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Winslow Maine Crosby Diary


Transcribed from the original handwritten diary of Elizabeth B. Hinds Crosby by her Great Grandson Clyde Spaulding

got picture of Wm & wife 5th

           also letter from Amanda with check from G

 Nov." 1897   

3rd Cloudy in morn, but cleared away & we put clothes out & washed colored ones.  Mary was sick did'nt go to school, took care of Pearl. They plowed, picked rocks. F set some glass & killed a sheep.  All been busy & I think are tired, I am for one.  Will go to bed if not to sleep. A great change in my home. 

4th Beautiful day, very different from a year ago to day when we laid Dear Hanes in his narrow home. It rained hard but his Spirit returned to God who gave it,  How silent and still he passed away.  May my last end be like his. "Nearer my God to thee" is my prayer. Threshers came this morn, began to thresh about 15 minutes to 10, slow work to day as there was considerable grass, got out about 45 bush "Barley. Eddie says it is clean & nice.   Mary did'nt go to school

Mr. Simpson & Jo Cole gone home to night. We have churned, ironedsome and cooked.                   had 95 bush" barley

5th Cloudy They threshed 105 bush. E says it is slow work as it barley and peas 71 bushis tough. Albion McClintock helped; E wants to keep his straw in the barn. I must go to bed as I did'nt sleep well. 

6th Cloudy, rainy day  Threshed 97 bush" 86 of it oats and peas. Mr. McCaslin helped as F had the head ache not well.  I have done a little of everything mended socks & I bet I know Nell must be tired but I have indigestion terrible I have to stop cant work as I used to.                    

7th Fair but quite cool & windy.  Eddie, 6 children & I went to church, quite a good number out.  A concert this eve.  Eddie went to K Mills thought of friends "Not lost but gone before".

8th Sunshine & clouds.  Stevie carried girls over this morn. They have threshed 30 bush "Oats & peas and 74 clear Oats.  Mr. S does not thresh as he used to. Cole did'nt come was sick, so Mr. S brought his boy. F gave out so E sent for George Hodges.  E wants to keep his straw in barn, think E will be glad when it is done. I shall.

 9th Dark dismal day rained little & does this eve. Finished threshing about 4 to night loaded up and went down to Hodges.  We had 4 of grain but straw enough for 6 or 700 Mr. S said he had been threshing 6 weeks so it was the most at any barn. We are all glad tis done. F, N, & Stevie been sick all day, have'nt eaten much; or anything to day. W Warren helped, N & Mary done work & I mended. Must go to bed as I am sleepy.

          First snow Nov 12th I put on my winter boots, sent   

Nov" 1897        letter to Wm also to Amanda 15th      

 10th Cleared off last night .  Wind blew & has to day.  We washed white clothes & churned. F & his father went to Mr. Gipson's in morn to see him, he was not at home.  Afternoon Eddie and Rufus carried a grist to mill.  F feels about sick dont eat anything.  Ned went to barn done part of chores but dont feel very well, nor Stevie. L helped thresh to L Hodges.  They finished to night had   bush barley, but stop Thursday.  They go to C Warrens- grain light not many machines now.

 11th Quite pleasant till most night then clouded up & it is very dark this eve.  I have been busy but do not seem to accomplish much, mended pants for Eddie, done up butter for Oldtown, picked a hen & Nellie washed colored clothes & cooked.  F picked 6 roosters, Eddie & Ned getting in straw from under barn. Afternoon L helped thresh to C Warrens.  H has been in my mind great deal to day.

12th When we got up this morn ground white with snow & it has snowed all day & blowed. F went to Watt in morn back before noon, carried his chickens, got 12 cts a lb.  He said it was the most blinding storm he ever rode in.  Eddie & boys got straw in forenoon so they got all their sheep under barn. L worked for C W  I have mended.  L said this morn Amos Hinds was 64 yrs old to day.

 13th It has thawed some to night Ned went after Kate said it was hard traveling.  Wind & snowy quite cold freezing this eve; Eddie and boys hauled straw from under barn.  Nellie has cooked and washed floors think she must be tired. I have mended and fixed vest for F & finished stockings for twins. It has been a very long day to me.

 14th Bright but quite cold.  Ned carried F over to night  Eddie & 5 children went to church a Mr. Martin a student preached.  I have written to Wm also to Amanda.  It has seemed lonesome when I come into my room to day.

 15th Nice day to wash, had a large one.  Stevie helped I think N must be very tired. I took up a stocking for Ralph to night, dont get much time to knit.  It has been a very, long, sad day & when I come into my room so cold I thought if H was here there would be a fire. I will not dwell upon it. My prayers increase my faith in God's promises.

Sent letter to Sue 20th

 Nov 1897

16th Cloudy, disagreeable day, forenoon E went to mill. 

after dinner he & boys banked up hen house; Lib helped thresh at  A Hodges. Churned and sewed on L's shirt. Nell cooked & cleaned little bedroom.  F is hauling up some wood for Mr. Coleman, I must go to bed.   brought in my spread to night

17th Cleared off this morn, clothes dry & I brought them in & ironed them then sewed little on F's shirt.  N & Mary  done work, cleaned her bedroom & put down carpet. Stevie helped. F picked & dressed 5 chickens and has gone to Watt" with them. Eddie been plowing in upper field. Ned & F worked for Alton Hodges.  Henry Garland called. It has been a busy day, goodnight.

 18th Sunshine and clouds.  Eddie plowed in forenoon then chores cleaned henhouse & at end of shed.  L got through at Alton's got home before noon.  Ned went to Mr. Horn's to help him.  N cut out little coats for boys & cooked I finished one of L shirts & mended some hose.  F been to Mr. Colemans getting wood.  Not quite as cold but chilly to night. 

19th Clear but quite cold.  Eddie & F plowed in upper field.  Ned got home from Mr. Horn's about 3 PM.  F worked for C in forenoon then went to the Mills had a tooth out, it was ulcerated but to night he & Ned gone to the Grange hope he wont get cold. N carried boys coats to Mrs. Fish she makes them. N washed floor and cooked, I mended hose ironed curtains & put them up in sitting room. I get tired easyly will go to bed.

 20th Cloudy all day, this eve snowed little, froze hard last night.  Eddie went to Mills, then chores, been busy all day,  Sold 17 lambs & an old buck for 58.25 to J McGinnis. I have mended  N has cooked & worked round all day.  Ned went to Kate & carried Mary over to Mrs. B's. I am tired or lazy will go to bed.

 21st Sunshine & cloudy warmer, snow melting running into cistern.  Eddie & 5 children went to church.  Mr. Wms said he had decided to  all are gladstop awhile - withdrawn his resignation.  Eddie carried F over after tea.  I have written to Sue.  Mr W stops up this eve. If I was near should like to go in.  How many times has F gone up to meeting.

 22nd Nice day to wash, wind blew very hard last night.  Has'nt to day.  Eddie, Ned, & F got up rest of straw from under barn & hauled dressing.  Stevie helped us wash.  Think all are tired.  I am for one.  F worked for Mr. C.

           school began th 29th teacher Emma Garland 

Nov. 1897

23rd Fair but quite cold & rainy.  An agent for Mc" Machines stopped here last night  & Eddie pd for his machine 4000 & car­ried him over to the Mills bill him 2.50 after dinner E & Ned went to Watt.  Ned got him a fur coat & under vests & drawers.  Nell cooked & mended.  I ironed white clothes and mended. As Thanksgiving is approaching I very often think of the absent one.

 24th Nice bright day. They have been hauling out dressing & Eddie put on double windows & fixed up under barn. Churned & Nell has cooked, washed windows. I dressed butter & mended & knit. F hauled load of hay for Mr. C with his horses.  Stevie got Kate.

 25th Thanksgiving & we had a nice dinner, all of the children at home, but one was missing that used to offer thanks. I thought of it when I sat down to the table but I am thankful that we all are so well.  I also thought it doubtful about my being with them another year but will say "All the days of my appointed time will     & helped motherI wait till my chance comes"  Kate has fixed dress for Ruth.  Nell cooked, I have mended.  Eddie & L fixed tub & put under barn & put a lamb in.  snowed little after noon but rains this eve.  Must go to bed.

 26th Dark lonesome day. I have mended Ned's overcoat, Libs Pants,   E sold small heifer went to day& other things & knit.  girls done work  after dinner Nell & baby went up to Anna's little while, came back before dark.  Eddie has gone to the camp at Watt.  Wind blows hard, think he will be glad when he gets home.

27th Not very cold.  Eddie & boys at work under barn in yard girls cooked & washed floors. I swept my room & mended.  At about 4 PM Stevie went over & got Joan,  F got home all right.

28th Cold last night , milder to day.  One of the colts got cut so Eddie did'nt get ready for church but 6 children went did'nt go very rough. Mr. Wm's wife was here to tea.  Eddie has gone over with Kate.  It has not seemed like Sabbath day.  How much I have thought of H  to day.  F, Ned & G went to Clinton last eve to a Grange sociable.

 29th Cloudy & about 4 PM it began to snow little.  Eddie & F hauled dressing in forenoon then hauled load of hay for Mr. Coleman. F carried Joan up to D O Smileys this morn, he has helped in house some and at barn.  Ned, Stevie, Rufus, Mary & Ruth went to school this morn.  scholars in Dist" below came here. We washed white clothes put them out also some colored ones & stockings.

           Letter from Amanda with check from G  Dec"2nd

           Letter from Sue 6th

 Nov" 1897

30th Nice day but quite cold N washed prints. I washed dishes &

helped round & mended.  F helped Mr. Eames thresh. F carried Joan Effie Davis was downover house to night.  Bert Reed started for Kansas this morn, he has the Rheumatism, went for that, has a chance to work.

 Dec"1st Cloudy, snowed some.  E & F worked round the barn fixing up for winter.  F helped Mr. Eames.  I made button holes in twins coats & mended.  Mrs. Fish made them. N cooked and ironed some. 

2nd Cold, but we know nothing about it plenty of good wood while many suffer, hope I shall be thankful for the many mercies I daily receive.  An agent for Phosphate stopped here to night. N has cooked & ironed. G & I began a dress for Pearl.  Eddie & L hauled dressing F chored & made a Pig's trough, so all busy. I will go to bed am tired. 

3rd Bright quite cold Eddie & F hauled dressing. N done work I dressed butter & sewed & knit little  am sleepy must go to bed.

 4th Sunshine & clouds.  E & F got corn fodder from upper barn.  Heard that a boy by the name of Green was killed in Pulp mill at Winslow 15 yrs old Sad.  I finished Pearls dress & mended hose.  Been a very cold day.  How much I have thought of Hanes who two yrs ago to night seemed to enjoy the eve as our golden wedding was celebrated by over 100 being present: I will stop              _

 5th Bright but quite cold.  Eddie N & 5 children, twins, went to church. F carried K over this eve. some went to prayer meeting, wish I could join. "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." I have read a very good sermon.  I begin to feel that I am growing old when I think that I am 75 yrs old to day 3 yrs older than Mother was when she died.

 6th Nice day to wash, got done before noon. After dinner E & N went to Watt" shopping. Joan Learned started for Kentshill to spend the winter with Sarah.  Joan is 80 yrs old to day. She is Smart for one of her yrs.

 7th Cloudy all day, snowed little this eve.  Boys put bees in cellar. F set some glass  E & F hauled some dressing.  I have made dress for baby. N & M done work & ironed.

 8th Cloudy squally snowed little Eddie went to mill on sled F & L cut browse in forenoon.  Pearl has had a bad cold in her head. I have made another dress for her to day.  Have thought so of H.

                  Letter from Asenath 17th


9th Cloudy & foggy not very cold. E has hauled dressing. N cook­ing.  I have made another dress; makes 4 glad they are done am tired.

 10th Another cloudy foggy day. E has hauled dressing. About 10 AM I went down to Hatties came home about 4 had a good visit.  While there I thought of H being so near or rather where he was buried, but hope his spirit has returned to God who gave it. How precious the thought.

 11th Sunshine & cloudy.  Eddie finished getting out his dressing then fixed up some under barn. I dressed butter & churned.  Nell & Mary cooked & washed floors.  Ned went after grist saw Kate she did'nt come home to night.  F has gone to town this eve.  When I came into my room just at night it looked O so lonely. 

12th Dark rainy day. Mr. Wm did'nt come in but 5 went up to Sab. school. rained hard this eve. It has been a long day to me. My prayer is "Nearer my God to thee".

 13th Some clouds, not very cold. Eddie & F worked under barn. S & Ned in woods cutting wood & browse. Nell & I washed.  It is quite muddy seems as though Hanes was near. 

14th Cloudy all day.  In forenoon E & Ned hauled a load of gravel for barn. F & L cut wood.  After dinner Eddie & F went to Watt, got 2 pair pants. N done work & ironed some. I began a shirt for   snowed this eveF.  They came over after F from Fuller's as they have another trial with Mr. F & want F to go with milk.  A sad day to me.

 15th Rainy day, at times rained very hard. E & boys chored, cut wood, & cleaned hen house & N cooked, finished ironing & I sewed & mended some. It has been a long day did'nt sleep well last night.

 16th Cleared off in the night , been bright, not very cold so  Eddie & F plowed. E said about 11/4 acre. I finished F's shirt & made some sleeves and put them in for Stevie. N & Mary busy cooking, sweeping, & wiping. Ned went got Kate just at night as Eddie & N have gone to Watt" to dedication of Odd Fellows Hall.

 17th Sunshine & clouds. Eddie & F been plowing. Ned carried K Ned went down to Grangeover this morn as usual. N & Mary busy.  I have mended hose & mittens. This is the 51st anniversary of Katy"s Birthday. O the changes in our family.  Nearer my God to thee

                  Mr C Wood killed 2 pigs 23rd

            Mr Wms & wife started for Penn" the 22nd

 Dec 1897

18  Eddie & F plowed some but think tomorrow morn it will be frozen as it is cold & wind blows.  E got K to night cause it is very rough.  They put some browse around house. N & Mary cooked.  I dressed Butter & mended guess all are tired.

19th Nice day but quite cold.  Eddie, N & 4 children been to church. Mrs John Simpson (Mrs. Coleman's Mother) buried to day age _  also a Mrs.­­_ out in Winslow  E has gone with K.  Stevie is building fire at church this winter so he has gone to prayer meeting.  Wish I could go.

 20th Nice day to wash but tis dark & cloudy this eve. Eddie has gone to Augusta, was summoned to Court as a witness in the Hodges & Fuller trial. Children went to school again as Emma is better, had two weeks vacation. No one knows how I miss Eddie seems as though my all has gone.

 21st Snowed little till after 3 PM but not enough to make sled­ding.  Ned went over to the cars to get his father, he didn't come in the regular train but as there was one come again to Watt in eve Ned stopped & Eddie came.  They didn't get home till after ten.  We felt very anxious till they came. I have mended & ironed. F cut down an old apple tree back of the house it looks odd but it cumbered the ground.

 22nd Not as cold, bright nice day, & I was glad for Bob Heath was buried; for it was so sad the day that  Hanes was buried it rained so hard.  We dressed 3 chickens in forenoon.  After dinner Eddie & Nell went to K Mill's & Watt". Ruth helped me take care of Pearl.

 23rd Some cloudy.  Mr C Wood killed 2 pigs F helped some. N has cooked. I finished putting back into a vest for Eddie.  Think all are tired.  I am & sleepy for I didn't sleep very well last night.

 24th Nice day but quite cold. Eddie sold 1 pig to the K Mills it weighed 263 lbs got 5cts a lb for it.  I mended F K & Ned went to the Fuller school house.  They had a Christmas tree. Ned got Kate, she's come with Alice for the present. 

25th Pleasant not quite as cold, but cold enough.  We had a tree at home, all seemed to enjoy it. I often thought of Hanes for he used to enjoy seeing the children happy. They have a tree at the church this eve. Eddie, N & 6 children & Lib went. 4 of the children took a part. Kate staid at home with baby & me. All enjoyed the eve.

Dec 1897

26  Eddie carried children up to Sab" school, but there was no meeting as Mr. Wms gone to Penn" and none this eve as it snows.  I have spent part of the day talking with friends by writing to Wm Sue & Amanda I am very tired as it tires me to write.

 27th Bright nice day to wash about noon wind blew quite hard, this eve stars are thick.  Eddie & F went to K Mills, She got her trunk. How often I think of the absent friends.

 28th Bright still day water dropped from eaves.  Churned & mend­ed.  F & L cut down an old oak up in grove on hill. No one knows how much I miss Hanes.  Home is changed.

 29th Bright cold day.  I have been mending. Eddie & F & L been cutting few pine by side of road by upper field.  Nell been down to Hatties this afternoon.  E went down to tea, I miss him Cora Skillins & Belle James called.

 30th Snowed quite hard early in morn then cloudy till about 3 PM  sun shone bright, warmer. I have mended.  Mrs Olliver took dinner with us. I am sleepy, did'nt sleep much after B this morn.

 31st The last day of the year.  How many during the past year have been called from Live into Eternity, our circle is unbroken but we know not what a day will bring forth.  It has been a busy day indoors and out,  Eddie hauled 3 loads of pine to the Pulp mill: this eve gone to Watt to the camp. Kate & Stevie gone to C E meeting. Must go to bed.