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Winslow Maine Crosby Diary


January Through June 1899

Transcribed from the original handwritten diary of Elizabeth B. Hinds Crosby by her Great Grandson Clyde Spaulding

Jan 1st Cloudy & snowed little, drifted last night wind blew - Eddie, N & K went up to the church but Mr Wms did'nt come up.  few went Jo & Bert Reed, Charles Hunt Dora & Fannie & John Drake. think the roads must be bad  have written to Frank & to the Mirror (or Editor)  wind blows this eve, stars shine bright, quite cold 

2nd Nice day to wash.  I helped in forenoon then mended mittens & overalls for Ned. Eddie had th Sleigh painted, gave 7.00, got it to day  It has been quite a cold day , 30 below Zero this morn at 6 

3rd Nice day not quite as cold.  Dr Goodrich & Mrs Bangs dined with us.  he took one of Kates little toes, it has troubled her for years.  Dr said the bone was affected she says every thing tastes like Ether.  Ned worked for C Warren 

4th Nice day. Eddie got 3 loads ice.  Will Reynolds cuts it for him at 2 1/2 cts a cake down by H Garlands shore Ned been at C Mr      very mild Wms  Mr Wms & wife here to tea, gone up to Reading Club Stevie gone  N done work & I ironed.  Kate said she slept quite well last night

     Mrs Harriet Brown died in Boston the   of Jan"   1899

     she was   yrs old brought to Portland & buried had a shock

       also heard that Mary (Simpson) Husband died in South

     Letter from Emma (Hinds) Jones 9th          sent letter

        "    "   A H Hinds Portland 10th         Linton H

     sent letter to Emma Jones 13th               Jan 16

       "     "   to G Hunt 13th also Box Butter


Jan 1899                                                            

5th  Rained little last night.  Clouds & sunshine to day  E says snow waisting fast.  He finished getting his ice 50 cakes.  Ned at C Wms  N has cooked & swept & washed dishes in morn then mended hose & mittens.  K getting along well.  I took up pair socks to foot 

6th Stormy day & snows this eve.  Churned & mended.  K came down stairs to day. Eddie & Ned went to Watt.  Ned going to work for                  he did not go as Mr  A wants to stay  Dr Goodrich 2 months at 18 dollars a month begins the 9th if well but he is not to night.  has headache, did'nt eat any supper - hope he will be better in morn 

7th Beautiful morn.  Eddie came in said he would carry me down to                   Dr done up K's foot all healed over  Watt" to see Joan, so about half past 10 we started.  found her better.  they wanted me to stay all night & I did. Lois S called, was very glad to see her had a pleasant time 

8th Another nice morn.  Eddie came after me, got home before noon,  found Ned some better but he has staid in house all day. Eddie, N & 4 children went to church 

9th Nice day to wash, not very cold.  Ned is better but did not go to Watt".  No one knows how much I miss my best Earthly Friend but I have an Heavenly Father that careth for me and in his own good time will take me to his Home above         

10th Cold morn, been a cold day. Ned saw Dr G.  he said Avery wanted to stay so Ned I guess was glad.  went to work for C Warren to day noon.  I have mended. N done work. K mended.  Emma wrote that her Father was failing.  good many sick around with colds 

11th  Nice day, not as cold as yesterday.  Although this morn 10 below Zero.  In forenoon E, L & Stevie hauled down stocks, then E went to the Mills - Mary & Rufus have colds, none went to school.  I took care of milk & hens, then ironed. N done work 

12th Bright, not very cold. Eddie & Stevie hauled up little soft wood  Lib had headache.  I have mended some hose & mittens  N done work guess all are tired.  I am for one 

13th  Cloudy all day. E churned & hauled wood in forenoon then went to the Mills.  to night he & N gone to Grange.  I took care of Butter & mended so has K. N cooked Stevie gone to C E meeting. Mr Page House burned Yesterday on the Bangs lot, no one at home Ruth is   yrs old to day

                     N got letter from F 18th

 Jan 1899

14th Cloudy & rained some.  Dr G dined with us, he done  K's foot up.  Eddie is lame, Dr says he has strained himself he first felt it when hauling rocks this fall.  Heard that Dingley was dead, a loss to Congress.  I been mending. N cooked as usual, Mary helped 

15th Sunshine & clouds not very cold ,  Eddie, N & 8 children been to church - Lucy Hodges called to see K  How much I have thought of absent friends when alone in my room no one to talk with 

16th Cloudy most all day.  washed, cooked  & mended  E & boys hauled up wood in forenoon then E went to the Mills & drove colt.  find I get tired easy 

17th  Cloudy & little Sun, rained & snowed last night, but it is a bright beautiful eve, wind blows little.  Eddie  & K gone to the Fort to rehearse for an entertainment for Grange  E & boys winnowed beans in forenoon then E went down to F Ellis's then drove colt to K Mills. & N & K began night dresses for twins.  I mended beside taking care of milk & hens 

18th Nice day, quite cold this eve.  I mended Pants for Eddie in forenoon, after dinner E carried me down to Hatties  her husband  had Dr to day, is not as well, looks very yellow  how much I thought of H while there, seemed nearer to him  N ironed & sewed so did K, & Mary helped her mother 

19th Beautiful day.  took care of milk & mended, N finished ironing & cooked, & washed kitchen floor, so tired did not want any supper.  Kate went up to Annies this morn Willie brought her home this eve, W said F Lancaster had left the mill, also Mr Davis is sick there with the grippe, had Dr Goodrich to day.  I must go to bed 

20th Another nice day.  Eddie & N went to a Grange meeting at the Fort.  It was a union meeting from China, Vass & Albion  N said over 200 dined there, had discussion - Ned & kate gone this eve  Mrs Roscoe Heywoods daughter called.  I made Bread & cookies & mended  must go to bed so good night 

21st Beautiful day.  Eddie churned, drove colt, after dinner he went to Town meeting.  They voted not to have the water brought from Watt.  the people over in Watt wanted Fairfield, Benton & Winslow to unite & have water brought but it wont help the farmers so they all turned out & voted against it.  Kate went to Watt with her father  N & Mary done work  after taking care of Butter I swept my room.  Nellies Uncle James Leighton stops here to night

                         Letter from Amanda 25th

                            "     "  Frank in Cuba 27th

Jan 1899

 22nd  Nice day, but part of the day cloudy, first of eve it was bright as day, but cloudy at 8  Mr L went home before noon  Eddie was feeding at the Barn, stooped down, and a stich under the right shoulder blade so severe that he came in & they (Ned & N) helped him undress & got him into bed  N put cans of hot water & soapstones round him, after a long while he felt warm & began to perspire. but to night ate some toast & drank some tea, but if he moves he says it is just like a knife, hope he will be better in morn  all the children went to Church but Ned & Pearl, 7 of them  I have read & thought of friends not lost but gone before 

23rd Nice day to wash.  It was after six when I got up  was awake a long time in night.  Eddie some better.  N is a good nurse  Stevie & K gone to Fort to rehearse this eve  E says he is a good deal better, hope he wont take cold - I think it was the Pluersy Children called it Grippe 

24th Some cloudy in morn then sun shone, but at noon cloudy & has rained little & does to night.  folks were going down to Mr Wms to their annual gathering, but thought they would not meet - Eddie dressed & sit up part of day.  he said to night he did not know but he had got the Grippe  Charles Drummond is quite sick with it also Jo" Garlands wife C D  was at Town meeting Sat" E saw him.  I have mended others done work  Nell went down to school this afternoon 

25th Nice day.  Eddie seems some better, sit up most of the day, but has lain down 3 or 4 times, gets tired easy.  hope he wont get cold.  Ned, Kate, Stephen, Mary , Rufus & Ruth have gone down to the Mr Wms, as they did not meet last night.  tis as bright as day but quite cold.  had a letter from Amanda she has had the Grippe, wish I could stop in & see her.  I have mended Kate is 21 yrs old to day & last year they went on a sled   Jo Reed put his horses on, the day K was 20 singular 

26th Cloudy snowed little.  I have mended hose N & girls done work & sewed.  E says he is as hungry as a Bear.  hope he wont take cold.  Ned came home to night I am glad as E wont worry so much about the chores 

27th Clear, bright, windy day and a bright cold eve  Kate went to Watt this morn as Mrs C sent for her but she let her off to day as K wanted to go to Winslow to a County C E meeting  N & girls done work  I mended  E is better hope he will remain so 

28th Another nice day, not quite as cold. bright eve  Eddie says he is all right, but I dont want him to out hope he wont get cold.  E Warren called to see him this eve.  he said Mrs Stewart is very sick if living is with her daughter in Chelsea Mass  Mr Wm Lunt wife & Marcia are sick, also Mrs King  I dressed Butter & mended N & Mary done work Ned got 2 horses shod.  this eve gone after K  they rehearse to night

                    sent letter to Sue 30th

                     also one to Hinds in Portland

Jan 1899             Letter from Rufus 31

29th Cloudy morn spit snow, but about 11 sun shone wind blew & to night tis quite cold.  Nell & 4 children went to Church.  Mr Wms stops this eve, none but S gone.  N heard that Mr King had a shock last night .  Ned has been at work on Pump most all day.  it froze up then he broke the handle, or something, went got C Warren & they fixed it.  I have been talking with Sue & Asa heard that Sue Cushman was grandmother, sons wife had a son.  how often I have thought of H while all alone  in my room 

30th Cloudy morn, sun shone little, stars shine to night  Ned carried K to Watt this morn, we washed few clothes.  Hay pressers came about 2 PM 4 of them.  so we have 16 in family to night.  I mended & N cooked 

31st Beautiful day.  Eddie went to Barn at noon few minutes hope he did'nt get cold   Ned & Stevie went 3 times with hay  I helped some & mended guess all are tired I am 

Feb" 1899            Letter from F Feb 2nd

  Saw in Paper that Mrs Stuart was buried the last day of Jan" died with her daughter in  Chelsea Mass & brought to Winslow  aged 83 

1st Beautiful day  Eddie went out to the barn this forenoon.  after dinner he laid down awhile, has a good appetite.  I helped some & mended.  N & L went with hay 3 trips.  Wm Coleman in this eve said he heard Mrs Lancaster not as well.  guess N will be glad when Hay pressers are gone 

2nd Candlemas day.  Bright & clear all day, quite cold in morn  Hay pressers got done & left about 10 & boys finished hauling their hay - good job done.  N & M cooked swept & wiped windows  I mended beside taking care of milk & hens.  while reading F's letter, I thought of H if living how anxious he would be 

3rd Sun shone few minutes in morn then it has been cloudy all day.  began to snow about 1 PM & does this eve  N & M done work, ironed some & washed kitchen floor  I have mended.  Eddie thinks he took little cold yes" & perhaps ate too much.  Mrs Wm Pall died 20th Of Jan" age 81 

4th Snowed most all day, but sun came out about 4 PM and Neddie went after K.  E says his head feels better to day but he can not read much.  N & M done work.  I have mended  boys done chores & cut & sawed some wood. " O for a closer walk with God" is my prayer 

5th Nice day.  Nell & 5 children went to Church.  Stephen Abbott called to night, was here to tea, was glad to see him for he was so kind to his mother. Nell heard that Mrs Z Heywood was sick.  May I be ready when my turn comes.  how much I have thought of H while writing to Rufus

                    Sent letter to Rufus 6th

                      also one to Asenath

                     Letter from Frank 8th

Feb" 1899

6th Nice day to wash.  water dropped from eaves.  had a large wash.  Ned carried K to Watt" this morn then he got horse shod  after dinner he & L got 2 loads hay from upper barn.  Eddie does not gain very fast 

7th Another nice day.  Eddie says he feels better to day, not very strong.  Boys got 3 loads down.  Nell, Ruth & Rufus went to the Mills.  Ruth had a tooth out; churned must go to bed 

8th Cloudy morn began to snow about 10 & does this eve Eddie has'nt been out doors been so cold, he has not lain down to day.  Nell ironed & cooked, I mended Pants and overalls, finished E's stockings & took up pair for Ned to foot.  Boys hauled down 2 loads hay, then it snowed 

9th Cleared off in the night Beautiful morn & been a bright day but wind has blown some. to night quite cold.  Eddie went to barn in forenoon, Lib has headache.  Ned & C Thomas been in the woods cutting.  Stevie had a stich take him in his hip is quite lame, they tell him it is grip, & Mary had headache did'nt eat any supper.  N finished ironing,  I have mended all day.  Mr L Skillins & wife called.  If it is for the best hope children will keep well 

10th Bright clear cold day.  C Thomas, Lib & Ned in woods.  Stevie is better so he & his father & Rufus done the Chores to night  Nell & M have cooked & sewed all day.  I have mended  hose, leggings & mittens  have not seen but 1 team go by  Mr A Hodges  wind blew last night & to day 

11th very cold morn.  Boys shoveled on road forenoon then cut wood.  C Thomas worked for himself. Ned went to Watt" after K she says some of the Drs think it is not the Small Pox at Watt.  others do  Nell & M done work  I mended 

12th Sunshime & clouds.  Nell & 4 children went to Church N went in to see Mr Lunt.  she said he looked very feeble  should not be surprised to hear that he was dead any time.  Mr Wms  stopped here to tea & Katie went down with him as the Lady she sews with had work she wanted to finish by Wends" thought she should come up then. she was vaccinated a week ago & her arm may be sore.  Eddie & N thought she better not go down.  Mr Wms  thought there would be no danger.  I have washed dishes & read but feel tired.  have thought of absent friends 

13th Cloudy morn, began to snow about 10 AM & has ever since & does this eve.  wind blows hard, sounds lonely.  wish every person in the world was as comfortable as we are to night,but we know not of the morrow C Thomas came in morn, they worked till about   we washed part of clothes, then I mended.  E went to Barn in morn.  Stevie went to Mill this morn.  This is Frank's birthday 23 yrs old it seems like a dream & now he is in Cuba

This has been a long lonesome day to me & when I come into my room no one to talk with will go to bed

              Letter from Rufus with a check 16th

              for part pay for th Crosby monument $100

              wanted to put on one line "The Orphans friend".

Feb" 1899     sent letter to Eugene Smith 20

              also to Amanda

              Letter from Sue 20th    

  14th It was a long lonesome night.  the wind blew very hard and there was a Blind that made quite a racket & finally blew off  Eddie said he thought he never heard the wind blow harder, & it did to day till about 3 PM  to night stars & moon shine & all is calm.  roads are drifted full.  no one has passed to day but Stevie Hodges.  I have mended pants  N & girls done work.  L had headache in forenoon 

15 Bright morn.  good day to dry clothes .  N finished washing all dry & in.  Ned & L worked on road all day, horses 1/2 day  I have mended & knit little.  How much I have thought of H 

16th Beautiful day.  about 10 AM Eddie went to Watt" got K got back about 1 PM all right.  Ned & L on road all day on the cross road & down on the river Horses 1/2 day - while  at the tea table Eddie Hodges came after Ned said there was a chance at th Holl" Mills, so he went down with him as he wanted to go.  Eddie has helped do chores, been to the brook twice as the pump has failed think he is tired  I mended & made pair of sleeves put in Neds shirt.  ironed little then N did th rest.  think all better go to bed 

17th  Nice warm day. Eddie & N went to the Mills.  C Thomas & L been cutting wood.  I dressed Butter & cut out a waist  Dr Goodrich called & vaccinated Stevie, Mary, Rufus, Ruth & twins.  Dr Bessey & Goodrich go round in Winslow to vaccinate all 

18th Very mild day.  C Thomas & L cut wood in forenoon then they shoveled some & Eddie broke a road into the woods & hauled out little 3 times.  Eddie did'nt load or unload but went said to night he was some tired.  Thomas is done for the present he has worked   days  Ned came up with an Abbott boy 

19th  Another mild day.  There was no meeting.  Mr Wms wrote up to see about it what the people thought of about his coming up  Amos H came down to let us know  Eddie & N went up to Annies she has a young daughter born 18th   she has a Mrs Baker from Albion with her  Nell staid all day  Eddie carried Ned down most 4 as he works by night this week then E went got N  I have written to E Smith & Amanda 

20th Beautiful day to wash.  K cut wrapper for her mother  I helped till about 2 then wrote to Rufus.  Eddie & boys been getting up wood think E is pretty tired guess all are, I am 

21st Another nice day.  Eddie & boys got up some wood in forenoon then he & Kate went to Watt".  K got   yds of cloth different kinds they are selling cheap; after dinner Lib & Rufus cleaned out henhouse.  N cooked & ironed Mary helped.  Eddie was vaccinated  I sewed on my waists - Hanes has been in my mind all day

                     sent letter to Rufus 22   Letter from F 22

                 Letter from Kate Burnham to night 27th saying

Feb" 1899        that Asa died the 20th I had a letter from Sue

                 just a week before she said they had a new Dr  & he thought he could help him. May Sue trust &  lean on Jesus who stickith closer than a brother

 got letter from F in Cuba he thinks they will  start for Savannah soon  28


22nd Cloudy morn began to rain before noon. Eddie & boys got 3 loads wood before it rained much.  Stevie carried his mother up to Annies afternoon. went after her to night.  I finished my waists & made an apron.  K got her mothers dress most done 

23rd Beautiful day.  Eddie & boys got up wood  Neddie came home this morn.  his arm where he was vaccinated is sore & made him sick.  Kate went up to Annies this morn.  I have mended hose & mittens,  N cooked, washed sitting room floor & mended Mary & Ruth helps good deal, but Mary's leg quite sore 

24th Bright sunny day.  Eddie & boys finished getting up their hard wood  had about   cords then E went to the Mills carried K to Mr Blakneys going to get Alice to show her about cutting me a I sewed wrapper.  Nellie & Ruth done work as Mary is sick, has not been down stairs to day, so is Rufus he has lain on Lounge all day,   so did M has'nt ate anything to day, till to night a small piece of toast he looks very red  Neddie has been mending tin pans & dishes.  I called him the tinker 

25th Another nice, bright day & a beautiful eve.  seems as though I would like to go out.  Eddie has'nt felt very well nor Mary or Rethel, he did'nt eat any supper.  Stevie got Kate.  he heard that Charles Foss was driving his oxen, a chain broke, flew, hit him in the eye & put it out.  I feel sorry for him.  I dressed Butter, washed some dishes. N is maid of all work 

26th Bright morn then clouded up.  only Stevie & Kate went to church as the others are lame in arms caused by vaccination.  E & N called up to Annies - met C & Ida Jones they had been over to Joan's she is at home been their a week & I am glad for she told me she rather die at home.  L & K went up this eve but Mr Wms went home 

27th It has ben a long stormy day, but cleared off before the sun set.  we washed part of clothes.  Kate put my wrapper together  I sewed little.  got letter from Kate Burnham 

28th Bright windy day.  N & L finished washing, clothes all dry & in.  wind blows hard this eve I have sewed some so has K  Stephen Hodges in a little while this afternoon has'nt been able to work for a few days - arm sore many quite sick.  Eddie been down to C Drummonds, heard that 3 children on sand Hill had died with Small Pox.  Hope it wont spread if for the best No one can imagine my feelings while writing to Sue to day a Dream

                  sent letter to Sue March 1st

 March 1899

1st Nice day but quite windy. I have sewed.  we finished my wrapper& K worked on Ruths Eddie went over to mill & Nellie took Pearl called to see Joan she is well.  Dr G was in & vaccinated Ruth, Ralph & Stevie, they did'nt take first time & left something for Ned, he dont gain very fast.  Roscoe Heywood told E his mother sit in chair all the time.  did'nt lie down at all.  If it is the will of my Heavenly Father hope I shall not live long to be waited on  will say " Not my will but Thine O Lord be done" 

2nd Beautiful morn.  Eddie carried me up to Sue Crosbys this morn, came after me about 4 PM, had a good visit.  Nell ironed after dinner.  K went to K Mills had tooth filled  E said to night " I dont see what makes me so tired"  I think he is quite unwell 

3rd Cloudy all day, snowed little, not very cold.  I mended hose, mittens& sewed little.  N & Mary done work.  K cut dress for Mary & sewed.  She & Ned gone to Grange.  Eddie is quite lame went saw Dr Webber at K Mills.  he told E he could help him.  E strained himself has a breach.  I hope he will be careful  L & Stevie been sawing wood.  S gone up to C E meeting 

4th Snowed little all day, melted as it came.  N & M done work  K been up to Annies.  Ned went to mill in morn. After dinner E went              got Butter Box Martha Lunt is 75 yrs old to day over saw Dr again.  L sawed wood  Churned & I mended  Belle James & little girl came up this eve.  Ned & K went to Grange last night.  I have thought of Sue a great deal & of H 

5th Snowed this morn, then rained.  no meeting.  Eddie carried                  he goes in to night Ned down to Hollinsworth this afternoon, met Mr Wms coming up.  E told him it was so stormy they did'nt open church.  Mr Wms turned round.  said he set out not to come.  It is very foggy this eve.  I feel tired have read good deal.  E heard there were new cases of S Pox in Watt" 

6th Cleared off, stars shone before 10 last night.  washed, clothes dry & in.  K cut her a wrapper. I worked Button holes on Marys dress it is done.  Eddie went to the Dr's again, hope he can help him, if it is for the best for he is needed in his family.  Nell must be tired .  when E came home, Ned came with him  he worked little while last night - was sick; dizzy & vomited.  his Boss told him to come home & he should have a chance when he got better - so he came up to K Mills 

7th Cloudy morn, began to snow about 10 AM & has all day.  It has been a windy blustering  day.  we have had 3 good meals & plenty to day  Nell ironed.  K worked on her wrapper  I have mended.  E & boys done chores-Stevie dont feel just right nor Ralph their arms are sore

               sent Letter to Linton Hinds 13th

               Kate got letter from Rufus 17

March 1899

 8th Sunshine & clouds wind has blown all day, quite a March day.  Eddie carried K to Watt" this forenoon as Mrs Clarkin wrote & wanted her.  quite bad traveling.  after dinner Eddie Ned & L broke roads.  N & girls done work,  I mended hose have not felt well for I ate too hearty supper last night.  was sick all night. a House & stable above C Piper's burned last night 

9th Sunshine & clouds.  Eddie & boys done chores. L sawed wood. Stevie is better.  N & girls done work & sewed, & I sewed & knit little  E saw Dr again:  Mabel & Kate Hodges got upset in dooryard and horse ran away up to Benton.  Geo" went after it horseback & caught it, coming up the hill.  it went across upper bridge so down 

10th Beautiful day. Eddie, wife & Pearl went out to Gustavus Abbotts this morn took dinner found Ellen there got home about     Ned gone to Grange 1/2 past 4 I mended E's old frock & made some cookies.  Mary & Ruth done work.  Ralph not very well 

11th Sunshine & clouds.  E churned then drove colt.  at night got K  she said Mrs Meader was dead(Mrs Martin Guptill's sister) buried at Watt  also that Alice Blakney was sewing for Mrs C  To day is the anniversary of Sue's wedding day, also of Fred's 

12th Cloudy, rained little.  Eddie, N, K, S. M & Ruth went to Church  Mr Wms called on his way home few minutes.  E carried K down right after meeting.  Mary went with them, got back before dark.  Eddie called in to L Hodges in forenoon, said he looked badly.  has'nt sit up for 2 days , but got up to day 

13th Clouds & sunshine.  washed.  clothes dry & in. quite windy.  Eddie & Ned been to Town Meeting.  Selectmen Alden Bassett.Sidney Fuller & Mr Smith.  Supervisor Mr Taylor Coll".  Percy Hodges broke his leg to day.  E & N rode out this eve 

14th Nice day.  Eddie & N went over to L Skillins in afternoon took tea & spent the eve:  Ned is'nt very well.  E went to see Dr.  I have mended. 

15th Cloudy most all day. E & N & Pearl went out to Ora Crosby's this morn; got home before dark.  I helped Mary & mended hose.  Ned has'nt eaten anything to day. 

16th Snowed last night, has to day some, been cloudy all day  Ned is'nt well at all, dont have any appetite.  N & Mary done work.  I sewed , finished dress for P.  E is driving Colts this eve.  E has gone to Watt.  Odd Fellows from several towns meet he said   were there.  did'nt get home till most 3 this morn 

17th Nice day but a cold morn.  E churned, drove colts & had Dr G come up to see Ned;  he dont seem to gain much.  Eddie & N gone down to the Grange.  Stevie gone to C E meeting.  Mr Wms & wife gone up Mr Blaisdell called

                      Letter from Sue 20th

March 1899            also one "  Linton H

          Letter from Asenath 21st

          Also one "  Eugene Smith & N one from F in Geo"

                     Letter from Amanda 24

  18th Cloudy, began to snow about 4 PM & does this eve.  E drove colts.  Boys done chores & sawed wood.  N & girls done work.  I sewed on dress for P.  Dr G in.  Ned has no appetite  E brought Cot bed down to night  for him as he is cold.  I have thought so much of Hanes, Asa & Sue to day 

19th Cloudy, snowed & rained.  Eddie, & Mary & Ruth went to Church.  Mr Struthers of Gardiner exchanged with Mr Wms   only 19 out, he said only 14 out at the Fort.  Dr in to see Ned - he said it was poison from being vaccinated.  It has been a long day to me .  O I miss H so much 

20th Nice bright day to wash.  although wind has blown very hard clothes dry & in.  I sewed & knit some.  Dr was in Ned seems little better, but he looks thin & sick,  to night Nell brought him in some toast & jelly & cup of tea did'nt let him know, and he ate it said the jelly tasted good.  hope he will get better soon - O I must go to bed 

21st Bright but quite cold.  Eddie been driving Colts boys sawing wood.  N ironed cooked & sewed. I sewed & mended.  E heard that Almarin Richards was quite sick.  a world of change.  It is my prayer (if it is God's will) that I may not live to need the care that my brother Wm does.  H & A at rest 

22nd Cloudy stormy day  Dr G & his driver dined with us  Ned seems little better, ate little but dont have any appetite E & N & Stevie went up to the church to the funeral of old Mr Lord.  this afternoon I sewed & mended & thought of absent friends  also why am I spared; may it be for some good 

23rd Cloudy all day.  this eve Stevie went to the office when he came in he said it snowed like great guns  N & girls done work. I mended & sewed on Pillow Slips.  Eddie & L went to the Depot in afternoon & got some Phosphate.  Ned did'nt get up till this afternoon.  has'nt eaten anything to day except a raw egg beat up & put into milk.  he looks poor 

24th Cloudy morn snowed little, cleared away, been a nice day.  about 11 Mr Blaisdell & man came with Monument. After dinner, E went with them & put it on the base & I am glad but more  than glad that it is paid for; thanks to Rufus L  After dinner E carried some barley over to Savage for seed.  Stevie gone up to C E meeting.  saw Mr Wms go up wish I could go  Ned took 1 egg in milk  hope he will get better soon. 

25th Nice bright day but quite cold morn also cold this eve.  E been driving colts & went after K,  N & girls cooked & done work  I took care of milk & mended and made pair Pillow Slips Dr in says about Ned  it is a bad case of blood poisoning hope Dr will help him

                   sent letter to Wilmer 27th

          got a letter from someone in Savannah 1st saying that              Frank was sick in the Hospital said light attack                   Typhoid fever     N sent letter to F 2

March 1899

26th Bright morn then clouded up, has spit snow .  E gone down with K.  E & 4 children went to Church E said about 50 out .  many are sick, Mr Wms stops this eve wish I was near  I have written to Wilmer & read . my head aches little will go to bed.  Stevie said about 25 out this eve 

27th Sunshine & Clouds, wind has blown.  clothes dry & in Eddie went over to the Dr's this afternoon, to night he has gone over to Odd Fellows meeting. he has'nt been over this winter Dr was in to see Ned.  says he is better.  he ate some little crackers, toast & took cup of tea also through the day has taken little flour browned gruel  L & S finished sawing hard wood  two yrs ago to day L broke his leg,  Rethel cut his hand on an axe to day 

28th Sunshine & clouds.  E hauled 3 loads hay from upper barn.  after dinner he carried me up to Annies came after me about 4 & to night has gone to Oakland,  union meeting  N & girls done work & N ironed part.  Stevie gone up to a sociable at Hall.  Mr Wms & wife called on their way up 

29th Rained in forenoon.  about 4 snowed little .  It is cold & freezing this eve wind blows.  Dr in told Ned he thought now if he was careful he would pick up fast he has been here 8 times, is'nt coming again unless something new comes up.  N finished ironing  I mended Eddie has gone to bed did'nt get home till 1 this morn

30th Nice bright morn but wind blew quite hard but about 1/2 past 8 Eddie & I started for Mr Wms  very good sleighing for this time of year.  little after 4 he came after me  had a good visit, but am very tired to night  

31st Nice day.  Mary & Ruth spent the day over to Mr Skillins I called down to Hattie Hodges Mr H looks  badly but seems in good spirits  E been Doctoring Old Perhaps he is very lame 

Apl 1st Nice bright day.  Eddie has been doctoring old Perhaps   Ned been to Barn they worked on road ^  gone after Kate.  I have sewed, made 4 Pillow slips N & girls cooked & washed floor 

2nd Nice day but quite cold for the time of year.  Eddie & 5 children, K, S, M, Rufus & Ruth  Mabel H called  Ned is a good deal better, been to barn.  Mr Wms called & K went down with him.  Should like to know how F is to night.  but I trust & hope for the best. 

3rd Nice day to wash.  Clothes dry & in.  Eddie been to see Dr & saw a man that came from Savannah said F was getting along very well  was in the Hospital but we dont know.  If it was'nt for hope the heart would be dead

               Letter from F the 7th dated the 4th

Apl 1899      Sent letter to Sue 10th

              Letter from F 11th

4th Nice bright day.  some go in Sleigh & others in wagons  Mr Oliver was here from Freedom in a sleigh & Eddie went to the Fort on his jumper.  Rufus went down to Mr Wms to stay a few days.  Eddie saw Sam Jackins, he saw F the day before he left.  said F seemed to have all the care.  had a female nurse.  Nice bed with a white Spread on it poor boy wish he was at home but "God knows Best 

5th another bright day.  C Thomas cut some logs S helped  E wants few fence boards.  N finished ironing & cooked  I made a sheet & began a nightdress for N  E heard that Eliza (Grant) Crosby slipped on the floor and broke her hip.  Sad - I hope nothing of that kind will happen to me - if is the will of my Heavenly Father - how much I have thought of H 

6th Nice bright, day but quite  cold. C Thomas helped & will get done to night.  Ned seems quite smart been down to the mill on the Sled with his Father.  Mary went up to Mrs Taylor's with K this morn staid little while.  N & girls done work then sewed.  I finished Sleeves to N's nightdress & mended S & R's pants  E says good deal snow in woods 

7th Another nice day, but snow does not waste very fast.  Ned went to blacksmiths got horses shod.  Mr L Skillins, wife & 3 girls been here to day.  took dinner with us, but as he has his chores to do, went home before tea had a pleasant visit N & Mary got dinner & I washed dishes  S gone up to  C E meeting 

8th  This morn when I got up it was snowing hard & ground white. about 9 commensed to rain & did till after dinner  Ned churned & helped me about the Butter.  about 2 Eddie carried Box Butter to Depot, saw the Dr then went to Watt got K.  very muddy.  F wrote he was doing nicely. 

9th Nice day quite cool. bad travelling.  E says snow is 5 feet deep side of road out on the hill, but we saw the first Robin this morn on top of the oak tree.  E, N & 4 children been to Church.  I have been talking with Sister Sue far away been reading & thinking of friends "Not lost but gone before". 

10th Another nice day to wash.  K worked on waist for Nell  Town meeting at Benton to see about Bridge 

11th Nice bright day.  E & boys worked on road.  N cooked & ironed some.  K sewed on her Mothers waist.  I sewed on my night dresses.  Mr A Hodges & wife spent the eve here & almost 9 oclock Mr Dowden & Ketchum came with    horses  had'nt been to supper, stop here to night 

12th Sun shone bright when I got up, soon clouded up.  Mr D & K left about 9 this morn & took the horses that E has wintered, or about 4 months at 12.00 per month.  N finished ironing. K finished N waist then worked on her skirt & I sewed.  E & N been down to C Warren's just got home 1/2 past 9  he says it snows hard must go to bed

                   letter from Amanda 14th  with check from G

Apl 1899           Letter from F 15th  saying he sit up 1 hour,                    had some milk toast

                   letter from F 18th  he was dressed sit up

                   most all day the 15th 

13th Nice day after a snow storm.  snow that came last night has all disappeared.  N has cleaned back chamber  K sewed.  I dressed Butter & sewed, Mr Brann from Augusta, (Mc" Agent) dined with us then he & Eddie went out back to see a man .  Rufus not very well to night  I have a little cold.  K Mary & Ruth gone down to James this eve 

14th Nice day, clouded up towards night looked like rain  the most spring like day we have had.  N cooked then went into attic.  K sewed & helped her mother.  I finished my night D's & mended 

15th Warm bright day.  Eddie went over to see Dr to night has gone to Corner also Nell.  K has sewed. I mended hose .  thought good deal of absent friends 

16th Nice bright forenoon, then clouded up looks like rain  Eddie & 5 children went to Church K went then E carried K to Watt got back before dark.  no meeting this eve Roscoe H said his Mother not as well. Gangrene had set in. if it was me I should want Eddie to stay with me but we are not all alike- Hope I shall be ready to go 

17th Nice day to wash quite windy clothes all dry &in  just before tea time who should come but Mr Ketchum and a Mr Morrison from Michigan with 4 horses, 2 teams they stop here to night Eddie  & Ned went to Depot got a Mowing Machine to night   E gone to the K Mills to the Lodge they invited Clinton Lodge.  Think N is tired, I am 

18th Another nice day.  N & L washed six Blankets then N & M cleaned middle chamber.  Eddie worked in garden trimming apple trees & fixing Rhubarb.  Men left this morn, went out to James Hodges sold a machine I ironed some & mended.  have'nt felt very well to day  did'nt sleep very well  Ned been to Watt saw Dr. he gave him some medicine 

19th Spring like day.  I churned & mended N & M done work & cleaned up stairs.  E got 2 loads cedar rails of Sue Crosby for stakes  in forenoon when he & Stevie went to Depot got 2 M Machines 3 more then E's an agent & sells them It has been a long day to me. I dont know why - am tired guess all are 

20th Nice day but cooler. cold last night clouded up towards night, & boys says it rained little this eve.  Eddie been over twice to Depot.  got all machines (six) home  all been busy.  N & M cleaned some.  Ruth has'nt been very well  E & N & P gone up to Annie's  how much I have thought of friends, "Not lost but gone before

                       Letter from F 22 Apl 1899            

E sowed first Peas 22nd

                  sent letter to Asenath 24th

                       Letter from F 22                   

          E planted few potatoes                

school began 24

             the 25th  the first      Teacher from Watt

                                                  Miss Atwood    

21st Nice Spring day. Eddie  got 2 loads rails then harrowed.  Ned got colt shod then went on the neck.  his colt reared & broke a shill to his gig.  after dinner carried it to K Mills  to night gone down to the Grange.  Mary has'nt been down stairs to day. head ache & sore throat.  N & R done work & cleaned some.  I made cookies & mended  Eddie says he is tired, guess all are I am for one if I dont do much 

22nd Beautiful day. Mr Blaisdell brought a man & he finished the monument & we paid him in full and I am so glad;  thanks  to Rufus.  Nell has baked & brewed & washed dishes.  Mary is quite unwell, very sore throat, hope she will be better tomorrow 

23rd Another nice day.  Eddie & 3 children went to church & what to their surprise when they got there to find Frank.  he came into Watt" this morn, rode up on Fuller's milk cart.  took dinner, then came up with them to church.  he looks tired.  Mary is better.  K & Ned got some May flowers was going to send some to F but he is at home once more & all are glad 

24th Nice day to wash.  clothes dry & in  Eddie been harrowing all day. Lib gone to Watt".  Stevie, Ruth & twins been to school, hope Mary will be able to soon  Ned carried K to Watt this morn got F's trunk& he has been showing us things he got in Cuba & shells he picked up on shore.  think he is glad to get home 

25th Very warm day.  Churned then E harrowed  Lib got back before noon then he & Eddie picked rocks in upper field.  Ned painted a Sled, went to K Mills  F went up to Annie's took dinner  I ironed N & M done work 

26th Last night was a dark windy.  a Blind was loose & E got up & shut it.  I did'nt sleep very well  rained little this morn, was cloudy till about 11 then sun shone been a nice afternoon.  Eddie & L been up to Mr Coleman  plowed & harrowed this afternoon Matt" Hodges came this morn to shear sheep  Ned not very well, has sore throat.  F & S gone up to Reading Club  hope F wont take cold.  N & M done work  I mended hose & helped some, have felt rather lazy 

27th Nice warm day.  Matt got sheep done before noon had 41 E Pd 3.28.  E & L picked rocks & harrowed.  N & M cleaned front chamber.  I mended F & N went to Watt & went to see Dr G but he was gone all quiet as it is Fast day  how changed from former days when all went to Church                         sent Box Butter to Old Town 28th

Apl 1899                 Eddie planted early Corn 29th   first               Letter from Sue May 1st   

                         Letter from Rufus he was in Iowa 4th

  28th Warm bright day.  Eddie  & L sowed grain in upper field.  Ned been busy, N & Stevie washed Blankets & flannels. Churned & mended  F went to the Mills brought Joan home with him.  Stevie gone to C E meeting 

29th Another warm day.  E & boys put in some corn & picked rocks & harrowed.  Ned went to mill then painted sleds  N & M cooked .  Joan & I mended & I knit some guess all are tired.  Eddie gone to Clinton this eve  Odd Fellows invited 

30th Warm summer day.  In forenoon Eddie, Joan & I went down to the cemetery. first time I have been down since Monument was placed there.  a fitting tribute to those who lie there.  May I be as ready they were  Eddie & 8 children been to Church, quite a good No" out & to night E has gone down with K & carried Joan home 

May 1st Very warm day.  we washed white clothes, sock & mittens quite windy but warm  all dry & in E & L picked rocks & harrowed in forenoon, then cleared upper barn floor, as he sold his hay up there to Mr Blaisdell of Clinton for 4.50 & he hauls it to Depot.  I am tired & my feet ache badly 

2nd Cooler, cloudy most all day.  just before noon rained very little.  Eddie worked for C Warren.  L threshed some yellow eyed beans Ned helped his mother wash some in forenoon drove colt little  F went to the Mills got screen for Hen house, to night gone over to S Fullers his mother went over to K Heywoods  F stops there to night 

3rd A sad day to many caused by the bursting of a Digester at the Paper Mill.  Charles Skillins & a man from N B instantly killed & a Mr Cain hurt badly.  It says to us all "Be ye also ready.  Nell & Ned washed blankets and colored clothes & N finished cleaning store room.  think she must be tired for I am.  mended some hose & chored Eddie & L spread dressing, then he & Mr Coleman watched at Mrs Skillins 

4th Quite cool E said it froze quite hard last night.  He & L spread dressing in forenoon, then he & F went to funeral of C S a crowd there  E one of bearers  Mr Wms attended.  I did not go as I thought I could not hear  N & L washed several pairs Pants. I  mended 

5th Nice day but cool nights Eddie harrowed L picked rocks N done                 Eddie N,F & Ned gone to Grange work.  I mended all day.  the other man that was killed buried to day.  Mr Wms was at Palmers 

6th Another warm day.  Mr Dowden called & E Pd Bal on Harrow so that is paid.  Mr Blaisdell called took the colt.  N has cooked all day & washed floors.  I have mended  Eddie sowed oats & grass seed & harrowed them in.  F put in some Beets, Cucumbers, squash Radishes, & lettuce.  Ned & L fixed fence.  F got K  all busy

                   sent letter to Amanda 8th

May 1899            Letter from Fannie B 8th

           Letter from Amanda with check from G 13th 

7th Nice day. Eddie, Nell & 7 children went to church.  after tea Rufus & his mother & Pearl carried K to the Mills then she goes down on cars.  Ned went out got 10 fish had them for supper to night  I have written to Amanda washed dishes  feel tired 

8th Nice day to wash, quite cool this eve.  Eddie rolled his oats & harrowed on ground for Barley.  F went to Watt got back at noon, thinks of going to work for Gilpatrick 

9th Another nice day.  N washed colored clothes. then cooked F went to the Mills got some Oilcloth for front entry then put it down.  It looks nice.  I moved things out, took up some tacks, Ned helped me, I took up stair carpet & S & Eddie sowed some Barley, the first.  Hay pressers came to the upper Barn board at the corner;  I must go to bed 

10th Bright nice day.  F & his Mother went to the Mills in morn & to night after tea called on Teacher. Eddie & L picked rocks & harrowed.  being Arbor day school did'nt keep only 1/2 day.  Stevie thinned Blackberries & piled some wood in Shed .  I ironed some & cleaned front stairs.  feel very tired  heard that a man was drowned at the Fort 

11th  Quite a cool morn, but a bright day.  Eddie sowed some grain & grass seed for George Hodges & harrowed it & then harrowed at home.  Ned & L fixed fence & planted little Corn & few Potatoes.  N done work.  I churned , & helped washed dishes 

12th  Rained little last night sunshine & clouds to day  Eddie L & Ned picked rocks down in pasture.  Nell finished ironing & cooked  I have mended.  Mr   brought 53 apple trees.  E paid    dollars hope they will live & do well.  E & Nell called up to Lavinia Roundys last night 

13th Nice day. Eddie & boys been doing little of everything harrowing, planting k

little corn & few potatoes.  all been busy in house.  F set out some Plum trees back of the house, & went after K  heard that John Spaulding died 3 weeks ago.  also that Mr Davis & Belle Seavey were married the 10th  live in the North house or Staple under the hill 

14th Bright but quite a cool day.  little fire in my room only  10 went from here to Church.  Mr & Mrs Wms stopped here to tea.  Nell & Ruth carried K to the Mills then she was going down on the cars.  Quite a little fire on on the neck but have got control of it 

15th Nice day to wash, had to haul water.  Boys & L have set out   apple trees , hope they will live  I have written to Sue.  E harrowed.  I must go to bed, I am so tired

                    sent letter to Sue 16th

                sent Box Butter to Old Town 24th

May 1899

16th Another nice day.  in forenoon E worked on Potato ground, afternoon went with 2 loads hay.  boys & Lib planted Potatoes.  F churned & worked Butter & helped his Mother wash flannels & think N must be tired 

17th Bright day but quite cool this eve.  Eddie been 4 trips with hay & I have ironed.  Sue Cushman & Mrs F Burnham called  was very glad to see them.  It seemed almost like seeing Sue for Sue C & Mary both think good deal of Sue & we Talked all the time about her 

18th Cloudy cold day.  Eddie went with last load of hay had little over 24 tons got 5.50 a ton very low but there was great deal of Clover in it.  afternoon he harrowed for Corn  Ned F & L been fixing fence.  Nell cooked as usual & cleaned upper hall & mended  I mended all day.  F went to Watt in Cars in morn did'nt stop long.  must go to bed as I had the Cramp in my feet last night did'nt sleep very well & got to thinking so good night 

19th Dark cloudy rained little & does this eve.  Eddie & L harrowed corn ground to get the witch grass out in forenoon then it rained little & E & Ned put some Mc rakes together & to night E N, F & Ned gone to grange.  N done work & mended, put down stair carpet .  I mended it, also Pants for F & Rufus 

20th Cloudy all day & rained some.  grass looks green but it has been a long, lonely day.  Eddie & boy chored finished up wood in shed & got in some & piled up some  N cooked.  I dressed Butter & washed dishes my arms are quite lame will go to bed as it was most 11 last night when I went to bed.  how I have missed Hanes to day 

21st Cloudy & rained little.  E, N, S, Rufus & Mary went to Church but few out as it rained.  No meeting this eve.  must go to bed 

22nd Nice day to wash.  Dora Dow, Nells niece, came yesterday.  Eddie & boys fixed fence in forenoon then E went to the Mills.  Mrs  A Hodges & Miss Atwood the Teacher called to night.  It is bright but quite cold  am tired will go to bed if not to sleep 

23rd Bright forenoon.  after dinner Nell & Nora started for Watt" but before they got there they had quite a shower.  it sprinkled little here.  Eddie harrowed in forenoon then C Warren with a planter, helped him plant his yellow corn.  Ruth came home at noon.  I have been busy all day.  F laid piece of floor on walk in Shed & steps, is busy 

24th Nice day quite warm.  Eddie got some strawberry plants up to Mr Reed's, they set out part of them after school Stevie planted some Pop Corn.  F, S, Mary & Nora gone up to Reading Club.  Nell has cooked all day.  I dressed Butter & mended  & packed Box for O.  Eddie bought wagon of Mr Knowlton sold old one to him for 8 dollars & gave note for 67 next Feb"

                    Letter from Asenath 26th


25th Beautiful day.  Eddie & L picked rocks all day.  Ned helped C Warren plant Corn part of the day, then helped his father.  Nora & I have kept house & taken care of Pearl  Nell & Stevie been at the Church to help clean it  all tired 

26th Another nice day.  Eddie L & Ned picked rocks & harrowed.  Nell took up her Carpet & cleaned some & done work.  F carried me up to Elizas about 10 came after me about 4 & I was glad to get home for I was tired.  heard that Hannah A Moore was at Mrs G Reeds sick.  H June Hopkins is at Eliza B's with her daughter.  she brought the remains of her husband to Hampden & buried him.  they return as her daughter is in the Post Office at Kansas City salary 700 a year.  Henrietta Hinds was there sewing - must go to bed as my head aches 

27th Cloudy most all day, began to rain about 4PM & Ned & Nora started for Watt after K  F set out Tomato plants  Eddie & boys planted Potatoes & picked few rocks.  F oiled the floors.  how many times I have thought of H while in my room mending socks 

28th Dark Rainy day or part of it.  when Mr Wms came up it did'nt rain & about 5 PM sun shone bright & set clear.  F went to Watt about noon in the cars soldiers had a sermon  Eddie & K carried Nora out home where she lives, got back about six.  Stevie went to Church only 16 out very muddy. Ned has gone down to C Warren's to night going to work for him 

29th Nice cool day to wash & quite cold to night.  F carried K down this morn.  Eddie & L worked on early Corn  L hoed  school did'nt keep so Stevie helped his Mother wash for we had a large wash.  I am tired think N should be 

30th Cloudy morn.  F started for Watt about 8, as he was one of the committee to go to Oakland to decorate the grave of a man that was in the Battery died at Augusta had Typhoid fever  Eddie, N & all the children went this afternoon.  N said she never saw so many people at once.  I have mended E's vest & Pants & baked some cookies, am very tired.  Stevie has come home, said while soldiers were at the Park F fainted  Men carried him out of the ranks, but he got over it & went back again so Eddie has gone down to get him.  there is an address this eve hope they wont stop; they did & said it was very good 

31st Quite cool in early morn.  Eddie carried F out to Oakland to work for Cross & they wore their overcoats, but when E got home about 1 PM it was very warm.  F churned, I dressed Butter, washed dishes then ironed some am very tired. N cooked & ironed some 

June 1st Very warm day. Eddie & L picked rocks & harrowed.  N cooked & finished ironing, & put away Fur Coats.  I mended hose & took care of Milk & chickens.  George Reynolds daughter was buried to day at the Fort  must go to bed for I did'nt sleep very well last night

              Sent Box Butter to Old Town June 1st

                                          Lady had little colt June 5

June 2nd Another warm day. Churned, sent a Box to Oldtown & mended some.  N & Rufus went to Watt this morn, heard K had Tonsilitis but she was better going to work in afternoon  E harrowed some & he & L worked in garden;  Peas blossomed  Caterpillars very thick Stevie gone to C E meeting 

3rd Very warm day.  Eddie harrowed & he & L picked rocks, planted little Pack" Corn, also one of Beans.  gone after K to night Mary went with him  N has cooked all day, I cleaned my room besides taking care of Milk, hens & chickens  am very tired & lame 

4th Not quite as warm.  Eddie & 5 children went to Church, good many out.  2 families moved into Mr King's house, they were out  Frank came home last night about    on his wheel  forgot his key to his trunk so this morn went out & got it as his clothes were in his trunk gone back to night as it looks like rain.  He liked well E has gone down with K hope she wont take cold as she had a very sore throat last week.  Ruth gone with them, Stevie stopped at Annies 

5th Sunshine & clouds with very little sprinkling.  washed part of clothes.  Eddie got G Horn's planter & C Thomas helped him  Pearl 2 yrs old to day plant Beans was here most 2 hours.  I made 2 coarse towels last night  E & Ruth met F in W his wheel had given out so they carried him to Oakland.  Stevie said there were 45 out to meeting last eve * Mr Wms talked on temperance; I was glad 

6th Very warm day but cooler this eve.  churned but did'nt make it up. N & L washed some.  I hemmed tablecloth & made 2 towels & mended Rufus pants.  E heard that Mr S Merrill at K Mills was dead.  I must go to bed as I did'nt sleep very well last night.  N had head ache this afternoon. 

7th Cloudy not as warm, little fire in sitting room to night.  Eddie plowed for C Warren in forenoon then went to K mills to the funeral of Simeon Merrill.  The Methodist man that married him 35 yrs ago attended the funeral  he, Mr M was a member of several   began shirt for E organisations: great many there.  N washed some. I ironed part of clothes then N finished; I have thought O so much of H 

8th Cloudy morn, then sun shone & very warm, but this eve quite cool  Mr Brann dined with us then he & Eddie went to Vass" sold a     got back before dark. 

9th Clouds & sunshine.  E went to Watt" in morn to see Brann           Stevie gone to C E meeting after dinner went again took Mary, Ruth, Stevie & L to a Circus as he had promised them; got home about six  I finished shirt for E & mended  N cleaned house in forenoon as M & R did'nt go to school then cooked & washed floors.  Teacher called after school about 4

              Sent Box Butter to Oldtown June 14

June 1899    set milk in cellar at night first time 14th 

10th Quite a warm day but chilly this eve.  Eddie  churned then cultivated corn, gone after K to night N has cooked & brewed all day.  I dressed Butter, washed shelves in milk room down cellar & mended hose besides taking care of milk & chickens.  I find that I get tired, Is'nt it strange  Lib & Stevie cleaned & swept the cellar.  Stevie said there were 45 out to the C E meeting last eve & they rehearsed for children's day 

11th Nice day. Eddie & 4 children went to Church good number out.  K L Hopkins daughter & Martha Barton called to night.  E, N, twins & Pearl carried K down to Mr Wms   It is children's day & they have a concert.  Mary & Steve & F gone over the river they have a concert.  No meeting at the Church for they have all gone over 

12th Nice day to wash. did'nt wash flannels  Eddie & Lib worked on road with horses.  Mr Morrill hoed Corn.  Frank went to Oakland this morn on his wheel.  Rufus came home from school early was'nt very well.  Teacher on her way to the P Office called 

13th Very warm.  Eddie & Mr Morrill been building a fence in the pasture.  L helped Nell wash some then he helped E  I dressed Butter & mended.  E, N & Pearl gone out to Mr Palmer's with rolls.  have thought of H great deal 

14th Very warm this afternoon.  had 2 little showers & it thundered Mrs Palmer came home with Nell last night, to sew a few days.  E carried Butter to Depot.  Mr Morrill & L had to come in little after 5 it rained they finished fence then hoed corn I began E's other shirt 

15th Cloudy all day, but they could hoe  Mr Morrill helped  after tea E carried mrs Palmer home.  was here 2 days, Pd her 2.00 she sewed: can turn off work very fast.  N got done ironing.  I sewed, washed some dishes.  Rufus , after school helped C Thomas cultivate, it rained little & C brought him up most dark 

16th  Sunshine & clouds.  Eddie  & L cleaned out hen house & at farther end of Shed.  E churned; L hoed corn.  I took care of Butter, finished E's shirt & mended.  Charles Foss buried to day.  One by one passing over, soon my turn will come  May I be ready is my prayer.  Stevie gone to C E meeting.  Eddie gone to the Grange, went over got K they had Harvest supper 

17th Nice day, had a little shower last night , quite cool this eve.  E gone after K & Ned came up was going to Watt" & Stevie went with him.  Mary & Ruth went up to rehearse this afternoon.  E & L hoed Corn.  E sold mowing machine to Sam" Piper.  N has cooked & done up Marys & Ruths white dresses.  O how I miss Hanes no one to talk with; must go to bed

                      Letter from Sue 21st

                                      green Peas first time 25 June 1899 

18th Beautiful day.  Children's day.  I went to Church,  a concert this eve, should like to go; but think best not, as I feel rather tired Mr Wms talked to the children I could hear Eliza Barton was out afternoon & eve little,  saw many old friends who seemed glad to see me.  all the Sue Crosby out in eve children at home to day.  Eddie & 7 children been to concert house was full so some had to stand  E says he never saw it so full  a number spoke pieces Mary & Ruth did & Annie's little Ned 

19th Nice wash, sprinkled little about 5 & 6  Lib helped about washing.  I went into garden picked a few strawberries, after tea Mary & Ruth got a pint side of road.  Eddie put in few beets & hoed.  Mr Brann Mc agent here to dinner.  just at night they found some bees and so E & L had to hive them  then E went to Mrs Reeds got Joan 

20th Nice morn to Churn, dressed Butter, after dinner Eddie carried Joan & I down to Dea" Patersons,  their June meeting met. a large number there, had a social time, saw many old friends.  E went out to the East part of town about tea time had quite a shower, E got back to tea.  we got home before dark all right rained more at home than down there 

21st Quite a cool morn.  E carried Joan over home,  mended hose. after dinner E carried me up to the Church.  The County Convention of C E met there, had a good meeting;  at six all went into the hall where the ladies & girls had tables room for all & plenty of nice food.  then we went back to the Church, had another good meeting  Mr Hinckley of the Good Will Home spoke;  it was good.  the people took the Electric Cars at half past nine for home down river  Katie came up at noon on Cars, her father carried her to the Cars in morn 

22 Nice day but quite cold.  I took little cold last eve.  I have mended & helped round.  Nell & Pearl went down to school.  E & L been hoeing.  children picked a lot of strawberries after tea at 6  I must go to bed as it is cold 

23rd Nice morn but clouded up, quite cold.  Eddie churned I dressed it then mended hose.  E went to the Mills in forenoon & to Watt" after dinner.  L hoed.  school closed to day.  N cooked & sewed  how much I have thought of absent Friends will go to bed 

24th Quite a cool morn, but been a warm day.  I helped wash dishes & mended. N has cooked,  Mary picked strawberries for H Reed in forenoon got 40 cts done very well.  Eddie & boys been hoeing Potatoes.  K came up in Cars,  F came on wheel 

25th Quite warm.  Eddie & 5 children been to Church should liked to have gone but have quite a cold.  Mr Wms & wife came here to tea Mr Wms seemed pleased about the C E meeting how much I thought of H while at the tea table

                     Sent letter to Sue 26 June 1899  

             "  Box Butter to Oldtown 28th

                  Sent letter to Amanda 29                14.40

                  Letter from Amanda July 3rd  Check for 2 Boxes 

26th Nice day to wash.  Stevie helped his mother, I hung out the clothes but did'nt wash as I had a cold.  Eddie & Rufus cultivated in forenoon.  then put Machine together.  Lib worked on road.  F carried K down in morn, went to Oakland got his tools,  after dinner got horse shod.  I washed dishes & mended Pants & a shirt  Mary picked straw" for Mr Reed got 52 cts in forenoon 

27th Sunshine & clouds rained little. Eddie, F, L & Stevie been hoeing, finished their Potatoes.  N ironed some  I dressed butter & mended.  Mary picked 23 qts got 46 cts got home before noon I think she does nicely 

28th Rained, began about 9AM & has fallen gently all day how grateful we ought to be  It will do so much good  Eddie carried         Mary picked 17 qts & it sprinkled Butter to Depot - Beautiful rainbow to night. I have mended & N cut out waists for boys and we began them.  F & Stevie went fishing, got few.  how often I have thought of friends "Not lost but gone before" 

29th Windy, quite cool. N & L washed some, also my white spread. I sewed some on twins waists & washed some dishes.  Eddie  went to Watt in forenoon, after dinner he L & Stevie picked rocks.  F mended some Pans.  Rufus after dinner went up to Annies went strawberring with her, done real well.  must go to bed 

30th It has been quite a cool day,  I dressed Butter then E plowed for Turnips.  Mr Brann came & they went out in Winslow then he & Stevie went to Depot after Machines.  I mended hose N ironed & cooked   Mary picked 25 qts, got 50 cts.  she does nicely.  Rufus went up to Annies, went strawberring.  it is cold to night