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Winslow Maine Crosby Diary


July Through December 1898

Transcribed from the original handwritten diary of Elizabeth B. Hinds Crosby by her Great Grandson Clyde Spaulding

July 1898

          sent letter to Amanda & Rufus 4th        school closed

          Letter from Nett 5th                         July 1st

 1st Another nice day. Churned & mended.  N cooked & swept chambers.  E & boys put up Sleds & harrows & hoed Beans, then E went to the Mills.  F & Ned gone to Grange. Eddie, Lib, Stevie, Mary & Ruth gone up to a concert at the church Mr Wms & Edith with her Violin also F Garland, Nelson boy & B Patterson with a bass viol, & Julia Patterson on organ,, Ella Piper sang alone also Maud Taylor.  Bob Crosby spoke several times.  They had ice cream, cake, col" over 15 dollars.

 2nd Nice day.  Worked Butter & mended.  E had 3 machines come to day, he has sold them.  F been down got Kate to night Rufus went with him.

 3rd Very hot day.  Eddie & 5 children went to Church. Stevie & H gone this eve. Mr Wms stops.  I have written to Rufus & Amanda.  All the children been at home to day.

 4th Independant day.  Jo" Reed went with rack carried Sab" school scholars & teachers out to the Pond.  Nellie, Kate & the 5 youngest went out in the carriage, had a good time got home all  Mr B Moore & wife called he got a machineright. ate supper out there, Eddie was putting machine together, did not go.  F & L went to Mills so E & I was alone at noon thought of H when we kept house.  Ned carried K over & she goes down in cars.  Mrs Sylvanas Hamlin died last night.  I washed white clothes & stockings.

 5th Another nice day.  Eddie  began to mow clover in upper field, it is very stout.  N finished washing clothes dry & in.  E sold m machine to Merritt Reed.  Guess all are tired.

6th Bright , not quite as warm.  E mowed & they got in 2 loads at home.  N cooked & ironed some.  Churned & mended hose & went out picked few Peas.  am very tired will go to bed if not to sleep. 

7th Another nice day.  E mowed some, got in 5 large loads.  N finished ironing.  I worked Butter & mended  all tired 

8th another good hay day got in 6 loads from upper field& hauled it down home, clover for cows.  N done work, I mended F's pants & put up Box of Butter, washed some dishes.  Mary finished picking strawberries for H Reed, she earned 3, some forenoons earned 50 cts, but got pretty tired.

  9th Sunshine & clouds. E mowed north of Barn & put it up.  N cooked, washed floors.  I made cookies washed some dishes & mended.  To night N & Rufus gone after Kate. 

              Letter to Geo" Hunt also to Sue Jul 13th

July 1898         "   from Rufus 13th   

  10th Sabbath day but it has'nt seemed like it.  Eddie, N & 6 children went to Church.  After tea E, N, Ruth, Pearl & twins carried Kate to Watt".  Neddie sprained his knee yesterday is quite lame, & F while swimming cut his foot.

  11th  Nice day to wash, quite cool this eve.  After tea N went down to Hatties, Ida is very wild:  Mr Wms married Amos Barton a mute last eve & this morn Mr Wms & family started for Owls Head.  F gone to Watt" to night to drill.  Exciting times at Cuba. I must go to bed (as I am very tired) if not to sleep. 

12th Nice hay day.  E mowed some got in 7 loads.  Churned & mended Pants for S. I have felt lonely and alone to day.  N cooked & ironed some.  It is a beautiful  sunset.  One day nearer my Home above where are many friends

13th Cloudy all day.  dressed Butter, mended F's pants & began a shirt for Eddie .  N done work & ironed some.  Mary been picking Straw" for H Reed.  They carried Ida to the Insane asylam to day; Poor motherless girl.

  14th Nice hay day, got in 6 loads from ten acre field.  Eddie  went to Clinton after dinner to see about a machine.  F has extracted honey & Nell strained     gals besides up 5 qts          I mended & picked over plumsStrawberries that Mary & Ruth picked at H Reed's.  F has gone toWatt to be examined.  C Thomas helped. 

15th Sunshine & little cloudy & a little shower in morn.  E went out to Bracketts with a m machine. N done work. I sewed on Eddie's shirt.  C Thomas helped.  F Hunt called

 16th Nice hay day, E mowed on intervale & got in 6 large loads the whole of it & 3 from below the oaks.  C Thomas helped.  E says he is the best man he ever had.  F helped till 5 then went to Watt.  Mary & Ruth picked 11 qts at Mr Reed's in forenoon had half of them think they done well.  churned, finished E's shirt & mended hose.

  17th Bright warm day.  Frank passed examination last night & the Reg" started for Augusta this morn at half past 10: Eddie & Ned went down with him to Watt"  I hope he will be well & become a good Christian  he enlisted in Heavy Artillary for two yrs.  K came up with F last night.  Nell, Mary, Ruth & Pearl gone to carry her down to night.  Stephen Abbott came in took tea with us.

  18th Nice day to wash & a good hay day.  Eddie mowed in upper field & they got in 8 loads,  It is half past nine & they are eating crackers & milk. It looks very much like rain.  Clothes dry & in.  know all are tired good night.  

                     Letter from Frank 20th July 1898

  19th Cloudy most all day, sun shine a few minutes about 12. It rains this eve.  children went got few Rasberries.  Eddie killed a sheep.  churned & began E's other shirt.  N ironed.  have not heard from F.  I have thought of him after tea.

20th Another cloudy day but the sun shone out bright about 4 then cloudy again.  E & boys hoed in garden forenoon then E cut up sheep & went to Blacksmith shop.  Mary been up to Annie's.  got letter from F.  Stevie & L went rasberrying got 8 lbs late when they went.  I sewed on shirt.  N been busy.  Book Agent dined with us Pd 25 cts, took no book

  21st Clouds & sunshine, no hay weather. in forenoon they worked in garden, then E got wagon Home Roy Bowman got tires & fixed it  Pd him 2 dollars.  Lib, Stevie & Mary been rasberrying, they done well.  N is maid of all work.  I got Eddie's other shirt done.  I have lived in the past to day.

  22nd Nice hay day, E mowed & they got in 7 loads & thinks there is 2 out.  N canned Berries & cooked.  I picked over Berries & mended hose.  Mary went with R Hodges Berrying got 4 1/2 lbs. C F here.

  23rd Nice hay day & E mowed got in 7 loads, all that's down.  Churned & mended.  N went down got Kate, she is done for present.  C F here.  How much I miss H about having some one to talk with.

  24th Sunshine & Clouds. No meeting to day but Stevie, Kate, Mary & Ruth gone to prayer meeting.  How many times Hanes & I have gone & enjoyed going.  Ned has been up to day, stopped till after tea.  quite cool this eve.  will go to bed.

  25th No hay day, sun shone little, been quite windy  did not finish washing as Nell helped Eddie about Bees  some clothes dry & in:  how often I have thought of absent friends.  Eddie & N gone up to Lavina Withem Roundy's to night.

  26th Some cloudy, little Sun, No hay day, they cleaned the Hen house then E & boys pulled weeds in early corn.  heard that Mr   mistake   Glidden's children had the Diptheria  Thought one could'nt live.   summer complaint Stevie & Mary went over to East Benton yes" with Sadie Hodges & Neddie they got 20 lbs, done nicely & Nell has canned them to day.  K helped some & sewed.  I made sleeves & put in a night dress.  Then began some blue drilling overalls for the twins.

                  N got letter from Frank 27th July 1898        

  Letter from Sue Aug 1st     & N one from H

                  Letter from F 2nd 

27th Cloudy in forenoon, then sun shone. E mowed got in 2 loads.  Stevie drove the Tedder.  N cooked & washed little.  I finished boys overalls.  K made print dress for Pearl.  Mary went with K Hodges, got some rasberries.  Kate, Mary & Stevie gone to Reading Club  must go to bed as I am tired. F wrote he had been sick-had summer complaint was in Hospital 2 days 

28th Cloudy part of day, sun shone little.  E mowed & raked it up.  Charles F here in forenoon this afternoon he, Stevie & Mary went out to Ros" Pall's raspberring.  N has washed & ironed some.  I mended hose & washed dishes,  Florence Dow ( a niece of Nellie's) came here this afternoon. 

29th Cloudy morn but cleared away before noon. C came & they opened hay, used tedder & got in 3 loads.  After tea E & C mowed. About 4 Nellie , Kate, Florence & Pearl carried Box Butter to Depot, then went to Watt'.  left Kate to Perry Quinlins as there is a party going up to Hayden's Lake tomorrow & she is going. 

30th good hay day.  E mowed some in upper field got in 7 loads  C F helped  N sent supper up to the upper field.  I helped some made few cookies & sewed.  Sue Lancaster, Mrs Hubbard & niece called.  It is ten oclock E is eating Crackers & milk.  I will go to bed. 

31st Sabbath day & last day of the month.  It does'nt seem like Sunday.  C F helped Eddie get in 3 loads hay. Neddie came up about 4.  Will, Annie & children came.  Ned & his mother made some Ice Cream.  They went home half past 5.  Stevie, Florence & Mary went up to meeting, not many there.  One of Mr Glidden's children was buried yesterday.  Neddie went.  should like to hear from Frank. 


1st Nice day to wash, had quite a large one & they are dry & Nell has brought them most all in as it sprinkled little looks like rain.  Eddie finished mowing over brook & got in 5 loads  C F is here.

  2nd Nice hay day, E got in 3 loads in upper Barn, finished over the brook, & mowed back of Barn & got in 3 loads.  C F is here.  N has ironed some & cooked.  I mended; glad to hear Frank is well. 

3rd Bright E mowed & got in 7 loads from 10 acre field.  I mended hose & after dinner, Nell carried me over to Ann Sylvester's came    C F hereafter me at night.  Mrs H Brown & Ellen are there  had a good visit.  heard that Elizabeth (Flagg) Getchell was buried yesterday at Watt".  She stuck a sliver in her hand, got cold in it.  she lived a few days almost a lockjaw  I am tired will go to bed

                  sent letter to Sue & Wm 5th   

                  Eddie went with corn this morn to Watt"

               We had corn Sunday 7th   with L & Ned at 7AM                     

                    N had letter from F 9th   

    Aug 1898

  4th Cloudy. They got in small load scatterings afternoon.  E went to the Mills, Lib got a few Raspberries.  I have mended.  C F here 1/2 day, after getting hay fixed water fence.  I have been with absent friends.

  5th Cloudy rainy day till about 3 PM sun shone out bright & stars shine this eve.  E & Stevie fixed hayrack in the forenoon.  about 3 Lib went raspberring & E went to Watt".  I made sleeves & put in my dress.  N cooked & sewed.  heard that Wellington's barn -shed burned, also a horse he had been offered 1000_  report that it was by upsetting a lantern.  How much I have thought of H as I have been in my room. 

6th Nice hay day.  E mowed below oaks got in 5 loads.  C F here I churned & mended.  N has cooked all day, think she is tired. 

7th Nice day,  None went to Church but Mary, as E carried Florence home and Frank came home last night about 12 got into window no one heard him did not know he was here till morn Ned came up last night - was going down to see him to day - Stevie is not a bit well- hope he will be better tomorrow.  I am tired will go to bed. 

8th Nice day to wash, & we had one.  I kept round till after 4 then stopped.  N must be tired. E carried F to the train this morn. he took some honey & cookies, he says their food was good    C F 1/2 daybut no cakes or pies.  The R R Depot , Machine Shop & a barn were burned last night at K Mills.  I must go to bed. 

9th Nice hay day.  E mowed in opening got in 6 loads.  C F here.  Nell took Pearl went down with Stevie to see Dr,  he said Stevie wanted to rest.  he has worked pretty steady haying.  Mary & I done up work & I ironed some.  Ruth spent the day with Annie. This afternoon I began to pick the wool.  N swept chambers.  I will go to bed.  

10th Cloudy, little cooler.  E got in few scatterings.  about 10 who should come in but Martha Lunt.  was glad to see her & enjoyed her visit very much & about 11 a McCormick Agent came.  after dinner E went to L Fullers with him.  Heard that James Hodges wife had a young babe.  my head aches will go to bed. 

11th Cloudy morn but sun came out & E mowed  acres oats in upper field & some grass back of barn & got in 5 loads  C F came about 2 PM.  I picked wool.  N cooked & mended.  after tea she went over to Gerry Smiley's got Kate she has been gone 13 days.  D O Smiley called said he was 78 yrs old last July.

                                 Lib got letter from Sarah 18

                                   N got    "     "   F

Aug 1898

  12th Cloudy, Eddie mowed some wild carrots & fixed bee Hives.  I picked wool - N cooked & mended - Kate washed some & to night she and Stevie gone to C E meeting. O how much I have thought of H. E churned in morn - am tired will go to bed. 

13th Cloudy forenoon, sun shone out bright noon.  E opened a load of hay got it in & 3 large loads of oats from upper field.  C F helped 1/2 day.  I worked Butter took care of milk.  then finished wool, finished it about 5 to night & I was glad when it was done for I was very tired.  Nell & girls done work & N has made little Catsup as H Reed & Amos gave Stevie some tomatoes. 

14th Nice bright day. Eddie, N, S & Ruth went to Church.  Kate, Stevie & Mary gone  this eve.  Mr Wms stops.  I should like to stop in if near although I feel tired after meeting.  Eddie, N, Ruth & I went up to what we used to call the Smiley burying ground.  I have'nt been there for a long time.  when Hanes went with me O what changes. 

15th Nice bright day.  Clothes dry & in.  E mowed part of turnip piece & got 4 loads.  after tea mowed grain in upper field C F helped him.  A Pedler, little boy stops here to night. 

16th Nice day. E finished mowing grass for 1898 - got in 3 loads had 122 loads in all & has got his grain all down 4 loads in think he is not sorry.  N cooked & ironed some. K cut a dress for her Mother.  I got skirt of it most done. Churned. just at night N called down to Mrs Fish.  Mr James' Mill came very near being burned this afternoon.  Our folks were in the barn unloading hay, they all went with Pails.  burnt little lumber belonged to C Foss.  dont know how it took 

17th Sunshine & clouds.  E went with corn then picked some.  changed hay fork got in 3 loads grain.  C F helped. is done has worked 18 1/2 days. E paid him 37 dollars.  he is going to work for C Warren on Fort Bridge they are going to repair it.  I worked Butter then hemmed ruffles for N's dress & mended some.  K sewed.  N & M done work & ironed some.  K, M & Stevie gone to reading club. 

18th Nice day. E went with corn then picked some, and got in 4 loads of grain.  I have sewed, so has K.  N & M done work & ironed some  after tea I picked few Peas & thought of absent friends. 

19th Cloudy most all day.  E went with corn then got in 2 loads of Barley, The last grain; had 13 loads & just as they drove into the Barn at noon it began to rain little & this eve it rains quite hard.  E thinks he wont get up at 5 in the morn as he has no more Corn to carry to market.  I churned & mended Ned a pair of pants.  N put up some Catsup.  K finished her Mothers dress.  Ralph & Rethel rode the horse to unload the last load of grain.

Aug 1898         sent letter to Rufus 22

                 Letter from F 26

  20th Cleared off in the night, been a beautiful day.  Eddie is 48 yrs old to day, all that were at our house that day have passed over the River.  It seems like a dream.  E been to Freedom with wool got it carded, had 14 lbs, Pd 98 cts.  N went out to Mrs Sewards in Albion, they took tea at John Crosby's, most 9 when they got home.  K & M done work, I dressed Butter, made cookies & mended 3 pairs pants - guess all want to go to bed, I do 

21st Nice day but about 4 PM it looked like a shower but pleasant this eve.  K & Mary gone to prayer meeting. E, N & 4 children went  Church quite a number out. Mr Wms did not stop 

22nd Nice day to wash.  I worked till 1/2 past 2 then I retired, feel better this eve.  Eddie been to Albion to see a Mr Baker about a Corn cutter & Binder, then took lambs from Sheep & turned out 2 heifers.  K cut & made waist for Ruth & finished her dress. 

23rd Nice day only sprinkled very little at noon.  Eddie, N, K, S, Mary, Ruth, twins Rufus & Pearl & Annie & her boys, only 3, been down to K Garland's grove to a picnic.  Good many there.  Jo Reed went with a hayrack, our folks went with 2 teams.  Ralph did'nt feel very well to night, & all are tired. Mr Wms was not    put up 3 strings apples firstthere gone to __ to attend funeral of Mrs Philbrick she died with cancer, left 5 little children.  I must go to bed as I did'nt sleep very well last night.

  24th Nice forenoon, but about 3 PM had a heavy shower.  Eddie  wife & Pearl started for Vienna to see N's brother about 9 AM.  Heard that the widow Kennedy's buildings were burned this forenoon. she & all of them had gone to the Pond on a picnic.  O it seems so lonesome to have Eddie gone.  Churned, put up 4 strings apples first. 

25th Cloudy, rained little in forenoon but E & N had a good afternoon to come home, got here about 6 while we were at tea table.  I think pretty tired.  E said he was & N looked as though she was.  Pearl seemed glad to get home.  Girls done work. I put up 8 strings apples & dressed Butter.  am tired.

  26th Beautiful day.  Eddie  went over to Depot, sold McCormick Corn Harvester to a Mr Baker of Albion,  an Agent, Mr Brann came home with E & took dinner then E carried him back then Pulled Beans, I mended hose.  After dinner I went down to Hattie's stopped to tea had a good visit, some one to talk with.  Mr H good deal better.  I must retire as I did not sleep well last night. 

27th Another nice day. Eddie finished pulling & stacking his beans. then fixed water fence.  K cooked & has gone down to Hattie's this eve.  N, Mary & Ruth went to the Mills this afternoon.  I have mended all day but feel tired.

              Sent letter to Sue 29th  got one 29th

                       Letter from F 3rd

         Eddie went to factory with first load corn 3rd

  Aug 1898

  28th Nice day but quite cool so I put few chips in my stove. Eddie, N & 6 children went to church, Amos led the meeting as Mr Wms did'nt get back, he was called to Sherburne K to attend the funeral of a friend.  I have read & written to Sue, my eyes are tired.

                       school began to night

29th Nice cool day to wash, wind blew & they are dry & in.  as it looks like rain, Eddie & L dug 18 Bush" Potatoes very good but few in hill. K went out to Camp Meeting to China yes" with a young Woodcock.  she has most made a blouse for Rufus.  Stevie, M, Rufus, & Ralph, first time, went to school.  Rethel was sick.

  30th  Foggy morn, but been a beautiful day, warmer  Eddie went to the Mills, L dug potatoes. N & K done work. I peeled & put up 6 strings apples, churned.  Eddie & N went to the hall to a sociable this eve they took 5.00  Lib went too

  31st Another nice day.  Eddie & L finished digging Potatoes had 50 bush & they are very good.  After dinner Nell, Kate & Pearl went to the Mills, got Pearl's picture or sit for one.  hope it will be good, then called to see Mabel Blakney, she is very lame, & called to see Mrs Gage. I mended hose & while alone this afternoon, seemed as though H would come in.

  Sept 1st Nice day . Eddie N & Pearl carried some rolls out to Mrs Palmers, she is going to spin them, got back about noon.  found      Susan is 70 yrs old to day Mr Gould (an agent) came to set up Corn Harvester after dinner they went to Depot.  It had come & they rode out to Bakers so he came & got it.  Gould stopped with us to night.

  2nd Some cloudy.  Eddie & Gould start for Albion about 6, set up the machine & Baked cuts an acre, worked well.  They came back about 7 also a Mr Brann who came to see Gould.  Took tea here.  they left, take the Pullman for Augusta.  Nell & Ned gone to the Grange, am sorry it rains hope they wont get wet.  Stevie went up          Philips here to teato C E meeting.  Mr Wms  came up but did'nt stop.

  3rd Another nice day.  Eddie & L hauled load of Hay for Mr Coleman in forenoon then picked load of Corn & went to the Mills.  Coming home, up to the corner a tire came off one of the front wheels so he left his load of husks.  Lib is not well to night been vomiting.  Churned & mended pants for Ned & knit some.  Letter from F he is not very well  girls done work  Mary & Ruth had their hair cut off & shingled as it was coming out badly since they had the fever in spring 

                  letters from Sue & Wm the 5th

Sept 1898

  4th Nice day, but looked like a shower just before noon. It     thundered hard & lightens very sharply this eve.  About 4 PM Eddie , N & I went over the river to the Cemetery.  Albert Ludwick died the 2nd was taken sick the day before, died very suddenly at Kennebunk Port & brought here to be buried.  It says "Be ye also ready". E & 4 children went to Church.  Amos Hinds read a sermon.  Mr Wms was invited to preach out to the China Camp Meeting.  I'm glad he went.  Grace Gage went to Old Orchard, was at the C E Meeting last friday , Offered prayer & spoke, said she was healed & had laid aside her glasses as she had to wear them.  hope it will prove to be genuine. " Oh for a closer walk with God" is my daily Prayer. 

5th Nice day to wash clothes dry & in.  K went to Watt this forenoon, got back about noon.  E went with 1 load of corn.

Mr Wms was at meeting last eve, but few out as we had a heavy thunder shower rained hard.  Stevie stopped rode down with Mr Wms after the shower.  I must go to bed as I am tired. 

6th Nice, but a very warm day.  E went with 1 load corn Nell went over to Wm Clifford's & got Mrs H Brown & Joan L came too, but went home as D O was going to the cars after Lettie.  Mrs B stops to night.  Rufus & both twins were sick last night vomiting.  did not go to school. 

7th Cloudy morn but cleared off.  E went with 2 loads corn,  After dinner N & K took Pearl went over sit for P's picture again got home about 5  They stopped at Stephen Abbots as there was quite a shower after tea N carried Mrs B & Lawrence to Mr Cliffords, as L hurt his arm fell off the horse.


8th  Nice day little cooler.  Eddie went to Albion this morn to carry some pieces of Harvester.  Afternoon went with 1 load Corn. Stevie did'nt pick corn as he was on the sick list & Eddie & Lib not very well.  E said it was quite sickly in Albion.  Nell carried Neddie & Kate to Watt" this morn, they went to Lewiston to the State Fair.  I have mended hose & put up 2 strings apples. dont feel very smart this eve.  Will go to bed. 

9th Bright. N went down got Kate she stopped with Miss Welch a girl that sewed with her. Then N carried her to Geo" Eames as his wife is sick & she is going to help them a few days.  I Churned & took care of milk.  I have not felt so unwell for 2 yrs or more.  If for the best, hope to feel better in morn.  Will say "Not my will but thine O Lord be done".  E went with 1 load corn.  will go to bed. 

10th Nice day but quite cool.  E went with 2 loads corn then went to Albion to see Baker about cutting his corn fodder.  Frank came home to night, all glad to see him.  I dressed Butter & mended.  N cooked all day.  Rufus Mary & Ruth sold Pumpkins come to 54 cts, small ones.  I have felt better to day but not right.

Sept 1898 

11th Nice day but quite cool.  Kate came home to night said there was a frost up to Mr Eames last night .  had little fire in my room to day,  Eddie , Frank, Mary, Stevie & Ruth went to Church.   have been with absent friends to day Mr Wms did'nt stop this eve.  Stevie gone up this eve, Ned went up to day.  Eddie  has been bringing Squashes Tomatoes & covering up things as it is cold enough for a frost & I must go to bed. 

12th Nice day to wash, quite cool  Eddie  & L went to town meeting this afternoon, got home about 3.  is getting in Pumpkins as it is cold enough for a frost.  Heard that Joseph Lunt had a shock yesterday morn.  E went to the corner said there were but 90 votes cast in Benton and 60 of them were Republicans and there are 350 voters in town (very indifferent). Dunning Repub" of Winslow had 110 Majority.  must go to bed as I am quite lazy. 

13th Another nice day.  Libbens cleaned out Henhouse & Eddie sprayed it with Kerosene & set some glass in it.  I cleaned milk room out of kitchen & set milk in it at night.  (set milk out of kitchen)*  F went up got Kate.  Ned came up & Will & Annie came down so all were at home, as F goes in morn. late went  we went to bed. 

14th Nice day but quite cool. N carried F to the Depot at Benton this morn about 1/2 past 5.  E carried K up to Mr Eames I washed some dishes & mended twins night dresses.  N washed colored clothes, & cooked & ironed some.  E fumigated hen house then he & L fixed fence, & got in his beans,  must go to bed I am cold. 

15th Cloudy morn, but been a bright day, but cool.  E & L got in pumpkins in forenoon.  just after we got through dinner Mr Baker came, got him some dinner & he went down to Mr Horn's.  E had Mr Fish to help him fence in afternoon as he wants to turn cows into the field. 

16th It has been a nice day till about 4 PM it clouded up & rained little.  E & L been fencing around the garden, turned cows in field to bait.  Churned & got dinner as Nell carried Belle James to Watt" about 1/2 past 10.  she is going down river on a visit.  N has ironed colored clothes & cooked some & to night she & E & Ned gone to the Grange.  Eddie  has'nt been since last winter.  K came down Frank was here, went back early this morn. 

17th Nice day very warm.  Mr Baker cut corn fodder, & they have got it all shucked.  Warren Childs helped them this afternoon.  Eddie went with Mr Baker up to Merritt Reeds, as Baker was not well & he wanted to cut Merritt's.  Nell has cooked all day & Mary washed dishes & helped take care of Pearl, as Ruth has been sick all day & was last night.  I took care of milk and mended hose.  Twins 5 yrs old to day.* written in left margin

                  K got letter from Rufus 20th

                  sent letter to Rufus 22

                  I got letter from R     24th

  Sept 1898

  18th Sunshine & clouds rained little.  Eddie , N & 6 children been to Church.  None but Stevie went this eve & he stopped at Annie's.  It is very dark.  How many times H & I have gone and I should enjoy going now if I could hear, but tis all right.  good night. 

19th Very windy day.  Clothes dry & in.  Pearl not very well been vomiting.  Eddie & Stevie in morn got Heifer home from Mr Coleman's pasture then got up sheep & lambs & marked them.  one sheep & one lamb missing.  after dinner E & L began to haul rocks to fix the bridge for the town & Stevie got 5 loads pumpkins in Express wagon is pretty tired went to bed right after supper. 

20th Nice day.  Eddie & L hauled rocks.  After school Stevie got a load of Pumpkins, the last.  Quite cool this eve.  I churned & put up 2 strings apples & mended.  K been sewing.  N washed little & cooked.  Altho" busy I have thought often of H & absent friends. 

21st Very pleasant.  E & L & Morill to work on rocks.  Stevie              Nell sent Box to F  food went to mill in forenoon^then hauled few bushes put round apple trees.  I mended some and put in a quilt, N helped me,  quilted few lines.  N making Tomato pickles & canning some.  K helped but this afternoon gone up to Annie's.  I feel tired; new work.

  22nd Quite warm. E L & Morrill on bridge.  heard that Augustine Crosby is very sick.  Dr was there twice yesterday.  K, L & Mary at Reading Club last eve.  N is making pickles.  K gone to Watt" this afternoon. I have quilted most all day, shall leave it now as I am tired.  Pearl is not well. 

23rd Dark rainy day.  Eddie  not very well, up several times last night, but says he feels better.  just at night he rode up to Sue Crosby's.  she said A could'nt keep anything down & had'nt for 3 days & cant sleep.  I hope Eddie  will be better in morn.  Churned then quilted.  N been making jelly & canning.  Think she will be glad when she gets done.  K sewed 

24th Rained when I got up but cleared off & quite cold, had a fire in sitting room first time.  Eddie  been out some but dont feel very smart.  I hope he will feel better in morn.  Heard that Augustine was'nt so well, had a consultation of Dr's  Kate gone up to Maud Taylor's she has little company.  girls done work & I have quilted, got it down on floor  it makes me think of H. 

25th Heavy frost last night & quite cold to day.  5 of the children went to church.  Eddie did'nt go not very well but he & I rode up to Sue Crosby's.  Augustine no better.  Stevie & K gone up to prayer meeting. Mr Wms stops Neddie rode up, said Charles & Mr Getchell was camping out to the pond a few days.  He & Flo keep house. 

                    sent letter to Nett 26th

  Sept 1898

26th Nice day to wash, warmer.  about 4 to night Nell went to the Mills got Pearls pictures, then got Joan & brought her over.  Eddie, Morrill & L been hauling rocks.  While writing, Mary came in said Frank had come to stay a week or more, has the Sciatic Rheumatism.  Eddie been to the corner saw Dr Byron Crosby; brother of Augustine.  He said A more comfortable this eve but did'nt know how he would be through the night 

27th Nice day but quite cool this eve, rained when I got up but cleared away so Eddie & Morrill hauled rocks this afternoon.  Lib not very well,  Joan & I quilted, N ironed & cooked, K helped.  Mrs Roscoe Heywoods daughter came here this afternoon.  gone over to Town hall to a sociable with Kate & Frank.  Heard that Augustine was more comfortable. 

28th Beautiful day.  Eddie, Morrill & L been hauling rocks. Joan & I quilted in forenoon, afternoon went to Sybil Paine's funeral  went to bed as well as usual died in a short time, very sudden she told Lucy (her daughter) she felt cold took a brush & brushed herself and died before her son got into the room.  Augustine died about 2 this afternoon.  I rode up when I got home from the funeral; poor Sue, I pity her, can sympathize with her.  Must go to bed. 

29th Another beautiful day.  Eddie, Morrill & Lib hauled rocks.  Churned & we got quilt out & put in lining for another.  Bright eve Eddie, N, & Joan took a walk down to the bridge & I am going to bed for I am weary. 

30th Nice day for funeral of Augustine. Eddie, N, Joan, Frank & I went.  Mr Wms read & offered prayer, quite a number there, was buried in what was called Smiley burying ground.  think there were 23 teams in the procession.  Robbie not very well.  in afternoon Nell, Ruth, Pearl carried Joan over home & K went to Mr Blakeny's, left me alone to keep house &quilt.  Morrill & Lib worked all day on rocks, Eddie 1/2 day & went to funeral 

Oct 1st Very warm day.  E, M & L on bridge.  I quilted all day N & Mary done work, & just at night N & Pearl went out to Palmer's got some yarn, as she is spinning some.  26 yrs ago to day Mother fell asleep in Jesus - what changes since then 

2nd Beautiful day not quite as warm as yes"  E, N & 6 children went to church good number out. Mr Wms, wife & Nathan were here to tea.  F & K gone this eve not many out  Marcia Lunt led the meeting as Jo" Reed is lame was thrown from a Byale 

              got letter from Sue to night Oct 3

                    sent one to sue in morn  "  3

Oct 1898       picture of Edith Burnham the 10th

 3rd Very warm day, windows all up.  towards night it clouded up, is very dark this eve, sprinkled little.  Eddie, Morrill &  Lib hauled rocks.  I churned in morn then helped wash till almost noon, in afternoon quilted, & K helped her mother.  heard one of Mr Jackins boy had Typhoid fever also a girl of James Hodges had the diptheria & a girl of Mr Foggs Tonsilites hope it wont spread.  We seem to need a good rain 

4th Cloudy morn rained little at 5 but has been a very warm day  E, M & L worked on rocks  girls done work  sewed & ironed little after taking care of milk milk & butter  I have quilted .  Mary has'nt been to school, had head ache & Stevie has summer complaint 

5th Cloudy morn, began to rain little at noon.  In morn F went over got Joan as she wrote me she would come over & help me get out my quilt.  Eddie M & L worked on rocks in forenoon & after dinner till most 2 then it rained hard.  Morrill & L threshed beans after they came up, & E & F went to Albion.              

6th Beautiful day.  We got quilt out.  N done work K sewed on dress for Ruth.  F fixed Pump in kitchen & cleaned sewing Machine.  Stevie went to Mill.  Eddie, M & L worked on rocks.  E had C Thomas split rocks.  J Hodges girl died this morn about___yrs old hope it will not spread but we know not what a day will bring forth.  how much I have thought of H to day - I feel I am one day nearer home 

7th Another nice day.  Eddie, M & L hauled rocks  F & K went to K   F got a lounge gave 7.00 Mills & Watt in forenoon got back about 2 PM.  Heard that more were sick at J Hodges, if it is for the best hope they will get better.  N done work, K sewed, Joan & I quilted

  8th Cloudy morn, rained so they did not work on rocks: E got his horses shod in forenoon then worked round barn.  L cleaned hen house. In afternoon F & his mother & Mary went to Watt got M a dress.  K done work.  Joan & I quilted.  in eve E carried J up to D,OS 

9th Nice bright day but quite cool.  Eddie, N & 6 children went to Church.  Mr French exchanged with Mr Wms  as he & Mrs Wms went to Bangor Thursday to a Musical Convention.  Neddie came up last night stopped till this afternoon, after meeting Nellie went over with Joan as she wanted to get some things 

10th Nice day to wash  N & K washed & done work  Joan & I quilted   Ned here to dinnerEddie, M & L worked on bridge.  E came up with Mr Brann a little while.  Heard that James Hodges was sick.  F went in forenoon gunning then went to Watt".  tis cold will go to bed.

Oct 1898

  11th Cloudy morn but cleared away, very windy. E, M & L worked on bridge. heard that Alton Hodges was quite sick also James Hodges had the Typhoid fever.  if for the best hope our family will be spared.  Joan & I got quilt out & put in hers  Ned took dinner with us 

12th Rained little when I got up, but Eddie & Lib worked on rocks. before noon sun shone & Morrill came worked 1/2 day.  school did'nt keep as teacher went to Clinton to a Grange meeting.  F & Bert Reed have gone.  K cut Mary's dress, got Ruth's done.  Heard that Mrs Hodgdon (Augustine C's sister) was buried to day not two weeks since he was buried.  She was Fred Lancaster's mother 

13 Summer like day. Eddie, M & L got in corn fodder in forenoon then in afternoon worked on bridge:  Joan & I quilted, K sewed & N maid of all work.  guess all are tired I am 

14th Another nice day. Eddie  got in load of corn fodder, last  then plowed Morrill & L cut brush & wood side of road in upper field.  got Joan's quilt out at noon.  After dinner F carried her to China & I put in a comforter & began to tack it.  K sewed on M's dress N cooked.  I have thought so much of H this afternoon it being the anniversary of his Birth day 78 yrs ago.  What changes! 

15th  Rainy day.  Thet E & boys took care of Snap Corn & worked round Barn in forenoon, after dinner E & F went to K Mills  Nell has cooked & put up Tomatoes.  K sewed.  I got out comforter in eve  am glad for I am tired.  Eddie bought a rooster gave a dollar for it over to the Mills 

16th Bright morn, quite cool & windy.  Eddie carried F to Watt" this morn, he took the 10 o'clock train for Augusta.  I hope they will be mustered out soon as it is cold.  Mr & Mrs Wms took tea with us.  Nell & 5 children went to Church, Eddie has a stiff neck, did not go  Stevie & K went in eve 

17th Nice day to wash, wind blew quite hard. Eddie got horses shod & plowed in forenoon.  after dinner plowed  Morrill & L cut brush in forenoon afternoon they cut wood, burnt brush at Bridge  Mr Wms took his colt home, been here in pasture.  he had been to attend the funeral of Laurette Emery at Poor house 

18th Nice day K carried her mother & Pearl down to Mr Wms  then K went to Watt", got home most 1 oclock.  Rufus went after his mother to night he has quite a cold.  Nell saw Neddie said he was most sick.  Morrill & L hauled up little wood from Bridge, then hauled out dressing.  Mr Caslin helped E lay floor in stable Churned & done some work & mended K ironed some to night  45 yrs ago to day my Father was buried Eddie was 3 yrs old  What changes

                      Letter from Sue 21st Oct   also one from Rufus

     Nell got letter from F 24     Sent letter to Fannie B 24

  19th  Another nice day, although cloudy in morn.  Mr Cain came at 10.  Morrill & L hauling dressing.  N carried Kate to Watt,  she begins to sew for Mrs Clark boards to Mrs Lincoln's  I made  E went to see threshers in morn then helped comforter, & mended Ned's Pants feel quite tired will go to bed as I did'nt sleep very well last night.  Was with absent friends. 

20th Rained last night.  Cloudy & misty in morn cleared away before 10 & Nell carried me up to Sue Crosby's.  after school Stevie came after me.  Martha Lunt called to Sue's.  Eddie  plowed & hauled dressing.  Mr Cain been here 3 days got done, fixed roof between house & shed, & fixed Stable  hope I shall sleep to night  did not last night 

21st Cloudy & some misty but Eddie plowed & Ned helped him with Charles Wms's team breaking up in the pasture where they hauled rocks for Bridge; Morrill & L picked rocks as they plowed  N cooked & I mended 

22nd Rainy day. Cistern most full.  This morn Pearl had a very sore mouth & Nell said there white patches round, so Eddie  went to Watt & as Knox & Goodrich were both away, he got Dr Bessey.  Nell has gone up stairs with P.  Dr thought P better be kept from other children.  Mr Bellows buried a boy yesterday with Diptheria & we feel anxious about P. 

23rd Nice day quite warm but cooler this eve.  none went to  Church but Stevie.  but Dr was up says it is not Diptheria but Tonsilitis.  P seems better. Eddie & Ned carried F to Watt" this morn as he came home last night, thinks they shall go to Atlanta this week 

24th  Another nice day.  we washed part of the clothes. N being up stairs with P  she came down when P was asleep & helped  Eddie plowed & Ned with C  Wms's team.  Morrill & L dug rocks.  Stella Thomas called. will go to bed as I am very tired 

25th Cloudy, foggy morn but cleared off & it is a beautiful eve  Eddie, Stevie & Mary gone to Roscoe Heywood's to a Sociable.  Nell brought P down stairs to night.  I am tired & sleepy.  P was very glad to get down stairs 

26th Cloudy morn but they plowed  rained little before noon then sun shone little while.  they worked till most 4 then it rained & they came up.  Morrill helped.  Eddie, Ned Stevie & Mary went over to Roscoe's they had a house full, E thought there were 150.  Coll" about 12 dollars  had a good time got home about 12 think E is pretty tired to night  P seems better hope she will continue. 

27th Cloudy morn, but E plowed,  Morrill came at noon & he & Lib fixed fence.  Churned, washed dishes & mended hose.  N cooked & finished ironing Ned called up this eve.  P is better

                                          school closed the 28th Oct 1898

28th Beautiful day, little cooler this eve.  Eddie plowed.  Morrill & L cut out wood from brush & piled up  brush.  Mr Blaisdel from Oakland came to day with the posts for monument & I am glad so it will be done.  have thought would Hanes approve of it? If any one needs one he does 

29th Nice morn, but clouded up Eddie & Rufus went to Oakland & got the Base to the monument E said it weighs 1 1/2 ton.  got home before dark.  was glad to see him.  I washed dishes in morn then lined & bound a rug & cut a kettle of apples for sauce.  N has cooked.  Stevie & Lib piled brush in forenoon then pulled what turnips & Beets we had.  heard that Mr Hodgkins died last night  Ned went down after Kate was going to stop at school house over the river to an entertainment by school 

30th Cloudy Eddie, N & 4 children went to church but few out.  Ned carried Kate to Watt" after tea, she likes very well  none but Stevie gone this eve.  Libbens has quite a cold  I have been with friends to day who are at rest 

31st Sunshine & clouds.  we washed.  E & N went to the funeral of Mr Hodgkins at 11 AM he was buried at Albion.  Mr Blaisdel came & set the Base, was here to dinner.  Morrill helped him then they hauled dressing:  got a card from F he was in Boston the 29th  hope he will be well, was going to take boat for N Y 

Nov 1st Beautiful day.  Threshers came this morn.  Mr Denico & Perley Brown's son, & Eddie had Morrill, W Childs, & Roundy  Lib not very well & he wanted to keep straw in Barn.  I have mended most all day.  N & Mary done work & ironed some 

2nd Nice day, & they finished threshing abot 11 AM, took dinner & left& am glad tis done, think E is too, had 68 Bush Barley, very nice, 93 of oats, & 57 Oats & Peas.  afternoon E, Morrill & L hauled straw from under Barn.  I have mended all day N & M cooked & done work.  2yrs ago to night about this time, dear Hanes entered the Spirit Land: at Rest, blessed thought 

3rd Beautiful day. E, Morrill & L got up rest of straw in forenoon then burnt brush by upper field.  N & M done work & washed.  I have mended all day.  Dora & Fannie called  I was glad to see them, for I am lonely, dont have any one to talk with as Nell is busy all the time  I miss H so much 

4th Beautiful day.  a great contrast with 2 yrs ago to day when my best friend on Earth was laid in his narrow home when it rained hard, a day never to be forgotten by me:  Eddie had Mr McCaslin fixing lot in Cemetary.  Morrill & L helped him haul Sods & earth but did'nt finish.  I have Churned & mended.  N & M done work.  Mrs Nutter & children called a few hours.  Stevie gone to C E meeting; as he builds fires.

          Sent Letter to Wm 8                 got letter from

          also one to Amanda                  G Hunt's wife 8th

            "   "  to Mr Blaisdel    letter from F in Georgia 8th Nov 1898

5th Cloudy morn but cleared away & they all worked on lot in forenoon the Mr Mc finished in afternoon.  Eddie went to Mills carried Box Butter to Depot.  Morrill L & Stevie plowed down in pasture  N & M done work & I have mended all day.  E gone after K, Mary went 

6th Rainey lonesome day. Eddie, N, K, M, Rufus & Stevie went up to church but Mr Wms  did'nt  come up.  little before 4 PM Stevie & Ruth carried K to Watt it did'nt rain & about 5 the sun shone out bright I have written to Amanda & Wm

[sent Blaisdel's on 6th ]*

  7th Nice day to wash clothes all dry & in & N swept the attic.  I sewed little  E been plowing in upper field L & Stevie cut Brush & done chores.  I am quite tired 

8th Another nice day.  E has plowed.  J Warren & 2 men were here to dinner.  had a Harrow & seed sower combined.  E bought one is to pay for it a year from this time, but one man wants to board here some.  letter from Frank he was in Savannah Georgia, was well.  I ironed some, worked on dishes & knit little Nell cleaned up stairs front chamber & hall 

9th Nice warm day. N cleaned in forenoon, after dinner she & Ruth & Mary went to the Mills got some shoes.  Churned, washed dishes & mended.  E plowed.  L worked on Bridge, Ned did also with C's team, was here to dinner.  Stevie done chores & burnt some Brush upon hill.  got letter from Oldtown saying that Amanda was at the foot of stairs waiting for Lawrence.  he came down, threw his arms around her neck to kiss her & she fell broke her hip & her arm at wrist hit the table & broke one bone at the wrist, six weeks ago wish I could see her & wait on her, the first thought was, if H was living , he would go right over 

10th Cloudy morn, began to snow little about 9 AM & has all day & does this eve.  E says 4 or 5 inches has fallen, ground not frozen.  Neddie worked on bridge was here to dinner, so did L  I have mended Ned's old coat & drawers for Eddie.  N set a square of glass by the sink & cleaned some in her bedroom.  I am sleepy 

11th Cloudy most all day, rained last night. 2 men took dinner with us.  I was weighed to day, only 180 lbs, Nell 102.  I have mended most all day.  N cooked, swept & cleaned some.  "busy day.  E been separating & marking lambs & got them under barn 

12th Nice day E & L hauled up little wood cut by side of road   N has cooked & washed floors & Mary & Ruth been busy  I have mended cloaks & coats & feel quite tired.  E gone after Kate. Stevie, Rufus & L gone to corner to an entertainment by the school, then a sociable  I must go to bed 

* [written in left margin]

          sent letter to Sue 15th school began kept by student,

Nov 1898  also one to G Hunt's wife   boards at A Hodges, Nov 14

     N got letter from F 17th    Letter from Asenath Nov 17

   13th Beautiful day & I went to Church but could not hear much.  also Eddie & 6 children.  A Methodist from No" Vass" exchanged with Mr Wms  quite a good number out Eliza & Henrietta Sidney Fuller & family, more than usual out;  all said it was a good sermon.  Neddie gone down with Kate.  how I miss H when I go from home 

14th  Cloudy, rained little.  washed white clothes in tubs Eddie & L have plowed.  I am sleepy will go to bed 

15th Quite cold. I hung out white clothes & my fingers tingled.  will iron few things.  N washed rest of clothes.   after dinner E carried me over to Joans found her not very well staid all night 

16th Cloudy morn, but a beautiful day.  Mr B & wife went away so Joan & I were alone, but Joan has dizzy spells.  I parsuaded her to have a Dr.  she sent for Dr Robinson, he thinks he can help her  was glad I went over.  Eddie came after me at night .  was glad to get home.  we did'nt sleep much last night  2 men were here to dinner the Harrow men 

17th Cloudy.  I mended. after dinner Nell & Pearl went up to Annie's & Eddie went up to tea got home about 9  E plowed garden & hauled some gravel for Barn doors 

18th Cloudy & rained some.  E went to the Mills then worked round Barn  N has worked & I have mended.  Nell got letter from F he is well said about 12000 troops marched in review before Gen" Lee 

19th Dark rainy day.  Eddie round barn in morn then he & Nell have been setting glass.  N wiped doors in sitting room & windows outside then helped E.  I have mended Marys dress & hose.  John Crosby called with his brother Henry from California  It has been 12 yrs since he was here.  his sister       who had been a dressmaker in Boston good many yrs, went to Montana to visit her brother George, then to Cal"  she had a cancer went to the Hospital, was there 7 weeks.  Dr thought till a short time before she died she would get up again  Henry brought her on to Boston & she was buried there 

20th Nice day, not very cold but quite windy.  cooler this eve.  Eddie & 4 children went to Church.  Stevie gone this eve. Mr Williams stops.  have thought of H very often to day 

21st Nice day to wash. Rufus nor twins have'nt been to school as twins had a cold & R is sick, & Stevie did'nt want any supper.               & carried a Box to Depot for F hope they will be better in morn.  Eddie went^to mill in forenoon then he & L plowed.  heard that Fred Hodgkins wife was very low, been raising blood.  Must go to bed

Nov" 1898          Letter from Frank 24th

               Letter from G Hunt with check 25th

  22nd Cloudy morn, but has been nice a day. Eddie & L plowed in    I ironed & rubbed Brasses on clock upper field. Nell has cooked & dressed 2 hens.  a Mr Townsend stops with us, Harrow man, with 2 horses. Stevie is quite unwell Rufus is better. 

23rd Nice warm day. Eddie & Mr Towsend went down sold 1 to Scott Drummond & took Eddie's  Mr T here to dinner  Eddie settled with Scott for work on Bridge it amounted to   then he went & paid his tax & got Kate.  did not get home till 1/2 past 8  must go to bed  K got letter from F 

24th Thanksgiving day and I have tried to be thankful for the many mercies that I receive daily, but my mind wanders back to bygone days, when Hanes & Father offered thanks to our Heavenly Father for the many blessings during the year, and O may I be more watchful & prayerful is my daily prayer - Eddie  & L plowed in forenoon & Nell had a good dinner Chicken Pie & everything to go with it. - afternoon Henrietta & Eliza Barton called.  Eddie carried K to the Mills & she went down on cars  Frank writes he has gained 13 lbs since he left Augusta 

25th Nice day, but is colder. E & L has plowed but says he thinks it will be frozen hard in morn. Churned & mended Neddies frock.  N done work & wiped in sitting room.  Pearl has quite a cold 

26th Bright day, not quite as cold as last night .  Eddie put on double windows, swept store house & put in plows & Harrows & brought in part of Bees into cellar & to night gone to the Fort Grange  going to see about building sheds for horses.  Libbens has had headache & Stevie not very smart.  I have mended hose, swept my room washed some dishes.  N & girls done work.  N washed double windows.  Pearl did"nt sleep very well last night 

27th Sabbath day,and a stormy windy one E said when he came in from Barn it snowed hard but the wind blows it all around Neddie     have lived in the past came home with his father , so has been at home to day gone down to night  Pearl seems better  guess I will go to bed  it has been a long day 

28th Wind blew very hard last night & snowed & it has to day but it is all in heaps.  E carried children to school in wagon but went after them with a sled  washed white clothes in tubs & stockings  Lib helped at barn some , not very smart.  Ralph is complaining to night , has headache P is better.  I am very tired will go to bed

29th Sunshine & clouds.   finished washing, clothes all in.  last night about 6 Mr Townsend, Harrow men came stopped all night. E & L shoveled on road in forenoon then got load of stocks & hauled dressing.  guess all are tired   

                        Paper from F 2nd

               sent letters to Amanda & Rufus 5th

            Letter from F 7th   N sent letter to F 8

                              Letter from Frank 30th

Nov" 1898                     Letter from Sue 6th

30th Cloudy not very cold.  Mr C Wood killed a hog.  E helped then chored & hauled dressing.  Morrill & L been hauling all day.  N done work & finished cleaning kitchen.  I have been mending cotton hose to put away.  This is Rufus Birth day 

Dec 1st Nice day not very cold.  E went over with his hog sold it to      weight 380 lbs got    cts a lb.  Morrill & L hauled dressing.  E carried Sleigh up to Palmers. Scribner is going to paint it.  N has cooked & ironed .  I mended hose & S coat.  I have been reading some account of the storm last Sunday but I must stop & go to bed as I did'nt sleep very well last night 

2nd Beautiful day  E, M & L hauled dressing.  I have mended & put up some old pants.  George Winn called a short time  starts for Boston tomorrow stops with Alice 2 days  is going to stop at Wilmers on his way home  he is 74 yrs old & Susan his wife 68  E & Ned gone to Grange. 

3rd Nice day not very cold.  E. M & L hauled dressing.  M worked only 1/2 day, he is done.  I dressed Butter & mended  N & girls cooked.  Mr Wms was up to the C E meeting last night 

4th Another nice day. E, N & 5 children went to church  Katie came up last night & E carried her back to night. I have read & thought of the past.  3 yrs ago this eve Hanes & I  had been married 50 yrs.  we spent the day with  Anna.  When we got home about twilight found the house lighted up & Mr & Mrs Wms & few others here  soon they began to come in  about 140 came had a Picnic supper  a great surprise to H & myself.  Mr Wms stops this eve none went but Stevie 

5th Stormy day, snow & rain, wind blew very hard last night.  washed clothes in tubs,  E & L shoveled out henhouse  Amos Hinds called to night to see about a record I have of the Hinds family.  This is my Birth day 76 yrs old can it be that I am most 4 yrs older than Mother was when she died.  It seems like a dream.  H was 76 & 19 days old when he died 

6th Beautiful day.  I put out white clothes & N finished, then I mended  E went to the Fort worked on horse sheds in afternoon  in eve he & Nell went to a sociable in Hall.  we did not get to bed till 1/2 past 4 

7th Another nice day, & E said to me why not go down to C Warrens.  after dinner I went stopped till eve I had not been in since I went with H  E went to Fort to work on sheds 

8th Beautiful day.  Eddie & N got breakfast.  E called me at six I was dressing, was up at 4 went to Sleep again  Eddie has been to the Fort to work on sheds  N done work ironed colored clothes & colored Ruth's stockings & some mittens black.  I have mended hose & mittens & washed some dishes

                       Letter from F 9th Dec 1898                 

                "   from Sue 12

               Letter from F with his picture 14

        Eddie got letter from Eugene Smith 13th  saying

         that his Brother Edwin was dead, sick only 2 days   

  9th Nice day but colder.  E been to the Fort again at work.  Nell has cooked & worked all day. I have mended.  E heard that lawyer Webb of Watt" died in his chair yesterday.  It says to us all, "Be Ye also ready"   Hope we all shall be prepared to go however sudden,  when the Master calls 

10th Another nice day.  Eddie been at the Fort.  they have got their shed all shingled; Nell & Stevie been to Watt" shopping  Mary & I got along with work very well.  K did'nt come up  heard that Jonathon Abbott was very sick at Mrs Palmer's 

11th  Nice day, seems little cooler this eve.  Eddie, N & 5 children went to Church, twins went.  Neddie came up  N said Mr Wms had a temperance sermon & a plain one  I have written few lines to F & read  feel tired 

12th  Sunshine & clouds.  snows little this eve N & I washed & done work.  I am tired if N is'nt.  Eddie carried grist to mill & got horses sharpened.  must go to bed as I am sleepy 

13th Snowed little last night, quite cold this eve.  Churned hemmed a table cloth & began an apron  N done work & cleaned in butry.  E & L hauled dressing to upper field.  This is Wm's Birth day 80 yrs old - I have thought so much of H to day 

14th Cold.  a very cold morn 30 below Zero at mill this morn  E & L hauling dressing  G Abbott was here to dinner,  N done work & ironed some  I have mended hose & mittens,  Mr Witham gave E a dog  It has been a long lonesome day to me 

15th Cloudy in morn, but has been a beautiful day.  E & L hauled dressing.  Ned & his mother been to Watt shopping  Ned got him a trunk gave 5.00: N got few things for Christmas  I done the work & twins helped take care of Pearl 

16th Sunshine & clouds.  Eddie went down to F Ellis in morn  Churned, then Ned & L hauled dressing.  this eve E & Ned gone to the Grange 

17th Warmer, trees covered with frost in morn.  E & L hauling D  heard that Johnathon  Abbott died last night at Mrs Palmers just as Augustine Crosby did, could'nt keep anything down  N has cooked all day.  I helped some & mended overcoat for Stevie.  Mary & Ruth went up to Marcia Lunt's to rehearse for Christmas in afternoon.  Ned has a lame shoulder.  Rheumatism I think 

18th Sunshine & clouds, quite warm  E & N & 4 children went to Church.  Mr Wms  stops this eve.  Stevie went as Ned is lame. E carried K to Watt".  In forenoon E & N went to funeral of G Abbott

         sent letters to Sue & Frank 19th also Box to F

              N got letter from F also little Box

             sent gloves to F, got letter from him

Dec 1898            Letter from Asenath 23

              Letter from F also some Pictures of himself 26 

19th  Beautiful day to wash & N packed a Box for F.  E &  L hauled dressing.  school did'nt keep.  I helped wash.  N packed Box 

20th It has snowed little to day.  Mr Wood killed a hog. E helped him, weighed 360.  then E & L got out 2 loads dressing  N done work, washed little.  I began to make a skirt for myself  heard that a little boy of Fred Reeds, very sick 

21st Mild, cloudy part of day.  this eve rains little.  E in forenoon cut up hog, then hauled dressing.  Ned & L did in forenoon done worked & ironed little.  I washed dishes & finished my skirt must go to bed as I did'nt sleep very well last night 

22nd Warm foggy day.  They finished getting out dressing at noon & fixed up under barn.  after dinner E & N went to the Mills I mended hose & mittens & washed dishes & knit some: feel tired.  Eddie is salting his Pork this eve - Ned hauled wood for Mr Coleman 1/2 day 

23rd Nice day. Eddie went to Clinton, carried a Heater & got 2axes of Billings.  Mr Bowden & a Mr Kimball took dinner here had 3 horses, left 2 for few days.  N cooked & done work I mended took care of butter we churned.  E & N went to Grange.  Stevie went up on other side at Chapel, they had Christmas tree I am sleepy 

24th Another nice day.  as usual I took care of milk & hens & mended little. swept my room,  N cooled in forenoon, has had headache. went to bed before noon has'nt sit up any  Ned & Mary gone to Fuller schoolhouse  to Christmas tree  going down get Kate 

25th Nice day. Christmas.  As N was'nt very well E did not go to Church, but K, Ned, Stevie , Rufus, Mary & Ruth went. said quite a number out. K, Ned & S gone this eve.  It is a beautiful eve, as Katie used to say, too pretty to stay in the house.  Must go to bed, not stop to think 

26th Another nice day but little cloudy this eve N went out this afternoon to get something for Mr Wms as they have a tree at the church this eve.  N heard that Joan was sick in bed. Eddie & N cut wood by the fence in little orchard.  all went up to the church but Eddie Pearl & I.  they got about 15.00 for Mr Wms  the Church was full.  Mary, Rufus & Ruth spoke, all pleased with their Presents.  I had Print for dress & 2 Hank". Stevie a watch & Ned a chain. Mary, Rufus & Ruth had books & other things.  K & Ned got their Mother a cape, Eddie overall &  vest.  twins had shovels & slippers & lots.  F sent Pearl silver knife, fork & spoon    

      N sent letter to F 30th & I sent one 2nd of Jan" 1899

      N  "    to F Jan 4th

               28 another letter from F said he & Sam Jackins

              went to Church on Christmas had a good sermon

Dec 1898      also sent 2 roses 1 to his mother 1 to me I pray                                               he may be a good boy

  27th Cloudy, snowed little but sun came out, put clothes out before noon.  while at the dinner table, Mr Blaisdell of Oakland came took dinner, had 2 horses.  just at night who should come but Mr Dowden & Kimball they stop here to night.  Ned carried K down this morn.  Men been cutting wood in woods.  Dowden & Men & horses Bill for board up to this time 13.50 

28th little snow & sunshine.  Mr D & K left this morn, left 2 horses.  Eddie winters 2 horses for them at    a month. - N cooked & cleaned coolers & shelves. I mended.  E & boys cut wood.  E has a stich in back.  I have thought of H all day it seems like a dream 

29th Cloudy all day, snowed little   Eddie & boys cutting wood  N has cooked & ironed some.  I made waists for twins, put sleeves in L's shirt & mended.  Mary went up to Annie's about 11 got home about 4.  I have got the cramp in my foot must go to bed 

30th Cloudy most all day. E & boys cut wood & churned.  S gone up to C E meeting.  I took care of Butter & milk & mended little find I get tired if I dont do much.  N cooked & made head cheese& fixed Ruths dress.  did'nt sleep well last night will go to bed 

31st The last day of the year, cloudy all day, snowed little & does this eve.  E & boys cut wood.  N has cooked  I have mended mittens & hose  Eddie gone down to get Kate she is done for present