary gone to Reading Club 

5th Nice warm day.  E & L hauled in Corn in forenoon, then plowed girls done work & sewed.  I mended hose in forenoon then began to clean milk room in shed - Mr Kennison burried a child this afternoon  grandchild of Nat Branns 

6th Dark Cloudy day.  I have been at work in milk shed, and how often I have thought of Hanes but his labor is done, & mine will soon be.  hope to be ready E & L fixed fence in forenoon, then plowed.  it began to rain little about 1/2 3.  girls done work 

7th Sunshine & wind, cleared off in night, rained but little  Nell has had head ache most all day. K cooked, Mary helped,  I picked 2 chickens, washed some dishes, mended  C Thomas split 2 large rocks in pasture E helped then picked Corn they put   Bush in Corn Barn.  Frank came home to night so did G Cushman, 4 of them hired a team.  C Warren started up river

                   sent letter to Amanda 13th

Oct 1899 

8th Nice day.  all the children at home 4 went to Church  Eddie had a stiff neck.  Ned carried F to Watt" after dinner as they were going to start about 3.  I have read some & thought more;  K went down with Annie.  Mr Wms stops this eve 

9th Cloudy in afternoon rained quite hard.  Nell has'nt been up to day.  she took little cold & her breast is caked & pains her;  E Telephoned for Knox he sent word that he was thrown from his         I washed white clothes in tubs carriage was in bed, then he called Goodrich.  He came said he was afraid she would have a broken breast, but I hope not.  Baby has not nursed to day till this eve.  K has done well to take care of him & mother.  she put on Flaxseed poultice  they began to shingle meeting house  Ned went up said Mr Wms was there & several others, but it rained did not do much 

10th Nice mild day.  E churned then plowed.  L cleaned out Henhouse then husked Corn.  Ned worked at the Church so did Stevie Hodges & Mr Wms  Ned said there was quite a crew  I think they finished it: a good job;  Dr G in to night thinks if N is careful will not have much trouble with her breast  K puts on Flaxseed poultice. Baby got along nicely last night  K slept with her Mother.  must go to bed, am very tired 

11th  Another mild day.  they husked some Corn.  Ned went to Clinton in afternoon to a Grange fair.  K Stevie & Teacher went in eve. she stopped with K.  there was a great crowd.  K washed colored clothes.  I washed dishes & made cookies & Lizzie Smiley called:  Dr in this eve.  will go to bed if not to sleep 

12th Quite mild. E & L husked Corn & Ned in forenoon.  after dinner Ned carried Butter to Depot. & E & L set Corn up on hay.  to night is getting in Corn  K cooked  I washed dishes & helped. Nellie is up to day says her breast is'nt sore hope she wont get cold 

13 Warm day. Eddie & C Thomas been building a bridge across the brook to haul some Pine over.  Churned been busy all day  K & Mary went to the Mills got Mary a hat.  Lucy Hodges called.  Ned went to Watt" for C Warren with Butter, eggs & got   sweet Potatoes.  L husked Corn 

14th Nice warm day.  E & C T got bridge done for now.  all been busy  I mended hose, knit little.  K cooked in forenoon, after dinner she & Teacher went up & washed the windows to the Office at the Paper Mill.  Mr Davis gave them 50 cts towards earning a dollar.  they are going to have a sociable.  The ladies are going to earn a dollar & tell how they earned it .  going to repair Church  this is the anniversary of H s Birth day, if living would be 79

             Letter from Amanda with Check from G

Oct 1899 

15th Beautiful day.  Eddie & 7 of children & L went to Church  said he had'nt seen so many out for a long time.  It must be pleasing to Mr Wms ;  Stevie went down to Annies to tea.  Alice Blakney came over in the Cars.  was here to tea  after E got home. he Pearl & I went down to the graveyard.  I thought while there why am I spared:  would it not have been better; if I had gone with H 

16th Nice day. Eddie & Ned got in rest of the Corn & I am glad  this afternoon they hauled rocks to end of their Bridge  Lib helped K about washing, did not finish as she had a large wash.  I mended pants for Lib, washed dishes & N got dinner.  after dinner E killed a little lamb 

17th Another warm day.  E went to the Mills in morn he sold his lambs to Mr Fuller of K Mills had 20 got 12.50'  K finished washing & cooked & to night she & Ned gone to a dollar sociable at the Fort  I dressed Butter & N, L, & Ned hauled rocks in afternoon 

18th Cloudy all day, rained little.  Men pulled Beets & fenced round some so to turn Cows in field.  Eddie sold Mr Fish a small piece of land to set stable on for 10 dollars. E gave him Deed of it to day & he paid him  Ned & L been husking this afternoon.  I baked cookies & mended Ned s pants  K done work & ironed colored clothes.  N mended  E went to K Mills & to Watt in afternoon.  They got 80 dollars at the Fort last night.  going to shingle & paint their Church 

19th Beautiful day.  Eddie was drawn Juror to Augusta, went down got excused till next Monday.  K went to Watt in Cars.  Lib & Ned husked. N worked round & mended.  I mended hose.  will go to bed if not to sleep 

20th Sunshine & cloudy, rained very little this morn.  Eddie, Ned & Lib worked on the road down to their Bridge  K cooked.  N helped & took care of Baby.  I began a shirt for L.  after dinner I went up to Eliza Bartons, made a call, while there Mrs Colcord & Hennrietta Hinds called  Ned gone down to the Grange.  Kate Stevie, Mary & Rufus gone up to C E meeting.  quite cool this eve 

21st Nice day.  E & boys worked on their road forenoon.  after dinner , E & Stevie went to Watt got S a suit of clothes.  K went over to Mrs Blakneys.  Alice going to help her on a dress.  N & girls done work  I sewed on Ls shirt took care of Butter & knit 

22nd Pleasant but quite cool.  Eddie & 6 children went to Church, good No' out. Stevie, K, M & Rufus gone this eve.  I have washed dishes & read but feel tired

                    Letter from Asenath 24th

                    Letter from Sue 30th

Oct 1899   

23rd Cloudy part of day but sun shines to night.  K & Lib washed.  I washed dishes & finished up Ls shirt.  Eddie  &   went to Albion got Mrs Baker to sew last night.  she has made 1 pair Pants for Rufus & cut another pair out of Fs old army blue.  been planning coats for twins out of old army coat.  she is very good for planning & sewing.  Eddie went to Augusta this morn;  I miss him very much 

24th Quite cold & frosty morn.  Ruth brought in quite a piece of Ice.  Ned & L worked on road to their Bridge  Mrs B got another pair of pants done for Rufus & cut out 2 coats for twins.  I ripped up coat, also one of Ks to make pants for twins  washed dishes.  6 oldest children home gone up to Hall to an Entertainment, also Lib.  N & k been busy all day 

25th Beautiful day, warm.  Ned & L hauled old wood from the yard in forenoon. then L husked Corn & Ned   K cooked some. right after dinner she went to the hall to help wash dishes then she came home & she & Rufus went to Watt" see the Dr.  R has tumor in his face.  I mended hose & washed dishes.  K says they got 50 dollars last night  Mrs B gets along finely 

26th Nice warm day.  N & L hauled   loads of dressing down in pasture.  girls done work & sewed  C Thomas began to cut Pine.  I have been busy if I dont do much  O I miss E more every day,  seems as though all was gone 

27th Cloudy all day rained little in morn.  C T came up & went to the corner with Ned came back at 11 so worked 1/2 day,  Ned & L hauled dressing in afternoon.  L husked in forenoon.  girls done       Mrs B got Coats done & made Pants for Ralph work & sewed.  I made pair sleeves put in Es shirt & finished twins stockings.  It has been a long lonely day 

28th Dark lonely day, rained little.  they finished husking I Mrs B has got Petticoat done Churned & washed dishes.  K cooked & sewed.  N washed floors & helped;  L has sawed some wood.  Eddie got home before dark & glad was I to see him and while at tea who should walk in but Frank.  he had tooth ache several days, so came to Watt" had it filled.  will go to bed as I did'nt sleep very well last night had Cramp in foot 

29th Dark, cloudy, rained little.  Eddie, Nell & 6 children went to Church: but few out.  it has been a long day to me and I find that it tires me when I read good deal  will go to bed 

30th Beautiful day, but windy.  E went to Augusta this morn  K & her mother washed.  I hung out clothes washed dishes  & mended  Mrs B made 2 waists for boys  Stevie & twins pulled beets & turnips Ned & L hauled dressing  F has chored round & this eve he & Ned & Kate gone to a Grange sociable at the Fort  C T worked all day

                   Letter from Rufus Nov 1st Nov" 1899

           Mrs Alfred Getchell was buried Nov 2nd

                    sent letters to Sue & Rufus 6th 

Oct 31st Cloudy all day.  Ned & L plowed some & picked some rocks & hauled in Beets & turnips.  C T here.  Mrs B has made 2 more waists.  I have mended pants for Rufus & S  Nell & girls done work & ironed some.  K cooked & sewed on her dress.  It is very dark this eve & it is lonesome all alone 

Nov" 1st Dark, misty, rained some.  just before tea who should walk in but Eddie.  Case of murder in Winslow on Sand Hill on the docket so E was excused till next Monday the 6th  & how glad I am for I can hear him when he talks  N has ironed, been busy & so have all.  Mrs B worked on a wrapper for Nell  K helped & sewed on her dress.  I fixed shirt for Stevie & mended hose & thought of friends, not lost but gone before 

2nd Bright but cold & very windy.  E put in cellar windows & C T here banked henhouse.  Ned plowed.  after dinner E & K went to Watt".  N & Mary cooked & washed some  I mended hose & knit.  Mrs B fixed dress for Ruth & finished Ns dress.  3 yrs ago about this time, my best Earthly friend entered the Spirit land.  know not why I am spared 

3rd Beautiful day. chilly but not as cold.  E plowed in forenoon after dinner he & Rufus went to Clinton got 2 axes.  Ned & L picked rocks.  Mr Wms & wife took dinner.  he went to the corner, it seemed good to have Mr Wms ask a blessing at table she stopped here.  Mrs B made 2 waists for N then fixed dress for Mary.  I mended pants for Eddie  K cooked & sewed.  N ironed some all busy how many times I have thought of 3 yrs ago to day 

4th Cloudy all day & rained.  Eddie went to the Mills got saw fixed in morn. after dinner he set some glass  N & girls done work.  I mended & knit.  Mrs B fixed dress for Mary;  It has been a lonesome day.  will go to bed if not to sleep 

5th Beautiful day.  very different from 3 yrs ago to day when dear H was carried from his Earthly home to his last resting place, when it rained hard; but he heeded it not: although his body was laid in the ground I hope & trust he was with his Heavenly Father in Heaven  may I so live as to meet him & never part.  Eddie & 6 children been to church.  S & K gone this eve.  Mrs C where K sewed at Watt" & Alice Blakeny here to tea.  will go to bed 

6th Cloudy & windy.  Eddie went to Augusta but the judges mother had died & they adjourned till Wends". got home about 3 PM  K &   C T here her mother washed part.  Mary & I hung out clothes I mended pants  for Ned & coat for Mary & knit 

                   They began on Church 13th   School began13th  

                   kept by Miss Atwood             

Nov 1899                    C T here

7th Beautiful warm day. E churned, put on double windows in sitting room then went into the woods.  Ned & L plowed Little & hauled dressing.  Stevie cut up some wood by road & to night he & Ned gone to K Mills to a play & Kate gone down to Horace Howards to a reception.  he was married short time ago.  K went with Jo Reed.  They met last eve to see about repair of Church  E & N went 

8th Nice warm day, quite a cold morn.  E went to Augusta & he was discharged.  Another jury on a murder case.  I was glad to see him come home.  Ned plowed for C Thomas was not here  Stevie in woods most of the day.  L sawed some wood at the door  N & K cleaned sitting room & little Entry.  N oiled floor.  I mended hose & pants.  work steady but dont accomplish much 

9th Warm & very foggy could not see the mill till noon.  Eddie, S & George been in woods.  Ned plowed for C T  N & K cleaned front halls. I have mended.  been in my room alone, have thought of yrs gone by.  how changed 

10th Nice bright day. Ned plowed in upper field.  E & L in woods       C T here in afternoon.  N & K cleaned in all chambers. I mended & made some cookies & Mary Maid of all work think she must be tired for I am 

11th Nice morn but clouded up.  E went to the Mills in forenoon, then hauled few logs to the mill for the Church & in the woods.        C T here Ned finished plowing in upper field, then did the garden N & K went to Watt".  Baby got along nicely.  Miss Atwood stops here to night.  is going to keep our school this winter  boards at A Hodges  I have mended & washed dishes  & helped take care of Luther.  It snows little this eve 

12th Sunday no meeting snowed & blowed all day - Miss Atwood came from Watt in Cars, she called, it snowed - she stopped all night K carried her down to Mr Hs to night wind sounds lonesome will go to bed  C T here                     

13th Bright windy day.  Eddie hauled few logs to mill  L helped about the washing. I washed dishes & mended mittens.  C T stops here to night.  I finished my stockings & took up a pair of mittens for L  I put Blankets on my bed last night 

14th Nice day E went to Watt, got thick jacket & cops leggings  Eddie & L hauled dressing in forenoon, then Ned & L did  E went to the Mills. N & K finished washing.  I mended         C T here    mittens & washed dishes,  have thought of friends over the river

                     Paper from Rufus 16th

Nov 1899 

15th Quite a cold morn, snowed little, then rained little towards night. N & Kate went to Watt" after dinner to see Dr  Mary helped take care of Baby.  I mended little  Ned & L hauled dressing .  Eddie  went over to D Simpsons bought a Bobsled in forenoon then worked in woods.  Henry Richards came last night began work.  a large family only 16 to night, hope E will prosper 

16th Nice day. E churned, hauled few logs to mill, then went to Mill.  girls done work.  I dressed Butter & mended on Ss Coat  N & K cleaned in Bedroom & N is ironing this eve think she must be tired for I am;  have thought of bygone days 

17th Beautiful day.  E went after Saw then went into wood  Henry did'nt work, had lame wrist.  Ned & e killed a sheep & L hauled dressing,  this eve N & K gone to Grange.  it is a beautiful eve, children out sliding.  N & K cooked & cleaned some.  I got Stevies coat mended & then began on stockings to mend  tis cold must go to bed 

18th Mild, cloudy day, rained little. Eddie chored & went into woods. Ned & L hauled dressing.  K cooked all day.  N washed floors & put carpet down in her bedroom & I have mended hose & mittens & knit & as I am hard of hearing, my thoughts have wandered far away.  My prayer is "nearer my God to thee"  May I not murmur 

19th Cloudy lonesome day to me.  Eddie & children went to Church meeting in the hall. none this eve.  I have read & washed some dishes, but feel tired will go to bed 

20th Cloudy, rained in morn.  men did'nt work in woods.  E got some old plaster from the Church & some gravel to put at Barn door.  Ned fixed Stall then he & L hauled dressing.  N & K washed white clothes, wind blew, & they got dry & are in folded  I mended, & took care of milk & Hens & washed some dishes                            I is 73 yrs old lives alone

21st Beautiful day.  E went up to Isaac Reeds got some axe handles.  after dinner went to C Warrens.  I went down to                     Steve H is 21 yrs old Hatties, got back about 4 I mended.  N finished washing.  K cooked 

22  Cloudy, little snow & rain. C T here to breakfast went into wood but did'nt come to dinner.  K & N cleaned some in butry I mended as usual.  E went to Mills & Ned got some sand for Church from great river; then went to Watt.  must go to bed as I did'nt sleep well last night  heard that Scarlet fever is in winslow out by Baptist house also over to K Mills 

23rd Sunshine & clouds.  Eddie  & N hauled dressing & L shoveled it over. girls done work & cleaned in kitchen & I have mended little & thought more; have little cold

                           sent Box Butter to Oldtown 28th

                                     24 lbs

                           Letter to Amanda 29th

Nov" 1899 

24th Nice warn day.  Ned & L hauled dressing.  girls worked & ironed little.  Nell has little cold, so has Baby & Pearl.  early this morn Mr Brann came & Eddie went with him to China & Albion 

25th Sunshine & cloudy. this morn who should come but Frank Gifford  he wanted E to go to Unity with him so he went.  got home before dark.  Children wanted shoes, so Nell took Rufus, Mary & twins & went to K Mills.  K has cooked most all day.  I hav'nt done much have a bad cold in my head, if for the best hope it will be better soon.  boys got their dressing out.  am glad 

26th Sun & cloudy.  Eddie  & 7 children been to Church in the hall.  Mr Wms  & wife stopped here to tea.  It seems like a dream when I think that E & N were married 25 yrs ago to night  what changes since!  Hanes, Burnham, wife & Willie & Asa have passed over the river(that were here) & I still live, I know not why.  My prayer is "Nearer my God to thee" 

27th Bright morn  then it clouded up.  girls & L washed  I hung out white clothes & helped some & mended  E went got horse shod, then hauled some water as cistern is low.  Henry came about 10  L had head ache but cleaned hen house 

28th Nice day.  Eddie got his Sled home from Cains.  Henry R worked till noon, wrist lame & he went home.  Ned & L in woods afternoon.  I dressed Butter washed some dishes mended & knit girls cooked & N ironed some. after dinner K went to the corner  I have mended & thought of friends 

29th Nice warm day, but freezing to night.  Eddie  has been to Fairfield & Watt,  Ned been in house this afternoon most sick with a cold.  L been in woods.  K & N cooked & ironed little.  I've mended all day, when not taking care of milk & hens & finished L s mittens.  feel tired 

30th Thanksgiving day.  Had a nice dinner. & I tried to be  thankful.  Teacher was here, also C T as he worked & E worked & G H.  girls got dinner, I mended. K & teacher washed dishes,  then they all went down on Mr Woods meadow skating.  this eve Stevie & K gone up to Mr Taylors   L worked in woods part of the day & went to corner 

Dec" 1st Dark cloudy day.  In morn Mr Bean called.  Eddie  went to Depot to see about a rake ; after dinner he & Ned hauled 2 loads Hay from Lunt Barn; Ned & K gone to Grange this eve  it is very dark, looks like rain;  I wiped in my room & then mended I dressed Butter  knit. K cooked & N cleaned dish closets  Baby did'nt sleep very well last night

                    Letter from Sue Dec" 4th

Dec" 1899 

2nd Rained quite hard in morn so men did'nt work in woods.  Eddie  went over to get his Saw. Sun shone bright at noon, so E & L got 2 loads hay home.  Ned fixed stall Nell & girls done work . I have sewed on Pearls quilt.  been in my room as children are all home, tis more quiet  Perry Smiley had a Shock several weeks ago  has'nt spoke since.  they think he knows them & swallows hi liquid food 

3rd Beautiful day.  Eddie & 6 children went to Church  Mr French preached.  I should like to go if I could hear.  hope I shall not become a burden to any one.  while sitting in my room, a thought arose, if so fortunate as to enter Heaven shall I hear;  good night.  will go to bed 

4th Dark rained some.  so men did'nt work in woods.  Eddie  got home last of Lunt hay had 6 loads.  girls washed white clothes.  afternoon Nell went up to the church help take off paper,  they have got it off. Kate took care of Baby.  I have mended & knit  What a changing world!  4 yrs ago to night many friends called  & all seemed to enjoy the evening.  some of the number have crossed over the river, Cob" D & Augustine & one that I could talk with, but the scene is changed & I am alone 

5th Nice day froze hard, wind blew & has to day. I put out white clothes & washed 2 dresses.  L helped Nell wash colored ones.  K cooked & sewed  this is my 77th Birthday.  I cannot realize that I am 17 yrs older than my Father was when he died.  we used to wait on him, thought him old 

6th Nice day.  clothes dry & in & Nell & K got most of them ironed.  Eddie & L been in woods most all day. E killed a small lamb.  I worked on twins old coats.  It is quite cold. E put Lamp in trough at Barn.  heard Charles Cain had Pneumonia 

7th Nice day. C T & Ned in woods. George absent.  L had head ache.  Mr Wood killed a hog, E helped.  girls cooked. N finished ironing. I dressed Butter & finished mending boys coats.  heard that Mrs Roundy had a shock at 2 PM & died at 5 

8th Snowed very little this morn.  Frank got home last night was out there 11 weeks & to day went to Watt to get his trunk  bought a Bl Apples at Vienna (of a man who had 100 Bls) they cost him at Watt" 2.00.  they are nice.  then he cut up hog.  girls done work. I mended hose & Neds coat 

9th Nice day.  Eddie hauled browse put round Barn & strawberries  girls done work.  Kate went to Watt stops there to night. I have mended  Coats all day.  Joan L came about 3; Lib went to K Mills in afternoon 

10th Quite a cool day.  Mr Wms exchanged with the Hallowell minister.  Eddie & six children went to Church.  E said a good Sermon.  E carried Joan  she is 82 up to Mrs G Reeds this morn

                        Sent Letter to Sue 11th

        Sent letter to Wm  G Hunt & to the Con" paper 16

Dec 1899 

11th Cloudy all day . N & L washed white clothes & stockings in tubs.  F went into woods cut his foot little about an inch then went to work on body for Sled.  E salted pork, hauled water then went into woods,& Ned too  I washed dishes & mended besides taking care of milk & hens.  will go to bed 

12th Cloudy, windy day.  clothes dry & in.  Eddie & L in woods  F at work in Barn.  Ned washed wagon then went with Saw to get filed to K Mills.  It began to rain about 3 PM & wind blew hard  K has cooked all day.  N washed some & done little of everything  I mended, hung out some clothes & talked to the hens 

13th Beautiful day. This is  Wms Birth day 81.  wish I could see him, hope we shall meet in the better Land "Nearer my God to thee"  Eddie & L been in woods all day.  F, Ned & K been to Grange meeting at the Fort  N got dinner. I mended I have been reading, am sleepy will go to bed 

14th  Nice warm day.  Eddie & L in woods all day. F in Barn  Ned began to wash & oil double harnesses.  K cooked.  N finished ironing.  I mended hose.  heard that a man at Watt went to cross the track, was run over by the Cars & killed ;  also a Mr Gerald at great river was threshing went home Sat" night & died Sunday.  I must stop 

15th Snowed little last night.  C T came they worked till 11 and it rained so they came in.  C went home but it cleared up, sun shone & this eve moon shines bright & wind blows  hard & tis cold.  F, Ned & K gone to Grange.  Churned & wrote to Wm & to G Hunt; girls cooked & done work 

16th Nice bright day. In morn E went to mill, then in woods.  Ned got harnesses oiled.  F got his work on sled body done, went to K Mills afternoon  K cooked.  N mended, so did I.  It has been a very lonely day for me all alone 

17th Cloudy, spit snow little.  Eddie & 6 children went to Church.  I should like to go if I could hear. It has been rather sad day for me , thinking of friends (not lost) but gone before.  This is the 53rd anniversary of Katie's birth, how changed is my house, only Eddie & I left 

18th Cloudy foggy day.  girls & L got white clothes in tubs.  I have washed some dishes, & mended.  Eddie hung a Boom in stream, then hauled few logs. Ire held horses on the shore.  Ned got Lady shod, had to go to K Mills.  F gone to Watt. Militia meet.  must go to bed 

19th Dark foggy day, rained little.  Eddie  & Ned hauled some logs.  F went to Watt, got a chance to work in Car shop begins tomorrow morn.  Ned carried him down to night.  pretty dark  girls done work & mended.  I have also

            Letter from Amanda with check from G 23

Dec 1899 

20th Cleared off last night, been warm to day.  Eddie , Ned in woods, just at night a stick of Pulp wood fell on Ned's shoulder  he cant lift his arm.  Eddie gone after Dr.  N & L washed colored clothes K done work.  I mended an old Coat for E 

21st Beautiful day. seems like Spring.  E churned then went into woods.  Dr came up last night, said Ned's shoulder is'nt out of joint but hurt the muscle.  it is better to day, carries his hand in a sling.  am glad tis no worse for he felt very bad.  N made a pan of head cheese.  I dressed Butter then ironed most of white clothes.  got very tired.  K went to Watt" in afternoon, gone up to rehearse for Christmas.  S, K. M, A & Ruth went skating on Wood meadow last eve 

22nd Cloudy morn, began to rain little after 9 AM so men came out of the woods. did'nt work although in afternoon did not rain much.  Eddie got horses shod & Ned got cross cut saw filed.  after dinner E & Ned fixed Sled.  about 4 Ned carried Edith Wms home, she stopped with K last night.  several teams were up from Winslow to rehearse.  K cooked. N Ironed & I mended hose.  will go to bed as I did'nt sleep very well last night

23rd Nice day.  E & L in woods all day.  girls cooked, washed floors.  I made sack for Luther& mended.  am very tired to night                   F came home to night Ned, Stevie, & Lib gone over river, a Christmas tree at M Chapel 

24th Sunshine & clouds.  Eddie did'nt go to Church.  6 children went.  F, Ned, K & Stevie gone to Winslow to a Concert  I have read till my eyes ache.  have lived with friends to day "Not lost but gone before"  Amanda wrote that Emily (Morrison) Ayer died the 13th  was 19 1/2 yrs old; had apoplexy.  soon it will be said that I have done my work: may it be well done 

25th Christmas has come again, and as Susan wrote me "I shall be glad when it is over"  Nellie & Rufus went down to get little present for Mr Wms   she got 15 dollars and at night got 3 more so had 18.  I am glad, for he has worked on Church & done well,  they had a little tree & then sung  they were up from Winslow had 4 or 5 Violins & E Patterson had Bass Viol.  could hear the singing , but it was rough.  Eddie & 7 children or part went.  4 youngest staid at home as we had our presents at home.  but the Teacher Atwood hung some so did Lucy Crosby for her S S class.  In eve Nell was taken with a severe pain in her left arm & up into her neck.  I bathed it. but she said it was like the jumping tooth ache.  did'nt sleep much. Katie sleeps with her & takes care of Baby 

26th Nice morn.  Nell not much better, did'nt sit up any.  K poulticed it & bathed it.  took care of Baby & cooked some  I washed little  Eddie hauled in logs.  L had head ache  F went to Watt" after the Concert last night in Cars. I must go to bed, as it was late last night & my head aches.  How often I thought of Hanes & Asa yesterday & poor Sue

                  Paper from Linton Hinds 29 

Dec" 27th Nice day, but cooler.  E Telephoned to Dr G.  he came up said N had taken little cold & Neuralgia was the cause  E & L in woods.  Ned helped me about the Butter.  I am very tired will go to bed:  O how I miss H when I'm so tired 

28th Clear, bright cold day.  Nell is better, so she got up & dressed this afternoon. Dr in , told her she must be careful & not get cold;  Eddie getting in logs.  Lib last night coming out of Post Office slipped sprained his ankle little, hope not much.  he helped K about washing colored clothes  I made some cookies & ironed some.  Mary staid at home to help.  I was very tired when I got done ironing,  hope I shall rest to night 

29th Nice cold morn, but about 10 AM it began to snow little & has at times.  does this eve.  Eddie hauled logs.  Lib in woods his ankle is better.  he got pair of worsted Slippers from his Sister in Cal"  K cooked, waited on her mother & Baby.  N has'nt been up to day, but says she feels better to night.  I have done little of everything & not much either  Ned hauled 2 loads limbs up to door.  E gone to Blacksmiths at corner got Sled fixed Saw in paper that D L Moody was dead:  a great loss to the world.  Dr G said Ed" Towne was at work on Gerald's house, fell & broke his hip 

30th Another nice day, but cold morn.  E hauled logs.  Ned & Stevie hauled up little wood to the house.  K cooked M helped.  I ironed colored clothes & mended.  Dr was in.  N dont get much better.  Flo" Warren called to night 

31st Sunshine & some clouds;  6 children went to Church  E nor K did not go as N is in bed.  Dr in said he did not want her to get up till he came again  hope she will get better soon, as it makes it hard for Kate.  F came up this morn gone back to night.  House & Stable burnt last night at Watt & we saw a fire this eve.  last day of the year and how have I spent it.  hope the few remaining days that I live may be spent in serving my Heavenly Father & doing all I can for Eddie & his family;  God alone knows my heart & the motive that promts me wish to die

                                        G Learned fixed pump 6